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    motorcycles , American civil war reenactor own a cannon, fishing. Smoke blunts with Hater .
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    retired mechanic
  1. Hay I like to chat buddy I miss you bud . hope to see you soon Vincent
  2. HI Everyone . I have some news that I fell I need to share. I was told a few weeks ago that I have a small spot on the prostate. And it was small amounts of radiation will hopefully get it. Sucks I am getting sick and have to jump off in a good game to rest. not cool. I want to appoligze for any hard times in the game. Thanks guys . Vincent
  3. Thanks Sir
  4. I have changed my name so my son could use his profile. Its is H8Crzyvet67 just letting everyone know and let me play with you.
  5. I need help . I need to delete my name and add my new name so I can keep my email address. I am old so not to smart on the computer. Yes I am M823.
  6. Hay I am creating my own account H8Crazyvet67 I cant log on to PR either vinny is working on it for me see you to represent my H8