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  1. My friend was about to update his game when he got this error: He already closed and opened the launcher again, re-installed... and nothing, he still get this error Pls ignore the GTA there XD
  2. until

    No way I am missing that, gonna play as medic or fill in any other role
  3. Thx for the info guys
  4. Okay then
  5. Why does players have "bot" tags?
  6. And I found another one:
  7. I was checking the server with Gametracker and I saw there was only 1 player playing it and then I saw this:
  8. Hi Lilly, welcome to the VG. You can call me a number (ba dum tss) You do know what is this comunity about right? or did you literally was looking for one thing and found another thing completly different?
  9. Is this the only event that VG will have or are you guys thinking of making this a common thing... like once in a month?
  10. "All flags also have a supply grate..." .-. I love the idea btw Edit: nvm .-.
  11. Down with the treearchy! XD
  12. I love this glitch <3 "no no no, I want this guy right here to heal me"
  13. Medical Opinion "Sir... I am really sorry to tell you... but you have the Dab Syndrome" *dabs*
  14. Why would you need CAS if you can get a BRDM for free? Somehow my squad managed to kill the crew of this BRDM and we took photos as a trophy Too bad you cant use enemy's assets :/