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  1. sup

    Hey mate
  2. Underappreciated Metal!

    Iam more into symphonic metal, power/melodic death, that sorta thing:
  3. Escape from Tarkov (noob)

    Hello Vicar, and welcome. Iam not sure if i fully understand you, but if you need help in PR you can always ask us ingame, on the teamspeak or on the forum. I heard of a guy who frequently creates beginner squads, maybe you pop in if you see one ?
  4. Hello

    Hey man, welcome. Do NOT hesitate to ask if you are not sure how something works. Only stupid people don't ask.
  5. Heyy all

    This game needs more unicorns https://unicorn.jocke.no/
  6. A bit late

    Hey Hoops. Keep in mind that if i tell you to shut up i don't mean that as a personal attack. But if you have 3 guys in local, 2 in squad, and 3 in SQL chat it becomes a bit chaotic. Iam always happy to see you on the battlefield and play with you. A positive attitude is never wrong =D Cya ingame.
  7. Heyy all

    New to the game? Questions? Join BEGIN .. jokes aside, welcome to the community. Noone here will give you shit if you stick to the rules and show some basic decency. Gallop on! =D
  8. What version of Project Reality is this?
  9. Now I am officially a bot.

    Congratz to 1.000 Posts on the forum, Double
  10. New Steam chat

    >Post YouTube Video >Click on YouTube Video in Chat >Chat crashes. GG
  11. Has anyone seen Hater

    If whoever is reading this is not feeling well or want to talk about things no matter the topic and no matter when you are always welcome to contact me with whatever method you prefer.
  12. Newbie

    I know i sound like a broken record, but only because Project Reality is such a great game. We are all happy to explain it to you if you need a tutorial. Download it, read the manual and jump on our Veterans Gaming COOP Server. Just ask for help if you need it, we have a very friendly playerbase (The best in project reality, i may proudly add).
  13. Newbie

    Hello, iam not sure if i fully understand your question, but here are some games you might enjoy: 1. Project Reality (Click me) Project Reality is the main game we are all playing here. 50 vs 50 or 40 vs BOTS. Jets, Helis, APCs, Tanks, Trucks, Jeeps, you name it. Many different factions and weapons, many different wars post WW2 (WW2 update will come soon). You can find a complete maplist HERE and HERE. The games can be really really intense, so your friends suffering from PTSD should take it slow. Has a few vietnam maps. Fast reaction times aren't as important, the focus is on teamplay, communication and organisation. And it is completly FREE, no ingameshop, no hidden fee, nothing required. 2. Squad (Click me) Squad is the unofficial successor to Project Reality. Some of their developers started working on this game. They play similar, but right now it doesn't even come close to PR in terms of scope. If you like PR, try Squad. 3. Arma (Click me) The Arma Franchise is probably the best known milsim out there. It's like a giant sandbox with many mods. For roleplay and quick action you can use the serverbrowser, if you want to have more tactical scenarios i recommend joining one of many arma clans. Iam not sure how big the arma scene in Veterans Gaming is. Google does a surprisingly good job if you are looking for videogames. Just enter "world war 2 games" f.e. and you find a big list. If you are using Steam, the shop is also very good. Just add all the tags you like ("military", "shooter", "multiplayer", etc.) and look through the list.
  14. nuts?

    Volod clearly has QE22 ("Risk of harmful physical or mental health consequences to others"). I would not like to sit next to him when someone steals his vehicle or his beloved automatic rifleman =D