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  1. Newbie

    You could try Red Orchestra/Rising Storm https://store.steampowered.com/app/35450/Red_Orchestra_2_Heroes_of_Stalingrad_with_Rising_Storm/ While most players mostly go lone wolf, team working is definitely a mechanic of the game, wich in my opinion, is the key to wining some matches I have a extra guest pass laying around in my Steam inventory that gives you a temporary copy of the game to test it out but sadly I can only send as a gift on South America... If you live in South America and is willing to give the game a try I can give you the pass
  2. H8CrazyVet67

    I am spechless... He was so full of energy.. his personality was so strong that would irradiate to anyone that was close to him, I'd never imagine that everything would come to this... Rest in Peace good old friend
  3. nuts?

    Would be a great plot twist if Volod was the most calm persong evern in real life, woulnd be?
  4. nuts?

    Hey, dont toucha mah nuts! My home made nuts are very special! >:V
  5. PR school

    I agree with @CptHawk the best way to learn is by practicing, open a local server, play around with the weapons, watch videos on how to use them and test your accuracy in-game. In my opinion, everything a new player needs is dedication to spend some time getting the feel of the thing... Is not that hard to spen 30 minutes with a Granadier kit checking where each round lands according to the distance you set A "PR Schools" seems way too much for something that easy, if this was something more complicated like Arma or other games maybe yes, but PR is trial and error... and learning your mistakes between that
  6. New map

    the next one should be a Brazil one, it's gonna be easy, just get a desert area and put some trashcans everywhere, BOOM! done u.u
  7. Website upgrade - READ ME

    Is it just me or the "Members" page is blank?
  8. Website upgrade - READ ME

    My eyes! They bleed... too.. much.. brightness.. for my me x_x I like the layout thought Are we not gonna have the chat anymore?
  9. Random Poorly Edited Pics

    So... when I am bored, dpressed or insipired to do something I find random images on the internet and edit them and I want people to see them because... they took time to make are funny, I will start posting them all on this same post over time as I make them I have some already made so I will start with those and I will post them on by one with some days as intervals just to keep a constant flow of content I hope you guys enjoy This was my last creation
  10. Random Poorly Edited Pics

    My hero <3
  11. Random Poorly Edited Pics

    Yes, I was thinking about that... I did this for a game called Empires when it was freshly released on Steam (today the game died): The last image is missing some lines on the left because I was atempting to remove the lines to vetorize the drawing but I was doing on the wrong way possible and the game died so the project was discontinued :/ If there's a way to resize images in the text box pls tell me (too lazy to resize each image
  12. Random Poorly Edited Pics

    I was looking at a old backup I did on my old phone years ago and I found this, I know it's not a edited image but... come on, look at that master piece: I drew me shooting a freaking dragon with an AK, tell me that isnt beautifull Should I post the other drawings I found?
  13. Random Poorly Edited Pics

    Hey man, as we say: "there is a taste for everything"
  14. Random Poorly Edited Pics

    I was a lil bit inspired so I did this:
  15. This is America (Map Bug)

    So I notice something poping in and out form the ground near a building... In case "anyone" *wink* want to fix this here's where it happened:
  16. This is America (Map Bug)

    well, I can see it :/
  17. go fund me page for headsets for Hater and Jonathan

    Can I donate Steam Trading Cards?
  18. Should I be proud?

    I just happened to stumble upon this: A 100% brazilian made submachine gun produced by a brazilian and used by brazilian So far that I know Brazil is not great when it comes to producing weapons, it mostly import them and mod them like the STG rifle and the MD97 (FN FAL)* and the components used and the way they were put togheter seems really... cheap? Not bad for a wepond built in a shed by a single guys but still it was used by the military police here :/ *Edit: Aparently after some research there is some weapons made here in the century 21 The IMBEL IA2: A upgrage from the MD97 suposedly to replace the STG The M964A1/PARA FAL... not much info on that else that is made from the M964 wich havo no wiki page :/
  19. Should I be proud?

    What I mean is the Amazon River start inside Brazil and it mostly runs west so as the joke here says, if you gonna pee on it pee on the west side XD
  20. Should I be proud?

    The soldiers on the Amazon Forest fight against illegal coal producers, hunters and clandestine planes trying to cross the borders... also people that grow weed Getting a lil bit of wood is not illegal but deforesting enough land as 24 football fields is a crime. Plus illegal hunters catching endager species to sell to the black market. The Amazon Forest is our biggest treasure, houses one of the biggest river in the world. If Brazil gets in a war with other southern countries like Argentina, Uruguai and etc... we could cut their water supply by just blocking the river If the world gets a shortage of fresh water Brazil is probably gonna be the number one target because of the river :/
  21. Should I be proud?

    That question is better explained with one of the top comments of the video, made by a guy called João Sérgio: Today we have IMBEL making guns for us, modded versions of the FN FAL and the STG, the rest is just imported weaponry: MP5, M416, M3 Shotguns...
  22. Why is this a thing?

    Can someone actually give me a good explanation on how this can be usefull and why this is a thing?
  23. Why is this a thing?

    Thanks for all the info guys, is good to learn everyday
  24. Why is this a thing?

    I changed the size of the task bar, why is that a thing?