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  1. Hi All, Played Your Coop Off & On For Years, I'm Nobody Special Just Love The Game and Most Players, Will Always Respect Others and Expect The Same In Return, Iam Here For The Fun & Good Players. Not a Everyday Player, I Come & Go, Job Requirements. I Know The Difference Between Accidental & Intensional , I'am Forgiving, But Don't Push It and Abuse It. @62Yrs Old, 26Yrs Military & DOD I Never Had A Above Average Of Tolerance For Disrespect & Bullshit, ect . Im Not HardCore Just Old School As Some Might Say. Never Get To Old Wanting To Kill Something, Sempter-Fi Bro's 1973 Hollywood 1stMarDiv FMF Plt 1025 See Ya All In The Kill Box. and Thanks Veterans Gaming Group For Your Hard Efforts and Time Away From Doing Other Things To Support US Admin, Please Remember Me/This When I Might Show Up In The Player Report List Someday, Hard To Please Everyone. Put Me In Coach I'm Ready! Definition of Motivation; A Bunch Of Pissed Off Marines With Amunition Mad Dogs Quote; I Carry a Pocket Knife For Slicing a Apple and You Never Know When You Might Need To Stick It In Someones Neck