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  1. nuts?

    Volod clearly has QE22 ("Risk of harmful physical or mental health consequences to others"). I would not like to sit next to him when someone steals his vehicle or his beloved automatic rifleman =D
  2. Just want to the take time to thank you again for fixing COOP. The playerbase seems to very happy about it.

  3. *Notices your script* OWO whats this ...?
  4. question

    You usually become admin after already playing many hours on this server. The more you play something, the more likely it is you get bored. So more playtime = more likely to become admin = more likely to become bored and quit. COOP games just can not provide the same level of variety as deployment. I started playing this game on VG, and it was exciting to discover new aspects of the game. But now i've seen most of it and play deployment more often.
  5. For the aviation enthusiast

    I have some old Arma 2 Stuff: ♫ It's raining men ♪ How to land a C130 And here we can witness the mating ritual between the male chinook and the female BMP-3. Love knows no borders. isn't nature beautiful?
  6. Hello everyone...

    Greetings, we play all sorts of games, just ask around. Welcome to the cool kidz club.
  7. Admin application - Risiko94

    Hello, my name is Alex(23), most of you know me by Risiko94. I frequently play on your COOP Server for Projekt Realiy. I hope i made a good impression so far, a few practical jokes aside. I do my best to help players, especially new ones. Quite often you can see me leading a BEGINNER INF Squad, explaining the game to newbies. Iam happy with the way this server is managed and how the admins react (well, most of the time). Since there are rare occasions where an admin can't be found, iam asking for admin rights to help people in those situations. There is nothing you can do against a teamkiller or even worse, a bugged map (Beirut STD, f.E.) without admin help. I always check the teamspeak, but sometimes i can't find one and i don't want to rip people out of their arma/PR immersion. The following admins probably know me (random order): deathdealer203 H8CrazyVet67 InchPincherToo SoldierOfMisfortune Spartanish =VG= HaterOneActual VODKA Skitalez =VG= Keed Everyone i forgot, my memory is really bad. The following admins know me to a lesser extent: chickenjason123 asquirrel456 I don't want to be part of the Clan, nor do i want any special dutys or rights, aside from voting / changing the map and warning / kicking people. Regardless of your decision regarding my application, thank you for providing (the only) decent PR COOP Server. Alex
  8. PR COOP Rules Discussion

    I fully agree with Double. Response to @SerEvergreen I was mostly talking about Muttrah since it seems to be the most popular and most played map. We are talking about a scenario where the server isn't full, so having 2 more guys that serve no real purpose hurts the team. You need to return to base anyway for ammo. It does not result in "excessive and unnecessary wasting". So you propose to kick everyone that joins the squad instead of just locking it? Isn't that kinda ironic? 1.)APCs usually don't have to coordinate beyond the "help here, enemy there, need logi" 2.) You would create a apc squad, not mech inf 3.)Simply switching categorys instead of making a new one is easier. 4.)"Don't change the rule about squadsize, because it is against the rules" wat? "self-centered benefits " such as >more people in squads where they can actually be useful or >preventing newbs from wasting important and hard to use assets Even if i absolutely do not agree with your arguments, thanks for responding. I brought this up because i met an admin with a different opinion, and the ingame chat isn't the place to discuss this. You don't follow rules for the sake of following rules, you follow rules because they make sense. If they do not, they need to be changed.
  9. PR COOP Rules Discussion

    Tow Humvee and minimum squadmembers. On Maps with no heavy armor, most notably muttrah docks, the Tow Humvee is the strongest anti armor weapon available. With HAT being limited and CAS being as reliable as CAS on a public coop usually is, the Tow Humvee is essential. You need 1 driver and 1 gunner. According to your current rules I wouldn't be able to lock the squad. What are the other 2 supposed to do? Play as a 2 man infantry squad? Sit inside the Humvee doing nothing and wait til you get blown up? If the Server is full it's not a problem. You have 6 guys on the ground and 2 providing AT support. But good luck trying to form a full squad with 12 people on the server. Proposal: Switch the Tow Humvee to the apc category. It can still be claimed by infantry squads, but you could also make a dedicated 2 man tow squad.