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  1. It's only the hottest desert during the day.
  2. Fascinating.
  3. A Windows Service that swaps out maplist files depending on a schedule is simple enough to do. Maplist files are not locked by the PR process.
  4. Couch potato
  5. Night admin? You mean Batman?
  6. Reminds me of Linux file utility "touch" from Uni: touch: cannot touch ‘children’: Permission denied
  7. Sorry Badploy but you look like Ainsley Harriot!
  8. 10/10 would bang. But which one..... ?
  9. Seville, Spain!
  10. Pls don't ban him. He's innocent.
  11. What do you mean there's no way to change current map? Are you able to add your own python scripts to PR or is it not allowed? Otherwise this is trivial. If you can't, you can still write an exe or batch or PowerShell script that will call commands in RCON like admin.runnext. If you don't have RCON enabled for at least localhost, then I don't know why you would not.
  12. If you go over 20 metres alt in Muttrah you do it wrong.
  13. It's always good to have some one in the squad who is second in command. SL gives orders, formulates plans, gives out kits and communicates with other squads. 2nd CO should make sure orders are followed (or repeated in comms), asks if everyone still has ammo / medic, keeps track of squad vehicles and soldier spacing. They are indispensible.
  14. Fallujah, Saareema, Vadso City, Shijia Valley are usually laggy as hell.