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  1. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    This guy has a really nicely explained videos for people curious about airline pilot stuff. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwpHKudUkP5tNgmMdexB3ow I have a question for CNJ: In your experience, what was the hardest airport to approach and land at, and why?
  2. Trying to sneak up on a bot vehicle in a nutshell

    Curb your terrorism.
  3. Are bots too easy?

    I seems for a couple of months now, the bots are on a significantly lower difficulty. We find ourselves easily completing maps, which I remember were much harder, even with more people. Spawning seems to be much lower in flags that are being currently taken. It used to be the case that Sbeneh Std or Khamisiyah, it would be very difficult to take South city or Chemical, because of bots constantly spawning. Charlie on Sbeneh used to be impossible. Now I managed to complete these maps with 20 people. It doesn't even seem like bots spawn in the base, because sometimes the tank column never comes. Muttrah Lrg used to be very difficult with less than 20 people, because enemy would Blitzkrieg all the way to North City. Now we can finish Muttrah with 10 people, because we cap West City before enemies even get there. Jets used to drop bombs, now they only use cannon and sometimes rockets. TOWs and AA mounts would shoot very quickly and accurately. Bots still seem quite accurate with small arms fire, especially in forest maps, and RPG are still quite prevalent. While this is fine for late nights and mornings with low population, we now really struggle to find any challenging maps. Unless we play Vietnam 24/7. Even that isn't guaranteed. I remember playing Barracuda ALT for 3 hours 1 round to get through Swamp and Supplies. Now I can't remember last time it took us more than 1 hour to complete this layer.
  4. Are bots too easy?

    Spartanish is right. The spawn patterns have changed few months ago. It used to be the case that bots would spawn on the flags you are currently taking. Now they barely do.
  5. Are bots too easy?

  6. Potential crashing issue on Jabal Al Burj - Alt.

    No issue with the map this morning.
  7. Where is Volod41

    Cats are so versatile, even for snipers..
  8. Kit-Stealing allowed?

    Seems like a lot of these rules can be boiled down to 1: "don't be a dick".
  9. We're Back!!

    "Shocking news: F35 lands on Queen Elizabeth, crushing the old lady. The nation is in mourning."
  10. WSAD Versus TGFH Key binds

    Eeeww.. I bet you're the kind of person who also hangs the toilet paper roll the wrong way around!
  11. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    We need to make everything shovelable again? Let's put it to hard mode! I have also seen something happen to the bots difficulty. We now steamroll through most maps that used to give us a hard time.
  12. I think we need to buy one of those for Volod...

    "Cover me, reloading!"
  13. Crysis 1 and BF3

    Double working on Crysis PR mod:
  14. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Outpost still crashes, albeit later in the game. As Double said, no mumble on that map. You can build FOBs without crates. You can build razor wire without shoveling. I heard Ranger say there are no kit restrictions?
  15. So many changes...

    Meanwhile, at OneActual household:
  16. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    The most annoying ones are emplacements. You can build them with a single (or zero?) small crate. But none of them are usable with any kit. Outpost map is broken.
  17. Microphone Upgrade

    For what purpose are you buying those microphones? If it's gaming, then a headset with a microphone would obviously be superior. If you are a vlogger or a radio personality, I'm not sure there are many people here qualified to answer.
  18. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    You are right that situation when blue main gets capped by bots is not ideal. If the ticket bleed was quick, then at least the map would be over very soon. Problem is we lose the map so rarely, that we don't always know which maps have this behaviour. Also, if only we had an R-CON person nearby that would fix those issues.
  19. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    We should not have excluded all those maps. The ones I underlined are perfectly fine to play on smaller populations. In fact, we've been having a lot of fun and good squad cooperation on INF maps, when it's harder and not just shooting fish in a barrel with assets. I think it's pretty tedious when we have rounds that finish in 15 minutes. The criteria for starter maps was not that they would be easy, but that they would be finish-able without !runnext.
  20. =VG=

  21. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    INF - 16 ALT - 32 STD - 64 LRG - 128
  22. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    Can unblock these maps: mapList.append muttrah_city_2 gpm_coop 128mapList.append kashan_desert gpm_coop 128mapList.append karbala gpm_coop 16 I only added them as an example. We managed to do Sbeneh INF with 16 people online, though it took a while. Khami INF and Pavlovsk INF can probably be taken out of starter maps though. One doesn't bleed, and the other is very difficult. This is a first draft, so we will probably need to do some adjustments as we go along. As to crashing - I think it's likely due to random maps, because we are now more likely to play maps that are perhaps less stable. Good to keep an eye out for suspected bad maps.
  23. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    Does it bleed tickets?
  24. Change PC!

    It has been scientifically proven that drowning your CPU in coffee increases it's performance.
  25. Change PC!

    Sounds good. Learn from Jersans and have it professionally built.