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  1. Greetings IGN is alexisfairos, my real name is Alex(see what I did there? )I am from Greece(I oweyou money I know...) and I am honoured to be able to play with the VG community which has been very helpful (and sometimes punishing, hadn't read the rules until I made this post... ).Just making some points here about myself (this IS an introduction after all) I love yhe humvee the abrams and transport helis/osprey and what I love even more are gunner (see the connection? ) spots(the sound and firepower of these things give me wargasms). About infatry positions I generally take medic and automatic riflerman if possible(did't expect that now did ya? ). But I'll gladly fill any spot needed . Anyway glad to start and be with you guys! (I hope you don't hate me because sometimes I make some dumb mistakes.).