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    War....I really like WW2 and its mysteries. I listen to Sabaton, a heavy metal band that wright songs about heroes, battles and small battles of past Wars.
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    Free Candy Van Senior Administrator. Admin and 1st Lieutenant of Greystone International

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  1. Melon Test Event

    Well it is nice to see that you are trying to get a COOP Version of the Map Ulyanovsk working. It's quite a nice and good map and yet it is very under played on Deployment.
  2. Admin Application

    Well the reason why I said that you can delete the post was because I thought that you may not like me posting this sort of thing to the Public as it may cause others to do the same or something. No change in my request Thanks 1st Lieutenant SeekinAssassin. Administrator of Greystone International and Officer of Able Company.
  3. Admin Application

    Go ahead and delete the thread if you want doesn't bother me at all.
  4. Admin Application

    Hello there chaps, I know that you have a different sort of system for this but: PR Username: 1Lt|SeekinAssassin Poke/message me for CD Hash. Experience: I am currently a Senior Administrator on the Deployment Server Free Candy Van. What I can bring to the team? Well someone who can fill in the time slot that you struggle to Admin in due to life things and potential Time Zones. So I am volunteering to take the role of an Admin of VG to help the team fulfil their goal and keep the server active and in straight with the rules. The server is also full of EU players during the time I play and some night owls from the US. Regards 1st Lieutenant SeekinAssassin. Admin of Greystone International and Officer of Able Company.
  5. Hey, cause why not :):)

    My favourite band would be Sabaton.
  6. Hey, cause why not :):)

    Just if you were wondering my reasons were for not playing on VG often lately. This is due to 3 things: ~ I have had a couple of changes in my life. (Work, sleep schedule, etc) ~My computer is shit ~ I am a senior admin on Free Candy Van. So no problema with VG and its community.
  7. Hey, cause why not :):)

    Hello there, I am SeekinAssassin, often called seekin. I am British and soon to be joining the British Army. War is my game and I listen to heavy metal. I have played PR for about a Year and a half now. I sort of started off confused on the play style, so I played a mix of Deployment and Coop until I was better. I later found a good place to play which was VG. Where I learnt the game more and I got to know some players. I do play inf a lot but love to fly. However my computer holds me back, should be getting a new one anytime soon. I have recently moved away from VG for a while due to a few things that are nothing to do with VG. But hopefully I should be showing up more soon. Regards, SeekinAssassin See you on the Battlefield...