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      Falcon BMS Server Update: New Minimum Connection Bandwidth Requirement - Increased to 2048   12/10/2017

      As of December 10th 2017, the Required Minimum Connection Bandwidth for all clients is now forced to 2048.  In addition, the former config entry denying potential P2P connection types has been removed.  Both of these changes are due to reports of increased server and client multiplayer stability, and we are hoping to see the same improvements here as well.  Please report anything unusual while playing in the coming week so we can asses the benefits of this change.  Thank you!


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  1. Another Brit to join the community Glad you've made your mind up to Serve the Queen and Country. Your going into a career where you will have amazing moments where it will stay with you forever. If you don't mind disipline and "character building" then your perfect to join. Hopefully if we have enough Brits playing PR we may make a Brit only squad... and that's just gonna turn into disaster Cheers and Welcome. See you on the battlefield
  2. You're all gonna get some "sausage" tonight guess you could say the "sausage" bomb was dropped when I joined TS (*insert penis joke here*) And blazer, you could of said "You silly willie"... could have linked with the theme of sausage "saucy sausage" sounds legit like a catchy name. Could this mean a new nickname? Cheers for the Praise and Banter have a good one!
  3. You might want to Reinstall the Game mate.. Probably the game files was configured to be compatible with W7 but now as you got W10 the game is getting into panic mode and goes full retard. I suggest reinstalling the game.
  4. Come over and ill make you some "Tea"
  5. I totally agree on the points that most of you have pointed out and it's about time I should give my points in my perspective. I rarely have been a CO myself but I understand how they work effectively by seeing the COs in action. I hope this can help you out so that you have an idea of how to be and Efficient and Effective CO ROLES: Use the UAV to scout out any enemy positions (Mortars, AA, Infantry, Armour etc) , This is beneficial to the team because the Assets can be located in some key positions and the UAV is there to confirm where the Enemy Assets are located so the Squad Leaders can organise themselves and attempt to destroy them (If it's necessary) Be there to pull the trigger in Area Attacks. If there are Area Attacks available then the Commander should notify all the Squad Leaders so they know they can use the Area Attacks in their Disposal (If appropriate of course) REMOVE Friendly FOBs (If Appropriate) BUILD FOBs (If you can build FOBs without digging) ORDER or ADVISE Squad Leaders on what to do (Will go into detail with this BELOW) GIVE information to the Squad Leaders (enemy movements etc) , kind of links with the UAV aspect of things. REQUIREMENTS MUST HAVE A MIC!, If you can't communicate then you are not as effective as you can be in terms of being an effective CO MUST have a decent understanding on how to play PR MUST have Experience in other Roles, for example if you have good experience on Tanks then you know what they are capable of and you understand their Advantages and Disadvantages therefore your battle plan should be more acceptable to a specific role MUST have a good understanding on the Map you are playing, if you don't have experience then your battle plans are going to be like a bag of shit and will not work (even though most of the time plans don't go as they are supposed to anyway XD) ORDERING OR ADVISING SQUAD LEADERS There is a BIG Difference between Ordering and Advising Squad Leaders ORDERING Squad Leaders: This WORKS if: The Squad Leader Cooperates with You (Has no problem with being told what to do) The Squad Leader Needs Someone to help him with Orders (Doesn't know what to do) There is an Event Taking place (More Experienced Players) There are More Senior Players then there are to New Players (They are more likely to Understand the Concept of PR than the New Ones) This DOESN'T work if: The Squad Leader Doesn't Like being told what to do (There's nothing you can do about it) The Squad Leader already has battle plans to execute or their battle plans are better than yours The Game is on a PUBLIC Server (As most of the time there are more inexperienced players than experienced players) There are More New Players then there are to Senior Players (They don't understand the Concept of PR so therefore they probably think that your a Dick) Advantages: You are more likely to win the round quicker or more effectively if you have good battle plans and they follow them You could be seen as a role model, If you have good experience, good orders and good battle plans then people will start to look up to you, which of course is a moral boost to yourself and the team obviously You are more trusted by people if they need help Disadvantages: Some people don't like being bossed around, so they may see you as a dick (Even though the concept of PR is to work as a team and follow orders) If your orders are really shit then the team gets unnecessary risks, therefore your less likely to be trusted ADVISING Squad Leaders: Advantages: The Squad leader can either accept the advice or reject it (Depending on how good your advice is), therefore it gives the team more flexibility to figuring out the best battle plan Psychologically if you give someone advice. most likely they are going to accept it. so therefore advising is kind of like ordering but in a psychological way. You could be seen as a role model, If you have good experience, good orders and good battle plans then people will start to look up to you, which of course is a moral boost to yourself and the team obviously You are more trusted by people if they need help Disadvantages: Its Advice.. Some people may reject it (for a good reason or an unnecessary reason) I personally think that Advising people is more better in all aspects because not only it gives people flexibility, its secretly a friendly way of giving orders, therefore to the people who don't like being bossed around they are less likely to see you as a bossy person but more of a helpful type of "guide". Moving on TIPS Not only do I think these tips will help the CO but also it can help Squad Leaders Too. Even if you have a Mic its ideal to have good communication skills so that everyone can understand you clearly (if you have medical issues with speaking then you can still be effective but people might have difficulties understanding you, either way there is nothing you can do about it either way so it shouldn't matter. To guarantee that people can clearly understand you, you should follow the following acronym: C - Clear - Make sure there is nothing in your mouth (Dicks etc) and try to speak slowly (Unless your Irish because you can't help it XD) L - Loud - Don't be as quiet as a mouse (Unless your Mummy is sleeping and you don't want to wake up the beast XD) A - As An Order - Make it sound like your serious instead of sounding like a wimp that's gone full retard P - With Pauses - Don't rush your speaking, take it slow and steady (just like your dicks) CLAP... Because you're all Clapped (Retarded and Ugly) Well.. you have gone this far into reading this... if you have ill make you tea and crumpets I think my fingers are on fire from typing all this jeez XD Thanks for reading this and I you will take this as useful advice Have a good one - Sausag3
  6. Good old Sausag3 will be making a Squad if there is enough members attending the event. I'm accepting randoms, however if you want a spot reserved let me know. So hold tight ladies and gents.