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  1. Have you guys noticed that when a player is one manning a APC and he jumps on the gunner seats he goes invisible on the map?
  2. *Bot takes a .50 HE shot in the face* "I'm fine, just got a bruise... bleeding a lil bit, it's just a boo hoo"
  3. Using a small piece of bandage to move a entire body
  4. Hmm, they should fix that, it makes easier for players to one man assets and harder for us to discover
  5. It kinda remmembers me of the Tiny Desk Engineer
  6. Pocket Soldier

    The most sneaky one
  7. I was "training" with my friend on a local server
  8. New holo sight

    "nice holo sight due that's... wait a second"
  9. Everbody do the flop!

    when the enemies decide to dance
  10. Gr8 View

    Flying under Shrek's nutsack just dont look to the side
  11. LOL, you and my friend Lt.TaticalBhopper took a screenshot at the same time XD
  12. Yeah, medic is a good kit to start with... but try to learn other roles like AT (Anti-Tank), MG (Machinegunner), Breacher... so when you join a squad that already have 2 medics you can fill other roles in your squad. Try to learn how to: deduce distances so you can be accurate with HAT, LAT and Granadier find good spots to lay down for some seconds so you can be efficient on where you "set up shop" with a machinegun be quick and have response times so you can fast and deadly with the Breacher's shotgun or quickly rope overwalls so your squad can aslo be quick And then when you get such an ammount of experience that you feel comfortable using anything try hosting a local server and play around with the vehicles so you can move to the next step, the best one: Armored Warfare Death from above and Transport
  13. Welcome Komrade, sit down grab a bottle of Vodka and relax with us!
  14. If I am not mistaken the second one is the Walther, right?
  15. I personally recon why people like the glock and I agree with them but I prefer M1911, for me its a perfect balance between accuracy and damage (in videogames cuz sadly its not easy to put a hand on a real gun in my country)
  16. I'm sure you just need to dip it in a bucket of Clorox and it's problem solved
  17. Whenever I find this phrase somewhere in the VG comunity: I remmeber this scene:
  18. My friend was about to update his game when he got this error: He already closed and opened the launcher again, re-installed... and nothing, he still get this error Pls ignore the GTA there XD
  19. until

    No way I am missing that, gonna play as medic or fill in any other role
  20. Thx for the info guys
  21. I was checking the server with Gametracker and I saw there was only 1 player playing it and then I saw this:
  22. Okay then