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  1. Might be a little late on this post but hey, might aswell get my say on this. I think that Section Formations in a COOP game is pretty much useable "sometimes" (Meaning it can be used in some situations such as a defensive position using arks of fire etc) but overall in every COOP game its kind of pointless as of all the reasons above this reply. What needs to be focused on more instead of formations is the Section Spacings. Think about it, If you was a bot or let alone an enemy player and you see an orgy of infantry in one cramed space. You would obviously pull out your trusty boom kit and throw it at them and watch all the kill counts rise... I have seen countless moments of our infantry sections getting wiped just because of this issue. If you're a section commander then I suggest you always watch where all your lads are, and If they are having some sort of orgy cramed together then give them a little bollocking and tell em to space out abit. I expect some people to say "Oh yeah I do that all the time" Yeah I do that all the time too, but sometimes It still happens anyway so personally we need to get our shit together especially as a squad leader. of course there are some brilliant squad leaders who know their shit. but obviously there are others who don't have as much self disipline as others. and anyways, of course, nobody is perfect Maybe we should introduce some sort of training sessions for squad leaders on the server (Maybe a special event on just that?) Its not the riflemen and the specialists issue, its in fact the squad leader, Because they are the ones who lead them to victory as they say, so they must instruct and organise his/her fellow comrades so that their infantry section can have the advantage in a firefight. and getting the spaces sorted out is one of the steps. Oh and P.S I might make a new post on the forums about something like this probably to do with "Squad Tactics and Formations to gain the advantage in the firefight"
  2. No, its the fact that some people has got Visual C++ already from playing other games (As some games install Visual C++ for you when installing a game) Some people don't have (The Correct) Visual C++ installed so therefore the Mumble Error occurs. I'm not sure why they ask for the X86 Version installed (Probablty because mumble works with 32 bit atm so they have to use 32 bit Visual C++?)
  3. Cheers!
  4. I'm Planning to do some Graphics Design to help you guys out with Logos, Coat of Arms, Wallpapers, Signatures ETC. However to do that I require a motto to accomplish some of the tasks I will be doing. Is there a motto for VG anywhere? If not, Maybe we should provide some suggestions on this Topic. Hopefully I should get something done for you guys that will definatly catch your eyes. Also if there is any Graphic Suggestions or Requests then let me know. (Hopefully we can start some sort of Graphics Design Team in the future or something)
  5. Thats fine mate... We got murged with kavs sqd so its all good anyway. tbh you miss alot
  6. Anyone can join this event as long as you download the Maps and install it when it's released. I think I remember you was playing on my squad the other day, you seem like an alright lad. Have fun and see you on the battlefield!
  7. Russian Hotbox ft.Vincent

  8. Another Brit to join my squad! how wonderful! All brit sqd?? XD What Kit you want assigned?
  9. Come on in Midgee! Remeber to sing the national anthem on local when in-game XD
  10. Will do buddy! Don't forget the Tea! What kit do you want to be assigned to?
  11. project reality

    Aussie Power!
  12. Tad Sae Victory!!

  13. Yeah Boiis!

  14. More Progress

  15. Tad Sae Progress