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  1. Weird Mouse stutter issue?

    Hey fellas, it's me, I was going to make a post just to say I'm possibly back but unluckily there are some issues stopping me from enjoying the game. I'm gonna link THIS VIDEO which is old but shows what it basically looks like when I move my mouse. For some reason this doesn't seem to be a problem with my laptop, as when I walk around without moving the mouse the game is smooth and silky and runs at a stable 40 fps. And if I use the mousepad it also works perfectly and the screen moves around well (ignoring my 220 ping, which eventually I'll figure out how to fix). It's not even the mouse itself, as when I open the ESC menu it moves around perfectly. I thought the drawing tablet was messing it up but unplugging it didn't fix anything. I'd love some help, thanks!
  2. Weird Mouse stutter issue?

    Ok, I noticed that while I played the temperature rose a bunch. I don't know how this program works but the big graph called "Temperature" showed said temperature rising as soon as I started playing. The mouse stutter thing was pretty bad at a point, and I couldn't move the mouse. The thing is the rest of the game ran fine. I could still play and I had some fun, the issue didn't really come up much apart from every now and then. I'm really not sure why this happens, and if you say it's the graphics card I have no clue what to do about that.
  3. Weird Mouse stutter issue?

    Got it, I'm downloading OCCT now. I already play on low settings but I'll try turning down the resolution.
  4. Weird Mouse stutter issue?

    Ok so I was playing today and it was working smoothly until I got to an area where my FPS dropped, Muttrah City in the middle of fighting. The mousepad worked fine, I haven't disabled it yet because every now and then I use it still. This just confused me more. I played for a bit, like an hour and then the issue popped up again, Escape menu still works fine, even in the map the cursor moves freely. I'm just confused now? Is it just the lag causing this? If I move it slowly it moves a little better. Don't know what to say about this.
  5. Weird Mouse stutter issue?

    I wrote all these down and I'll try them once I get back home. My mouse isn't wireless, but this happened only now that I had my tablet plugged in. It's gonna be a bummer if I have to restart my PC or do some steps before I can play PR after using the tablet. Thank you everyone, I really hope I can fix this and the ping. I've missed PR.
  6. High Ping problems?

    Yesterday I tried joining VG but was lagging a lot, not stuttering, just skipping around and rubberbanding. I Googled this and the only responses were "Get a better connection, f*g" and "Get a better PC, f*g". is there any way i can fix this?
  7. UPDATE /

    So is the server gonna be up today or are we gonna have to wait until tomorrow? Not in an aggressive pretentious way, in an "I don't know how this shit works and have no experience in programming thus my knowledge on this is based on pure logic and guess" kinda way.
  8. UPDATE / is out, nothing seems to happen after the intro movie but they changed the font? lol
  9. Hello boys, I'm baaack!

    So out of the kindness of her heart, my mom decided to buy me a laptop. Intel Pentium Quad Core Processor, 4 GB ram and HD screen and all the classic stuff. I'm happy to be back. I'm downloading uTorrent now but I have some big tests coming up so I might just be able to get a match tonight. Semper Fi!
  10. Help With PC and PR

    Hello guys! I haven't played in months because my laptop died, my brother poured tea on it because he's stupid. I would run canirunit and see if I can use this old thing to play but PR isn't there, so I'll ask here. I have no idea how to find my specifications, but I can put here the System specs if it can help. I really wanna start playing this again so hopefully someone can help me!
  11. Help With PC and PR

    Well I ran the test and apparently this thing sucks. http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/4354786
  12. Operation "Red Tide" Part IV

    I'd love to participate this time but I'm not sure what I want to do. Is there still space in any squad? I could try APC but I'm not sure, I'm afraid to get us killed and disappoint everyone.
  13. Videos Wanted!

    First of all, I am terribly sorry for the topic spam recently so if anyone feels like bumping down my topic for others, I will gladly take that. Now to the actual subject. I have a horrible laptop that barely supports PR itself, but lately, I have been deep into the video editing scene and especially serious, epic editing. I already tried this on ETS2 but nobody sent me anything, so I will try it here since it will probably fit even better. Clips I'm looking for: 1. Normal (sorta boring) infantry combat (laying in a field shooting and stuff). 2. Exciting infantry AND vehicle combat: - tank/CAS duels, helicopters avoiding AA, - vehicles fighting vehicles (generic as hell, sorry), - infantry fighting a vehicle, - infantry breaching rooms or doing some cool stuff (I'm so basic and generic, heh). I know, I know, I could just use some clips from the trailers and the menu screen, and that's what I'll probably do, but I also wanted something specifically from the VG server because I have a little surprise for the people here that I would like to not announce publicly, at least not for now. Judging from all I've seen, I already have about 1 minute of clips that I could take from the sources mentioned above that I will cover with these music choices: 1. A Sabaton track that I still have to decide. 2. The 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky, in particular, the finale. 3. A Two Steps From Hell track that I still have to decide. 4. Anything else (I accept any other options you may like to share with me). This is an exciting project I would like to start for VG to which I'm extremely grateful. Thank you for reading, Frank over.
  14. Videos Wanted!

    If you can choose a bunch that are really cinematic and cool, could you send/upload them to me/somewhere?
  15. Videos Wanted!

    Don't know if I'm gonna use it for this one but thanks! I'm saving it to the "For future and possibly never happening" YouTube playlist.
  16. Petition for more Vietnam!

    Hueys, M16s, sleeveless shirts, sunglasses and cigarette, and napalm. All things that remind us of the highly 'Merican-ized Vietnam war. Charlie's point is the main Vietnam map used on VG, as far as I know, and whenever that pops up I can see a lot of people being very excited for a change breaking the monotony of the same weapons and vehicles. I was surprised to see a Medevac helicopter on the map I just mentioned, and I loved the CAS Hueys with people screaming "I ain't no fortunate son!" and humming the Ride of the Valkyries while flying. Hopefully, this has not been asked before, but why don't we play more Vietnam maps? Is there an actual problem with the maps, maybe they're not balanced or they're bad and they don't work, or is just because they're not popular? I stand by my idea and would love to see more of them. As far as I know, there are 6 Vietnam maps which I saw on the PR Forums, and they look very cool and interesting! Thank you to anyone that would like to share their idea, opinion or explanation. FrankoIT out.
  17. Videos Wanted!

    I actually have tried recording with OBS but even though the game didn't lag the video did, because for some reason my PC automatically prioritizes games over everything else, making it impossible for me to ALT+Tab out of a game even if it's really light on the laptop. I use Camtasia, believe it or not, as nooby as it may be I find it very versatile and I'm comfortable with it. I made this a while back and I'm quite proud of it apart from some mistakes I hate. About the music, trust me when I say I know. Rag'n'bone Man's studio monetized the song in literally seconds within uploading the video. I'll try recording some clips then, hoping it will work. Thanks a lot, Semler!
  18. Petition for more Vietnam!

    @ZZANG1847 wow damn thanks! I can see what you mean in your explanation and honestly after analyzing how I play I wouldn't last long in Vietnam. I just really enjoy playing Operation Barracuda 'Nam and Charlie's Point as Trans or CAS and I was listening to Fortunate Son so I wanted to play some Vietnam stuff. Thanks again!
  19. Comms Protocol

    New local chat meme.
  20. Petition for more Vietnam!

    @=VG= m823us I'd love to tell you how copy but again, I haven't played that. And honestly the difficulty factor is not because of the bots, seen from a player's perspective, but more because from what I've seen there's not a lot of strong Squad Leaders that can really lead a squad as well as @HaterOneActual or @WCCBadploy can (love you two ) and so it all ends up with stuff like "Meme team" squad being best squad and a guy with "Assbutt" in his name as best player. People don't take this seriously enough, and I agree that you can't be always stone cold, and the joke can come out every once or twice, but a lot of players now are just kinda messing around and as I said in Hater's radio thread, I installed PR for the stuff I saw in documentaries: things like "Enemy 345, fire at will" and all the radio stuff, small unseen jokes like what the English military used to do in the Middle Ages (they taunted the enemy by raising their index and middle finger, because English archers were lethal and the enemies would threaten to cut these two fingers off of them), all the cool tank stuff that the Commander does, like "Gunner turn 60, driver turn chassis 45" and actual realistic sniping. But now it's just laughing 90% of the time and kinda just playing around a lot. That's kind of why I wanted to join the event (I couldn't ). Anyway, thanks for sharing and hell yeah, a Vietnam event! People need to face their fears! I did that when I first wanted to learn to fly. I crashed a lot and went crazy, but now I can. Over and out. EDIT: I was looking around and... http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f380-project-reality-news/109513-pr-bf2-vietnam-beta-addon-released.html What's all this sweet sounding stuff that supposedly is integrated into PR Vietnam?! A1H with Napalm?! I need to see that.
  21. Comms Protocol

    If everyone used this I would be playing this fu**ing thing till I collapsed. This is what I first installed PR for because at the time I had learned the entire NATO alphabet for no real reason. I think we should start enforcing this more. Also, how do I save a thread or something like that? Do I just Ctrl V it on a notepad doc? You're my hero, Hater. Over. EDIT: "Over" has now become a meme. People have been saying "over" in local chat and then laughing their asses off for a couple of rounds since I was talking about it to a squad member. He said "over" in local and I did the same, then someone else did it, then others. Praise the over meme, over.
  22. Operation "Red Tide" Part III

    I completely missed the event because I fell asleep and even if you're still doing it I can't join at the moment. Damn it. Have fun!
  23. Anyone to play with?

    Hello! So, yesterday I tried playing Deployment on the Free Candy Van server and it didn't go great. I was confused all the time, the kits were different, I wasn't sure what to do because the radio was silent 99% of the time in a full "MIC" squad. Is anyone here so nice that they could spend a little of their time teaching me how to play this thing? Thanks!
  24. Operation "Red Tide" Part III

    I'm probably gonna run as Medic as well. Praise the Meds!