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  1. Blowing off steam XD x2 xx
  2. Four pilots is all it takes : )
  3. SHOWING SOOON VAPE NATION TOP GUN 2 STARING Squirrel and Dog hahahaahah
  4. What a night out, like ya wingman, you going fishing hahah 


  5. Super player nice to hear from ya hahah good to have you on the team always : ) for the rest of the players you will need this. hahah Binary Alphabet: The Alphabet Letters in Binary On Convert Binary dot com you can find the letters of the latin ASCII alphabet in their binary code representation. ALPHABET IN BINARY, CAPITAL LETTERS A 01000001 B 01000010 C 01000011 D 01000100 E 01000101 F 01000110 G 01000111 H 01001000 I 01001001 J 01001010 K 01001011 L 01001100 M 01001101 N 01001110 O 01001111 P 01010000 Q 01010001 R 01010010 S 01010011 T 01010100 U 01010101 V 01010110 W 01010111 X 01011000 Y 01011001 Z 01011010 ALPHABET IN BINARY, LOWER CASE a 01100001 b 01100010 c 01100011 d 01100100 e 01100101 f 01100110 g 01100111 h 01101000 i 01101001 j 01101010 k 01101011 l 01101100 m 01101101 n 01101110 o 01101111 p 01110000 q 01110001 r 01110010 s 01110011 t 01110100 u 01110101 v 01110110 w 01110111 x 01111000 y 01111001 z 01111010 01001001 01100110 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110111 01101001 01110011 01101000 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01101000 01100101 01101100 01110000 00100000 01110000 0110 His name is BOB callsign Binary, he is German and lives on the west side, of Germany, his vocation is a cinema projector technician. and hes learning hexadecimal.
  6. Hay cool just also be sure your selecting the 86x version not the 64x thing , as net framework will go bonk. The constant battle with a PC, is a unique and personal crusade, may the force be with you.
  7. Yer its the C++ mumble crash, lots of tech wizard lingo on the post, and i like it but, please remember ,you need to have been exposed to computers in the womb, to chat python xp root folder options. Blizzard. just follow the steps shown at the top of the post by, =VG= Blazer and all will solved : ) I had exactly the same mumble crash/ mumble off and game working symptoms. simplified version 1 open link 2 click the download button 3 select vc_redist.x86.exe 4 run it and your good to go : ) ) love the CHEM gear, i'm waiting for gean mods Custom Cloning Services - High Quality DNA Engineering‎‎ love VG xx
  8. Nice job : ) much better than a kid on youtube : ) at laast were saved, A++ I give you narwhal horn as a gift : ) good for hunt Python lolzz
  9. AND again GMT time : ) we have guy fawkes night here, but i dident workout for him, damp powder. so qweenie still gets some tax. for dog food, biscuits and tea. Enjoy freedom from pomp and ceremony, and silly clothes hahahah but not the IRS LOLZZZZZZZ Vincent James aka crazyyy vet show us your fire works all 4 grand of them vid if ya can : ) booom baby boom tikkel my mo jo : )
  10. Yer me and tight are tight and yes he used to work fixing them for the navy : ) Gonzo Freak brother hahaha it's never having a boss were all like this : ) and it was a "in joke" well a few lolz,,, i will try to be more inclusive, see ya on mars xx hugz
  11. HAY TightAss : ) Good to have you about, your a double plus for the game. nice clean player : ) and i would get straight into any hyperbaric chamber, you have worked on, they can be a bit burnt sometimes hahah : ) this is my fav one, never been cooked, 0 deaths ,and room to piss, no catheter needed, joy, sound system and TV as well : ) hope ya like it. All eyes on Tight ass for a admin slot. : ) hes wired up right and tight. and a rock solid gent.
  12. keep fighting bud, i got ya a magnet to play with take off your belt and fillings, before ya turn it on trust me i know :. . .; light one for me i will give double 13 a blow back and see if he can still play hahah
  13. Hovering Insurgents nnaaaaa they are break dancing mixed with porn, using a famous US director, Quentin Tarantino GAGAGAG
  14. I lifted my keyboard off my lap 3 times, just now. And each time, I lifted up in the air, my screen flashed white and made some sort of event sound. ITS a BEEP warning,,,,,, BEEEEEEP right Im sure your keyboard cable is worn out and shorting, they break just at the grommet holding the cable at the keyboard, ya gotta crack it open and fix it or get a new one, 100% sure : ) just wiggle it for lots BEEPS hahahah. Been making my own PCs before the interweb : ) FIX IT, it takes and hour, but makes you stronger : ) Mumble starts and stops working on each update, if it worked before just wait and it will work again, next time you play : ) if you have been tinkering in the config reset defaults : ) mumble is fully AUTO : ) just jams a lot,hahah hope it helps