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  1. See you later!

    Have many good times buddy, it's been a good gaming session with ya, heaps of fun. Travelling the world, well the world is not enough hahah, enjoy the wander lust. I to will be off soon for months or years, but like me you will be back, brother xx. Get a beacon and register, with the cost guard its better than insurance. one with a meter long arial is the size of a mobile phone. when you wake up in the middle of the sea just punch in the code, and it will beam up to the satellites, then then the Good old USA will call up the nearest official to you, and hold them accountable for your comfort. Using complex trade agreements. 500 bucks a bargen works in the jungle as well as deserts. And if you need one a free chopper hahaha Emergency Beacons | NOAA SARSAT | Cospas-Sarsat | Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking: SARSAT SARSAT overview graphic Is your emergency beacon registered? To enhance protection of life and property, it is mandatory that emergency beacons be registered with NOAA before installation and that information be kept up to date. Click here for easy online beacon registration. U.S. Beacon Registration Database System
  2. Happy Birthday VETERANS-GAMING

  3. Peanut Gallery!

    My lunch
  4. AFK?

    Yer used to be now its soylent green
  5. AFK?

    Still Waiting for the Boss to command me, just a few days left. looks like a years worth of toil, and jelly fish bites hahah, Joy : )
  6. AFK?

    Hay CNJ dead hopping, well i hope you don't have to, eat the passengers MREs hahah, have fun flying about : ) good pilots, will be missed xx A gift for the cockpit, hope it makes things easier HatcoUGFF Ultra-Glo" Portable French Fry Warmer Price$345
  7. Busy

    nothing new..... then all's well, : ) see ya sooner Robocop xx
  8. My Rest Time Is almost over. I will go to da Jungle

    Mann its gunna be sweet, blue sea, natural food, not the organic crap sold here, and PRs immortal, so.... expect me..... new sever settings hahaahh see below lolzzz
  9. My Rest Time Is......... almost over. I will go to da Jungle, and live there, and work in the Sea : ) And live with my native friends, in my paradise nest. Its to remote for the internet, packet data only. But as always i will come back after a year or 5, maybe 6 months who knows. I have prepared and long speech, and, as i am unaccustomed to public addresses, ahahahahh gagaga, i have also employed my fave general, to read it to you, as a message of encouragement, in the face of all adversity, and the ass as well. hahaha If i can i will log on for a quick bang with the sky jockeys and all ya good folks,,, reallll sooner...... its been so much fun this time round hahahahah JOY : )
  10. My Rest Time Is almost over. I will go to da Jungle

    PADI hahahhah Yanky doodel dandy P'ay A'nd D'ie I'nstantly. naaa thats just a beer and wife humping thing. Plus the PADI, boss lives on an island far from me, but, not to far from me, filled with hookers lolz dirty old bugger hahah. Lot's of $10 Plastic cards sure add up hahah. After 2 decades my Title is BALL BUSTER, BLEED FOR ME, MASTER COUNTER ARGUMENT, and frog man hahh i have been a nicer SQ leader than hater1 as its the inter web : ) and theirs kids about, and office workers, and normal people lol. That is, why i love his SQ. it feels like home hahahh 2 M vis are your arms longer than 2m hummmm low vis is when you need to take off your helmet, and press the SPG against your eye ball, to get a reading, hahahah I stay in Crystal Blue waters its sexy, at night, xx And don't use Aluminium, PADI tanks the Aluminium oxide will, make you do an instructor course......... $10 $100 $1, 000 $10. 000 $100. 000. for sexy old git. and for Mr Instructor. food beer sex and baldness hahahha. hahahhaah you can eat iron oxide all day long, its yummy. Thanks for the merge. : ) and Bug fixes : ) VG Is top.
  11. My Rest Time Is almost over. I will go to da Jungle

    Yep you can fill it with O2 and feel like super man, Micheal Jackson used it to keep young hahah.
  12. Hey there

    Italy my few interests are mostly about women, cars, motorbikes, their history and books. LOLs i'm half Italian, and after seeing you on the maps i can say your a typical good Italian boy, i'm from Venito Venice, chio bella, and die die die hahaha (die die die = yer man, yer man, yer man....) in Venetian. x x
  13. Operation Red Dawn 02.02.2019

    Looks like it will be a nice clean by the book round, i'm in good, form and all SQs functioning, give me a hard on. : )
  14. Operation Red Dawn 02.02.2019

    WOW complicated interesting, uploading ??? what happened to blowing it all up ?
  15. Mug Shots!

    My midnight cowboy virgin lungs cant take a bong man, now a tank of nitrox or nitrogen narcosis, will give you Bot vision, and with no hangover heheheeh.
  16. Mug Shots!

    Eat rust its got iron in it
  17. Let it happen

    Never laugh at another mans mule. haha
  18. NOW i'm only excepting GOLD, PR spot rate 1kg per 10$ PR or 1g unobtain'ioum 10$ PR. Miners get 10$ PR for 12 hours digging in the cave - 10% : ) and its alll perfectly legitimate : )
  19. Shijia valley bugged

    Thanks for the skills node cruncher : )
  20. All miners are evil, make love not spam. if you want to make cash on the inter-web just charge 10$PR ALT creds, for ammo and medics, and burning cars. I'm up to $PRALT 10000000.1000000000000.10.0 I,m reinvesting in Cos Play hahahh. oooh can you e mail guns and crack ? are they printing them ? what happened to gold ?? To stop all this rubbish we all need to go primitive and I'm.
  21. Sound, MIC, and GPU problems

    Drives are cheap, a full head of hair is expensive hahaha i built my PC for PR its all computers are good for : ) Hows the beast Burt, did you get her running yet. My best option is 2 Nvidia cards with cross fire, so you can double up. they split the work load and run well. Ya Gotta get Win 10 or life will be made hard for you by the Gates foundation, If your OS ever looks at you side ways hit the built in factory reset button, there just like cell phones now. resetting the OS is like a clean install. then only install PR : ) IT COWBOY forever i went to the Gates Foundation once.
  22. Shijia valley bugged

    I say dump the bugged maps, i think we just have 2. and they wont be missed.
  23. Quantum Computer is here

    As it is taking a shit hahah it eats humans on the battle field for more juice. Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energetically_Autonomous_Tactical_Robot Fuel sources[edit] The EATR was programmed to consume certain types of vegetation as biomass to convert into fuel, and only those types of vegetation. EATR could also use other fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, cooking oil, or solar energy. The company also included "chicken fat" as one of its proposed fuel sources in the project overview
  24. Quantum Computer is here

    Yes we move towards the singularity, i want one for my pet can opener, his a dumb ass
  25. Sound, MIC, and GPU problems

    I'm going with dedicated drive, OS settings for PR only. then its easy to workout any bugs, and then its stable for the next up date. lol BOOT PR DRIVE- head bending wire gimp brain lock eek eek hahah. i'm a simple man