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  1. Hi I said before that I would try to help diagnose why the server is crashing on map changes and to be more scientific about it. I wrote a little utility that monitors the PR server as if it was a public game client and reports information such as date, map name, map size and player count. You can find a VS solution in the attached zip, along with a built executable. It requires .NET framework 4.0 and has predefined IP / port for VG PR server. It will log information into prpinger.log file in executable's working directory in CSV format that can be imported into Excel to do analysis / draw charts. It should also help you identify player count over the day and which maps kill server populations. Best regards, Xena PRPinger.zip
  2. Is there a way to introduce a time limit before spawning in like in deployment to prevent dummies (*cough* Blazer) spawning in early?
  3. Great changes. We continuously need more challenge to keep an old game like this interesting. As to problem with hard maps on low server population, it can probably be solved by setting a better map rotation for euro night time.
  4. Can I join mr H8er1Actual's squad? I mentioned this to him in game but I don't know anything yet!
  5. Can I join too?