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  1. Summer's always empty. People would rather go outside and play the real Project Reality. Very good graphics, but shit gameplay.
  2. I love Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. Much better than 7. You people just have weird issues like my grandma.
  3. Who still has a DVD drive in 2018?
  4. It's good your country is an island. It contains the crazy fuckers. But some have learned how to fly.
  5. Cool. Now I know who to bother.
  6. New update is out
  7. So.. they prevent people from getting wood? ...Sorry I couldn't stop myself.
  8. This SMG looks so simplistic and old, it could be mistaken for a can-opener.
  9. I can think of better ways to unload myself. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. Little reason to have more than 8 GB of high-frequency memory. No reason to have more than 16 GB. It is the reason why modern motherboards rarely come with more than 2 memory slots, especially for DDR4.
  11. Not confident in putting together your own PC or shopping for compatible components? Leave it to professionals. Visit one of the PC builders sites for your country. They usually have range of budget options with all components compatible with each other, and usually charge $100-$150 for assembly and shipping. I built 2 PCs in my life, but I started by getting a professionally built rig.
  12. Brace yourself for a flood of random useless advice. 8 years PC? Forget it. Get a new one.
  13. Jonathan on his last day at work: So long guys!
  14. Yay I made the last one