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  1. I had that problem long time ago, try removing all your RAM cards clean the contacts with a bit of alchool in a up-down motion, let it dry and then put them back on, make sure they are firmly placed
  2. NICE! Cant wait to see you crash another osprey upside down =D jk, hope to see you again komrade!
  3. Probably coming from the same source of the bug on Iron Ridge? BlueFor being able to take enemy vehicle on their main because they were neutral
  4. I think a accurate representation of Brazil would be this video:
  5. I am still learning, dude XD I dont quite know wich terms to use so I keep talking nonsense most of the time =D
  6. Do you get finish people knocking on your door for a friendly cup of sugar?
  7. ah, I remmember from school the Cold War, dont think I ever learned about the Winter War :/
  8. well you are not wrong... that was on the 90's when life was better on Brazil, before funk, before the first woman president, before the crisis So I guess you right? It depends on the opinion in each state, Brail is country with mixed race so each place have your own culture and way to live ya know? Anyways, sorry for not doing my research before posting, you are right there about me not knowing about other cultures, I still have a lot to learn
  9. This piece of art needs to be the new Russia Athem:
  10. It's a incredible resiliant armor that does not take shit from anyone
  11. Here I got exclusive image of the new brazilian armor, it should start circulating the military posts in a few months Notice how they test the armor on their newest tank model
  12. It became a joke between my friends when I was teaching them hot to play PR...
  13. This one I dont have any good explanation... I like birds... I like Russia... yeah......... '-'
  14. This one is a inside joke, we have a friend called ReQuisTTeN and we say that he is a drug lord since he is argentinian... FYI: the joke was his idea before you start typing a whole essay about Cyber Bullying