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  1. It's Beirut ALT not STD. In apartments there are a number of spawn points outside of the navmesh IIRC. So called "deadspawns". Bots there die immediately but they still count to the cap zone. Same with Shijia INF.
  2. Mineral just sent PM to SAs about small hotfix
  3. Bump. New update is out. 1.5.3. Can we get the server updated?
  4. The dev team uses SVN?
  5. Polska is ready to battle!
  6. I'm hopeless at being a Grenadier. :|
  7. It's my grandfather.
  8. It's only the hottest desert during the day.
  9. Fascinating.
  10. A Windows Service that swaps out maplist files depending on a schedule is simple enough to do. Maplist files are not locked by the PR process.
  11. Couch potato
  12. Night admin? You mean Batman?
  13. Reminds me of Linux file utility "touch" from Uni: touch: cannot touch ‘children’: Permission denied