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  1. =VG= PR Event

    sounds awesome! Specially the escort one. Wish I could participate
  2. If you use Logitech Wireless Keyboard or Mouse, please read this article !!

    How can just a dongle make you vulnerable to a hack?
  3. Avatar

    I am pretty sure the format of the file matters too. Sometimes I cant upload a certain format but I dont remmember wich one...
  4. America explain!!!!

    Because they ran out of places to store guns inside the house. That or they have one inside each container and/or room for easy access. Because let's be serious, who is gonna wait for someone go grab a gun and kill them?
  5. two users 1 network playing on the server not working

    I did saw people playing on the same network in my time... are you guys using the same account?
  6. In memory of H8CrazyVet67

    I miss him so much :/ He allways sounded happy, I never saw that coming...
  7. Nom nom nom VG background

    Have you tried the konami code?
  8. Napalm

    read somewhere that pressure guns that shoot arrows are considered a toy in germany and it's okay to walk around with one loaded
  9. New PR events ?

    The black knight is me trying my best on Chivalry Warfare
  10. New PR events ?

    Nahh you jokin, I cant get hurt by 1's and 0's, humans can hit with punches, no machine can withstand a good wacking. I say we do melee only event XD show them who's the real boss
  11. New PR events ?

    We go inf only on a large map or pistols only on tad sae. No helis on muttrah, we swim to get to land. Oooor, we do jabal without camping the flipping hill
  12. smoke screen ?

    !w deathdealer smoke XD
  13. Donations

    I would love to help but USD dollars is 4x my currency so I cant rly make a donation of big significance while I dont have a job. Once I get one I promisse to help my brothers out
  14. Game Night

    I tought any time is gaming time .-. I like the idea I just dont know how you are gonna do it, people have different time zones... Anyways, sign me up for this, maybe I have some games that everyone also does that does not set my PC on fire
  15. This is quite a good ammount of kills

    Volod is secretly a KGB soldier working for the president, he disguises himself as a normal person that plays video games