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  1. Melon's first PR co-op event

    I doubt I'll make this one but it won't be for lack of trying. The prospect of this becoming a regular thing has me really excited so I hope it goes great. Good luck guys, and thanks for giving coop the love it deserves Melon.
  2. Hi there.

    Hello everyone. I've been playing on VG PR coop off and on for I really can't recall the exact number of years, more than five. Under various names because my younger self couldn't be bothered to write down a password. The coop event inspired me to make an account because the coop community on PR is really special to me, I've met lots of great people on that server over the years and watched the community shift, old faces leave and I miss them dearly but new ones come and I still find myself surrounded by familiar personalities. Stand up team players who aren't afraid of hard work. For me that server and this community is what gaming is all about.