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      Falcon BMS Server Update: New Minimum Connection Bandwidth Requirement - Increased to 2048   12/10/2017

      As of December 10th 2017, the Required Minimum Connection Bandwidth for all clients is now forced to 2048.  In addition, the former config entry denying potential P2P connection types has been removed.  Both of these changes are due to reports of increased server and client multiplayer stability, and we are hoping to see the same improvements here as well.  Please report anything unusual while playing in the coming week so we can asses the benefits of this change.  Thank you!


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  1. Welcome to Veterans Gaming Lad! Hope you have a cracking time on this server, I know I am We have a whole team you can talk to on our teamspeak server, go check it out. everyone there is pretty much banter left right and centre. I suggest playing PR while eating crumpets and drinking tea, demonstrates the theme intensively *Chuckles* Anyways, have fun and see ya on the crumpet crusted battlefield
  2. As you can already tell, Im quite unactive in both PR and the VG teamspeak server.

    It's because my work has been quite busy lately due to my recent promotion in my career with Anglian Water.

    I've recently been more of a spanner monkey than sitting down relaxing with some quality gaming time with the lads, but hey ho life changes :)

    Ill still be quite active on this website just so I can get in touch with you lads and find out whats going on once in a while. but expect my gaming time to drasticaly drop in the next couple of months as boy im in for a rough and busy couple of months I tell ya.

    All in all you mongs have a great time anyways.

     Expect me to pop in then and there sometimes.

    Keep your Tea brewing and your Crumpets loaded.

    Sausag3 out

    *Drops mic*

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  3. You can never have enough enjoyment listening to "The Grenadier Guards Quick March" while hundreds of the Grenadier Guards march and dominate the parade square. Video below is taken from the Trooping the Colour Parade from July 2017 FUN FACT - Did you know that the troops you see in the parade video need to look after their bearskins in the most presise detail? They have to wash their bearskins using special shampoos and soaps multiple times a day which means they wash their bearskins more frequently and more presise than an average person maintaining their hair Hope you enjoyed your day after watching this extremely patriotic video
  4. Abrakadabra!
  5. Had to put this in XD :
  6. Not to mension that the Queen's guards are mainly hand picked from a number of foot guard regiments. Grenadier Guards Coldstream Guards Scots Guards Irish Guards Welsh Guards Those who are hand picked are expected to be the best of the best so therefore will be effective with the duty of guarding the queen. However in today's society those guards are mainly for ceremonial use, so if there was a threat then the police will be the ones taking care of the "Situation". However the guards are still authorised to use lethal force if the situation is a serious and urgent threat to the royal family or the guards themselves. Therefore in case there was a heated situation the guards normally carry loaded magazines and a bayonet attached to the rifle, so the guards can easily take out the empty ceremonial magazine and load in a live one instead.
  7. If you've been in the army for x amount of years then you'll pretty much know how to maintain a bearskin effectively and do it with speed.
  8. *Edited due to incorrect spelling Thank you for pointing that out @Jersans
  9. @VODKA Skitalez unpack zip and move the folder "goose" to the following directory - Project Reality\mods\pr\levels
  10. Hell yes! an event based on the Falkland Islands. Im totally in. Ill just join any squad there is and keep company.
  11. I could already smell what's cooking through my monitor
  12. Might aswell get mine over and done with..... Top right is actually me however I was "Horsing" around.
  13. Wow, didn’t know you posted that on the other thread. Lol And yeah might aswell merge it as it goes within the Squad topic
  14. There is a youtube video that was released on the 14th of October this year that demonstrates the differences and simularities of PR and Squad. Currently there is about 14K views on that video as of the date of this post. (Could explain how there are a few new players coming on our server) Best thing of all, The creator of the video has used the VG Coop Server for some of the footage in the video. I3RY4N and Blizzard was one of the few that were shown on the video, lol. So.... here is the video:
  15. The Las Vegas Shootings - 10:08pm 01/10/17 The Las Vegas shootings is now confirmed to be the most deadliest mass shooting in US history. With approximatley 50 Dead and over 400 injured and rushed to nearby hospitals. This has not only shocked the State but it has shocked the entirety of the United States along with it. This new record of innocent lives lost is nothing to celebrate about, It creates a sense of darkness and sympathy within the American people. It is horrifying to imagine a 64-year-old man to claim the innocent lives of over 50 people in a matter of 10-15 mins. Each and every Man, Woman or Child that was killed could have had some sort of influence in the future. Some of them could have invented something new and revolutionary, some of them could have helped cure a disease or even cure cancer. But this Man took a grasp of thier innocent lives and threw it down the drain. This is horrifying. Here is one of the News Reports about it.... Some things may be disturbing for some to watch so watch at your own risk. I Salut the two off-duty police officers that were killed that spent their time and effort into keeping their state a safer place for everyone. I also Salut all the Emergency Services Personel that risked their lives and put the effort into calming down the situation and rescuing and treating all the injured people at the time of the event. I also Salut all the brave civillians who lead the way for everyone to get to safety. My Prayers and Thoughts are with all the victims of the shootings. If there is anyone on this forum that has been one of the victims or know a friend or relative that has then please know that this Community is united with eachother and will do our best efforts to support you every way we can. To give my respects to the innocent lives of this mass shooting I will be doing a Total 50 Min of Silence on PR that is broken down in 5 days in a row and will all start at 2200 hrs (GMT) If you wish to join in with me then please let me know prior as I will be creating a squad only with the people who wish to join in with the silence.
  16. Where is his perfect use of british standard terminology? "Wanker", "Tosser", "Mong" That is not the real vincent in the video
  17. Jesus Christ Pinch! I spat out my tea after how in-depth and informative it is. This is a job well done! Just a suggestion... maybe you should add some videos on the posts you make so people can see it "In Action" for those who haven't. Also... If you need some more information (Military Specific) There's a good youtube channel you can have a look at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFWjEwhX6cSAKBQ28pufG3w You will probably find something interesting/useful down there. Here's one of the videos: Either way keep up the good work!
  18. know me better

    Welcome Mike. Hope you enjoy your stay on this server and forums. We have an outstanding community who are extremely friendly and can teach you some things that you require. As you are quite new here if you haven't read the PR Rules then be sure to check them out, I will leave a link below: Best of luck to you, see you on the Virtual Battlefield
  19. Hello SirShotalot, I am the banning admin. Us admins always look for guys who intentionally TK in masses and you are not one of them now because I now recognise that you "Accidentally" killed masses of guys with a grenade. You can be Unbanned from now on and you don't need to be on a watch list. Please make sure you watch where you're gonna throw your frags because the same situation could occur. Enjoy your day - Sausag3
  20. Harrier Skills

  21. No Problem @Schmidtrock Here to help. Stay frosty and see you on the virtual battlefield
  22. There is no Basic Training sesh's at the moment but feel free to come into the VG Server and the Senior Players can sometimes explain things that you dont understand. In the meantime you can have a look at the VG Forums plus the PR Manual to help you out, here are some examples: http://www.realitymod.com/manual/pr_manual.pdf But eitherway, you only get better with hands on experience (Like Handjobs) XD
  23. I agree with you on that one, Spacings can not be too distant and cannot be too close. That is an Ideal distance that works on both COOP and Deployment servers, In reality the distances between the Squad members would be spread out, but not too regularly, for example: These spacings are too regular so it makes the section appear "Un-Natural", because nature obviously randomly has un-regular spacings between each tree. To use the full efficiency of your camoflauge the Squad spacings has to be Un-Regular in terms of spacings, making the squad look abit more "Natural" like this image below As you can see the spacings of the squad not only prevents the squad being wiped but it also employs some more efficient use of your surroundings and makes camoflauge more "Efficient". Of course In PR it doesn't really matter because you'll be seen anyway as movement will point you out like a sore thumb. Here are some more Tips that you might find useful in your squads (In Images) Speaking of Section formations, i've got an old guide to tactical formations when I got issued it from the reserves... Hopefully this can be used more often if the Squads has more experience to these types of formations The Squad Leader should decide what formation the Squad should be traveling with based on Ground Visibility Direction from which enemy fire is expected The need for control by the Squad Leader The need for producing the most effective and maximum fire towards the enemy position with minimum delay The Key to the images: Circle - A Member of the Squad 2 Chevrons - Section Commander (Squad Leader) 1 Chevron - 2nd Section Commander (Second in charge) Big Black Arrow - Direction of travel Arrow in circle - Machine Gunners Blue Colour - Charlie Fireteam (The Squad leaders fireteam) Green Colour - Delta Fireteam (The Second Commanders Fireteam) S symbol - The Scout or the "Leading Man" These are the "Assualting" Formations, Mainly used to assualt an objective or Enemy Position in an open territory (use of cover can still be employed in these formations) The first formation used is the "Extended Line" Formation: and I've got to admit, its actually a good formation, its simple to use, efficient in firepower but it has its disadvantages too. if you combine different fireteams you can actually have a good advantage over the enemy There is another Formation simular to the "Extended Line" its called the "Arrow Head": This is also a good formation when the section wants to attack an objective or wants to engage and destroy an enemy position, again, it has its advantages and disadvantages Now these following formations are considered as "Patroling" Formations, usually employed when using roads, headges or ditches as handrails to your objective. Hopefully this will help some of you guys understand what some of the tactical formations you can use on the battlefield. but the only way to fully understand it is to practise it at some point (Maybe there should be an event for training for these kind of things etc) The names for the formations can be a bit different to other countries for example the "Arrow head" would be called the "Wedge" formation by the yanks, but hey, they all do the same purpose dont they XD
  24. Might be a little late on this post but hey, might aswell get my say on this. I think that Section Formations in a COOP game is pretty much useable "sometimes" (Meaning it can be used in some situations such as a defensive position using arks of fire etc) but overall in every COOP game its kind of pointless as of all the reasons above this reply. What needs to be focused on more instead of formations is the Section Spacings. Think about it, If you was a bot or let alone an enemy player and you see an orgy of infantry in one cramed space. You would obviously pull out your trusty boom kit and throw it at them and watch all the kill counts rise... I have seen countless moments of our infantry sections getting wiped just because of this issue. If you're a section commander then I suggest you always watch where all your lads are, and If they are having some sort of orgy cramed together then give them a little bollocking and tell em to space out abit. I expect some people to say "Oh yeah I do that all the time" Yeah I do that all the time too, but sometimes It still happens anyway so personally we need to get our shit together especially as a squad leader. of course there are some brilliant squad leaders who know their shit. but obviously there are others who don't have as much self disipline as others. and anyways, of course, nobody is perfect Maybe we should introduce some sort of training sessions for squad leaders on the server (Maybe a special event on just that?) Its not the riflemen and the specialists issue, its in fact the squad leader, Because they are the ones who lead them to victory as they say, so they must instruct and organise his/her fellow comrades so that their infantry section can have the advantage in a firefight. and getting the spaces sorted out is one of the steps. Oh and P.S I might make a new post on the forums about something like this probably to do with "Squad Tactics and Formations to gain the advantage in the firefight"