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  1. potatoes!!
  2. I took my computer back to the technician and he set my OS to 64 again (for free gladly) and so far PR seems to be running fine... I still need to set my TS again... I am having problem with a missing dll Still PR seems to be running worse as the days goes due to the quality of my aged potato pc
  3. I cant buy more, cuz my mother boards is DDR2 and they dont sell DDR2 RAM cards around here anymore... I think I am just gonna deal with it and wait some months until I get enough money to buy a new entire computer... is better than dealing with this rot potato that I have, it's around 6 years old or more
  4. I noticed that closing Steam, reduced some of the lag but still it dint prevented it from crashing... still looking into it
  5. Where can I find those?
  6. I tried to play again after changing some stuff and I got this:
  7. Wich one you guys think is more like PR?
  8. Did you unlocked the bipod for your kinfe? I have even the laser sight for precise back-stabbing
  9. I have 3GB RAM ;-; and I had to reinstall windows because one day I lost power here and my compooter died, it was saying it could not launch because one of the files from system32 was corrupt or missing
  10. Oh great, now I am having the same problem... is not the same map everytime but usually is the second map that I play on each section. I just formated my pc this week and notice that the genius technician installed windows 7 on 32 bits... and I had 64... Here is the erro report I got when teh game crashed: As you can see there is a lot of information there
  11. Actually I was wrong this whole time... here is the proof that earth is a Geode completly round and perfect with no irregularities whatsoever:
  12. It's missing a sword there, you better find who took it before he fuck up with it
  13. The earth is not flat dude! Get your shit togheter, the Earth is on a ring shape! we live on Halo
  14. 2 spoopy 4 me
  15. GODANGIT! For some reason my computer has changed the time and when I posted the comment above I tough it was day 16 but it was on the same day as the even That explain why I could not understand who a entire day (17) passed without I even noticed (cuz this morning i checked my phone and showed me day 18)
  16. I would love to join your squad
  17. I am avaliable to join a squad, probably a support role or just to fill any spot So count me in Just give me a mighty mosin and a target to shoot
  18. Some time ago I had to stop drinking coffe because I grew some kind of "sickness" ... I used to drink a lot, like, I full ammerican cup per day right in the morning, just like that. So now I easily feel sick (nauseated) when I drink even half cup... so I started drinking tea instead.. fells nice. And please @VODKA Jersans, dont ask me to put Vodka in the poll, k? thx
  19. Here on Brazil the government banned a website called Mega Films that people used to watch movies on it, around 1 year ago they wanted to ban Netflix too but it dint worked out
  20. Right now I use Adblock Plus, so far it's been working fine, not 100% though... but working enough Thx for the tip
  21. also @=VG= m823us cant watch the video because.... "The video was not permited in your country by the user that made the upload" So... no memes for me ;-; Can you at least tell me what is about?
  22. Cowfewa.... Gween Tee...
  23. @=VG= HaterOneActual I would love to be part of your squad, I'm down with any role (mostly medic or engi)
  24. It's broken for me
  25. I found who was on the gun and he sent me this