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  1. well, I can see it :/
  2. So I notice something poping in and out form the ground near a building... In case "anyone" *wink* want to fix this here's where it happened:
  3. He had a son called Trumpet Boy
  4. Never saw The Trumpet Boy?
  5. I am sorry but I had to
  6. Can I donate Steam Trading Cards?
  7. What I mean is the Amazon River start inside Brazil and it mostly runs west so as the joke here says, if you gonna pee on it pee on the west side XD
  8. The soldiers on the Amazon Forest fight against illegal coal producers, hunters and clandestine planes trying to cross the borders... also people that grow weed Getting a lil bit of wood is not illegal but deforesting enough land as 24 football fields is a crime. Plus illegal hunters catching endager species to sell to the black market. The Amazon Forest is our biggest treasure, houses one of the biggest river in the world. If Brazil gets in a war with other southern countries like Argentina, Uruguai and etc... we could cut their water supply by just blocking the river If the world gets a shortage of fresh water Brazil is probably gonna be the number one target because of the river :/
  9. That question is better explained with one of the top comments of the video, made by a guy called João Sérgio: Today we have IMBEL making guns for us, modded versions of the FN FAL and the STG, the rest is just imported weaponry: MP5, M416, M3 Shotguns...
  10. I just happened to stumble upon this: A 100% brazilian made submachine gun produced by a brazilian and used by brazilian So far that I know Brazil is not great when it comes to producing weapons, it mostly import them and mod them like the STG rifle and the MD97 (FN FAL)* and the components used and the way they were put togheter seems really... cheap? Not bad for a wepond built in a shed by a single guys but still it was used by the military police here :/ *Edit: Aparently after some research there is some weapons made here in the century 21 The IMBEL IA2: A upgrage from the MD97 suposedly to replace the STG The M964A1/PARA FAL... not much info on that else that is made from the M964 wich havo no wiki page :/
  11. Thanks for all the info guys, is good to learn everyday
  12. I changed the size of the task bar, why is that a thing?
  13. Can someone actually give me a good explanation on how this can be usefull and why this is a thing?
  14. Aye! Another dog back Welcome back to Project Salt Looking foward to see you again friend - 8-bits
  15. I had that problem long time ago, try removing all your RAM cards clean the contacts with a bit of alchool in a up-down motion, let it dry and then put them back on, make sure they are firmly placed