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  1. One trick that I learned when Windows XP was the best OS is that you can kill the explorer.exe process to remove your entire desktop and save some RAM and if you need it again just create a new task and type "explorer". In case you accidentaly close the task manager you can open it again with CTRL+SHIFT+ESC or the "run" window with WINDOWS+R (the button near CTRL that looks like a flag depending on your keyboard)
  2. Have you guys noticed that when a player is one manning a APC and he jumps on the gunner seats he goes invisible on the map?
  3. Use a Focus Stimpack, they are U$9,99 on the PR Store
  4. It depends... are you interested in some product? Nieve Argentina?
  5. So in my "friend group" we have a specific guy that we all know by his nickname but no one know his real name, his real face (photo) nor how he sounds like... all we know that he is argentinian and we have some kind of "meme" going that he is into drugs because... he's... argentinian... yeah, it's not racist cuz even he aprooves it XD So I made this up in some hours in honor to him. "Why are you sharing that?" you ask? I really dont know... I just wanted to... it took effort to make it and it came out really cool so.. why not share it? The "individual" on the window it's his profile photo... or part of it
  6. Why not bring the old BF2 AI? When a heavy asset get hit by a rocket it pops smoke
  7. In case anybody else also have the same question you just prioritize the "Y" NY-ther (nay-der)
  8. So, at least here where I live we believe that when a new year starts you need to change your life in some way, make a promisse that you gonna accomplish a goal, change your routine... between many things I will do, one of them it's gonna be my nick... 8-bits it's a rather old nickname I have been using, even before I made a account on Steam I have been using that nickname. I liked that nickname because I spent most of my childhood playing old ZSNES games and I still like them, It's a short and cute name because I feel like I am still a child inside and "bits" because I like eletronics and the study of it. But that name has became old and I have grown both physicaly and mentaly... I learned new things, made new friends, discovered new stuff that I like (you can see that in the new nickname) so that's why I want to change my nickname, I have changed it on Steam a while ago as a test run and I see that I like it and so did my friends. So from now on my nickname will be Nyther the Komrade Dog or just Nyther (since PR doesnt allow me to type everything) and I hope you guys will accept that name (I dont rly care if you dont) or at least recognize me... and... that's all.... Have a Good New Year guys, stay awesome
  9. I forgot to mention it too, but my favorite number is indeed 8
  10. @=VG= Blazer I bet you waited your entire life just to use that emoji XD
  11. Wot, I am so confused... what do you mean by "days", "resources" and stuff... are you still talking about PR?
  12. Watch your back, he can be behind you right now.... dont forget to check under your bed, he can be already there.... Coming soon in the nearest PR server from your house:
  13. When I was on school i had a cool geography teacher that whenever he started to cof or sneeze too much he would always say that if he dies he dont want anyone crying over his tombstone... he wants BBQ, Rock'n Roll playing and Vodka for everyone XD
  14. You can have Vodka on summer, winter, dinner, breakfast, weddings, burials.... ANYWHERE!
  15. Wtf? Do you live in Uruguai or something? 4 ping is too much, cant imagine how do you manage to still play :|
  16. i dont even know why I do this...
  17. Thanks man, I tried to look for it before talking about it but I could not find the right one
  18. Reporting a player actually do something: It serves as a proof when you report the player to a admin because he can easily find that player through the logs because the player's name will be taged with the report. Sadly we dont have admins online 24/7 but try to look for one in the TS server or send a PM to any admin online here on the forum Or if you want you can add me and/or other admins on steam (if they also accept it) so you can easily find them, I stay on Steam all day so you will definitely find me there http://steamcommunity.com/id/8_bits/ Thinking about that VG should maybe make a Steam comunity so we can all comunicate with that.. just maybe
  19. *Bot takes a .50 HE shot in the face* "I'm fine, just got a bruise... bleeding a lil bit, it's just a boo hoo"
  20. Using a small piece of bandage to move a entire body
  21. Hmm, they should fix that, it makes easier for players to one man assets and harder for us to discover
  22. It kinda remmembers me of the Tiny Desk Engineer
  23. Pocket Soldier

    The most sneaky one
  24. I was "training" with my friend on a local server