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  1. If you guys check the screenshot section of the forum you can see that I posted a image that doesnt load: It was not my intention... I really dont know what is happening but everytime I try to upload this specific screenshot: The website glitches on me and show me this: If I go to the main page of the VG forum everything is fine but as you can see on the screenshot section my image does not load and it gets uploaded twice :/
  2. You mean a politician, a lawyer and a insurance seller?
  3. But I live in Brazil there is not "full" moon, the governement took half of it and the other half got robbed
  4. Is this black magic? Is the guy on the screenshot a wizzard and he is trying to curse me?
  5. Easter Egg?

    This dude either have a really incredible idea or he is trying to show me de wey
  6. Mr. Goodass (?)

    Awwwnn... now he have a friend to spoon hug him :3
  7. Mr. Badass

    That guy DOES NOT give a damn B)
  8. potatoes!!
  9. I took my computer back to the technician and he set my OS to 64 again (for free gladly) and so far PR seems to be running fine... I still need to set my TS again... I am having problem with a missing dll Still PR seems to be running worse as the days goes due to the quality of my aged potato pc
  10. I cant buy more, cuz my mother boards is DDR2 and they dont sell DDR2 RAM cards around here anymore... I think I am just gonna deal with it and wait some months until I get enough money to buy a new entire computer... is better than dealing with this rot potato that I have, it's around 6 years old or more
  11. I noticed that closing Steam, reduced some of the lag but still it dint prevented it from crashing... still looking into it
  12. Where can I find those?
  13. I tried to play again after changing some stuff and I got this:
  14. Wich one you guys think is more like PR?
  15. Did you unlocked the bipod for your kinfe? I have even the laser sight for precise back-stabbing
  16. I have 3GB RAM ;-; and I had to reinstall windows because one day I lost power here and my compooter died, it was saying it could not launch because one of the files from system32 was corrupt or missing
  17. Oh great, now I am having the same problem... is not the same map everytime but usually is the second map that I play on each section. I just formated my pc this week and notice that the genius technician installed windows 7 on 32 bits... and I had 64... Here is the erro report I got when teh game crashed: As you can see there is a lot of information there
  18. Actually I was wrong this whole time... here is the proof that earth is a Geode completly round and perfect with no irregularities whatsoever:
  19. It's missing a sword there, you better find who took it before he fuck up with it
  20. The earth is not flat dude! Get your shit togheter, the Earth is on a ring shape! we live on Halo
  21. 2 spoopy 4 me
  22. GODANGIT! For some reason my computer has changed the time and when I posted the comment above I tough it was day 16 but it was on the same day as the even That explain why I could not understand who a entire day (17) passed without I even noticed (cuz this morning i checked my phone and showed me day 18)
  23. I would love to join your squad
  24. I am avaliable to join a squad, probably a support role or just to fill any spot So count me in Just give me a mighty mosin and a target to shoot
  25. Some time ago I had to stop drinking coffe because I grew some kind of "sickness" ... I used to drink a lot, like, I full ammerican cup per day right in the morning, just like that. So now I easily feel sick (nauseated) when I drink even half cup... so I started drinking tea instead.. fells nice. And please @VODKA Jersans, dont ask me to put Vodka in the poll, k? thx