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  1. Hey there

    Welcome to our community. Hope you enjoy yourself here just like I do. See you on the battlefield!
  2. Radio =VG=

  3. Due to my desire to try out a different game, I managed to go ahead and purchase GTA V on PC.

    I used to have it on my old PS3 but now I wanna know what's changed and what's new on the PC platform.

    Let's just hope it's still packed full of fun like it was back in the console days.

    If anyone wants to mess around Online then give me a shout haha! :b0209:

    (That's only when my fucking internet downloads all the metric fuck ton of GBs for this game) :rofl:


    Also if you want to add me, my Social Club is: BigSausag3 

    1. =VG= m823us

      =VG= m823us

      My rockstar account is the same as steam if you want company. 

    2. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      I'm down for some heists and shit.  My Rockstar account predates my gmail, way back from GTA:SA - add "GhostVersetti" to your contacts, that's me :buba:

    3. Sausag3


      lmao "versetti" nice link to GTA VC you got there ;)

  4. Veterans. They still need you.

    Here are some British Armed Forces charities some of you might be interested in.. These are the British Charities that support the veterans of the armed forces: The Royal British Legion - https://www.britishlegion.org.uk/ The Soldiers' Charity - https://soldierscharity.org/# Help for Heroes - https://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/ This Charity is unique to the other ones as this charity is dedicated to supporting children & young people who have lost a parent whilst serving in the British Armed Forces. http://scottyslittlesoldiers.co.uk/ I personally have donated on all 4 of those charities and attended some of their charitable events. I've seen that even the smallest of the donations really do have an effect on helping out the veterans and children.
  5. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    Nice work gents! Have a tasty crumpet for all your hard work.
  6. Change PC!

    If you're gonna get a better PC for gaming then I'd suggest you take a look at the modern version of PR - "Squad" Squad can be a lot more lenient in terms of processing power as it utilises 4 Cores instead of the classical single core PR has... Try it out. Of course, that's where your better graphics card comes in as it requires a tad bit more power in terms of its graphics compared to PR. Pretty much exactly the same gameplay as PR only a few more added realistic features, (However Heavy assets are still not added yet, Strictly on INF, Insurgency and APC warfare. But yeah even though this reply is irrelevant to your original post, I'm just saying that you might wanna look at the squad and try it out after you've upgraded to a more beefy PC.
  7. H8CrazyVet67

    I still remember all the good times on the server when he was around, I'm sure majority of you guys remember too. I thank him not only for the contribution for the fun times on the server but also the contributions of making the server well regulated from his adminship and I thank him for being one of the few veterans that proudly served his country. I suggest we put on a Muttrah 24/7 event to fulfil his dreams on this server. He WILL be missed... He WILL be remembered... And most importantly, He WILL always be my favourite Mong. Rest in Peace, H8CrazyVet67.
  8. 31381183_1360644330706150_3232052667941331358050_1360644344039482_24707022622640 

    Anyone would have fucking died from this nasty stench of a smell on one of the sites I inspected, fuck me I think my nose needs a vacation XD

    Can't beat some good old tradesman banter :D

    1. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Ugh... That looks awful.  Hit the DeCon shower before you come back onto the server  :sarcastic:

    2. Sausag3


      I think I need more than that trust me :3:

    3. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Say, is that a new belt you're wearing?  Looks nice...

  9. Finally! :D

    Some free time that I can grasp doing what I love, can't beat a bit of gaming there and then.

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    2. .Blizzard.



    3. InchPincherToo


      Glad to hear that :) enjoy your free time while you can until it lasts- ;)

    4. H8CrazyVet67


      its fun hanging out with you wanka.

  10. Hello :)

    My SKY TV has stopped working, SKY FIX YOUR SHIT! Cough Cough (Only the brits will know this inside joke oi oi ) Anyways, Welcome to this extraordinary community, Enjoy your stay. See you on the battlefield
  11. Project Reality COOP Campaign 2018

    PR + Risk + Hearts of Iron 4 : Millennium Dawn Mod = This Campain I'm loving this already and can't wait to join in. Just two questions - Does that mean we will have PVP and if so will we have enough players to fill in all the playable factions?
  12. Merry Christmas ;)

    Hope you all have a fantastic and merry christmas, at the same time, enjoy this absolute masterpiece that will make the mongs in this world wet their panties
  13. Hello all!

    Welcome to Veterans Gaming Lad! Hope you have a cracking time on this server, I know I am We have a whole team you can talk to on our teamspeak server, go check it out. everyone there is pretty much banter left right and centre. I suggest playing PR while eating crumpets and drinking tea, demonstrates the theme intensively *Chuckles* Anyways, have fun and see ya on the crumpet crusted battlefield
  14. As you can already tell, Im quite unactive in both PR and the VG teamspeak server.

    It's because my work has been quite busy lately due to my recent promotion in my career with Anglian Water.

    I've recently been more of a spanner monkey than sitting down relaxing with some quality gaming time with the lads, but hey ho life changes :)

    Ill still be quite active on this website just so I can get in touch with you lads and find out whats going on once in a while. but expect my gaming time to drasticaly drop in the next couple of months as boy im in for a rough and busy couple of months I tell ya.

    All in all you mongs have a great time anyways.

     Expect me to pop in then and there sometimes.

    Keep your Tea brewing and your Crumpets loaded.

    Sausag3 out

    *Drops mic*

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    2. .Blizzard.




    3. H8CrazyVet67


      pumpet , crumpet . no you wanka you got to play




      Congrats bigas dickas hahah yer like james says ya gots ta play mannn i will make sure no one sleeps in ya bunk,  tell the slave drivers my waters shit hahaah waiting for ya xx