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  1. Hovering Insurgents nnaaaaa they are break dancing mixed with porn, using a famous US director, Quentin Tarantino GAGAGAG
  2. I lifted my keyboard off my lap 3 times, just now. And each time, I lifted up in the air, my screen flashed white and made some sort of event sound. ITS a BEEP warning,,,,,, BEEEEEEP right Im sure your keyboard cable is worn out and shorting, they break just at the grommet holding the cable at the keyboard, ya gotta crack it open and fix it or get a new one, 100% sure : ) just wiggle it for lots BEEPS hahahah. Been making my own PCs before the interweb : ) FIX IT, it takes and hour, but makes you stronger : ) Mumble starts and stops working on each update, if it worked before just wait and it will work again, next time you play : ) if you have been tinkering in the config reset defaults : ) mumble is fully AUTO : ) just jams a lot,hahah hope it helps
  3. Old school BF2 maps, cool nothing like corned beef and chewing tobacco, history lessons will help as well , : ) Thanks for the sand pit : ) and hot lead : ) VG rocks
  4. First ask a yank if he can catch, then tell him it's better to tosss  hahahh you got DOC MOON GOOD hahah well dun, : ) 



    1. Sausag3


      Haha XD Brilliant

    2. Sausag3


      Thats gonna be the quote of 2K17 VG and ill put it on my signature XD Good Lad

  5. KEEP FIGHTING weekly gifts : ) xx
  6. DONT YOU DIE ON MEEEE OK !!!!!! : ) xx my dads just killed 2 brian tumers, and my sister had one on her leg, she's ok now as well, i'm sure you will be. : ) im sending you healing vibes like a ray gun. Cancer hates alkaline water and food, eat green shit all the time drink alkaline water. dont listen to Doc qwk telling you you blood will just buffer it , it will buffer it, before it can, the sight ph change will help you, fight it. kill it mann in your mind body, focus on winning and remember its cant be worse than the hut we were stuck in, on our two man squad. your fun to be with Vet, if you try to leave us i will come up the heaven, with carkid " the cherub angel with a big dic@@@K and a hand grenade" and drag you back down here. IF you can get it ask for proton therapy, is kinder and space age shit, as the beam is only a proton wide. more accurate, Compared with standard radiation treatment, proton therapy has several benefits: It may deliver up to 60% less radiation to healthy tissue around the tumor, lowering the risk of damage to these tissues. However, more research is needed on these potential benefits to know for sure. Talk with your doctor about the benefits of proton therapy compared with other advanced external beam radiation therapy methods. These may include image-guided 3-dimensional conformal radiation therapy and intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). ITs the doctors that want to kill us alll, mannn,,,,, don't trust them, use them as a tool : ) patch up that ass and get right back ASAP : ) LOVE YOU xx were all waiting for you xx i give you food from my jungle larder don't cook it ok hahah it's bad octo form. hahah
  7. introductions

    Yep nothing like blowing up a facety, $ 600.000 toaster : ) sorry i was a bit to hard on your mates HAHAHAHAH waking up can be painful....
  8. introductions

    For those who seek perfection there can be no rest on this side of the grave. Afemativ
  9. WOW it's been years and each time i get home to the UK PR is still up and running better than ever, : ) me and my game buddy use to fantasize about a flight boat tank first person shoot em up combo, and our dreams came true, and hacktivists made it free as well........... JOY ITs nice to rub boots with all the folks from all over the world, Sausage can teach, DOC MOON how to toss lolzz and it's all a right laugh. About me I'm not a prince ok ladss hahah that was funny. Im half Italian and half scottish, dont call me brittish or my grandad will role in his grave hahah #true vet gamer elite, wolfenstein, duke nukem 3D, quake, unreal tournament, PR. IF you wonder why i'm a bit OTT it's because i was raised like John Connor, from the movie terminator. and never had a boss. hahaha i shit you not. I'm here fighting robots not men, as one day the robots will come for your kidsss mannnn and you will give them up mannn to the machine mannn. hahah and i will need you allllllll. Thanks for putting up with my shit mike for months : ) change your toothpaste and store food, and magnets. LOVE YOU ALL, xx
  10. HAY FAT well dun straight in and ace to play next to, i won't say play with ,,, as Fat Albert means big cock in the UK hahahahh
  11. HI All : )  tougher rules on the PR maps plz  : )  I have seen too many hunter killer wackos, from non CO OP  servers ,+ troll punks pissig in the kids sand pit LOLZ forgive the language . maybe a MPS  squad as well as tranz, apc. Hater One Actual  can  flip it on and off , he's firm but fair. loves the team work as well . 

    Thanks for all the hard work . JOY :)