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  1. There have been two issues I noticed while playing PR today. It seems the bug with flags becoming uncappable is a thing again. It happened on Beirut ALT and we got stuck on Appartments flag. Despite having nearly 30 people in capzone, progress didn't even flinch. Seems like this is a problem again just like when Goose Green was introduced. Apart from that, while playing on Fallujah we were unable to deploy FOB anywhere. Wasn't possible directly on or close to enemy flag, , nearby to our base or even in middle of nowhere. I have no idea if those are seperate unique cases or if it is happening more often, on different maps,
  2. Didn't UK retired all harriers by now? Supposedly this event is taking place in current times.
  3. Even then certain doors won't budge thanks to soviet engineering (aka PR physics). Great work as always Inch!
  4. Maby it's for the best that if we can't take Point Lookout in 20 minutes we should just call it a day on Charlies. Not sure if it was a coincidence but a lot of people were often saying that game was lagging on Sbeneh Std. And regarding the tickets, Jabal Std always ends before we capture all flags. Seems like there is not enough tickets on bot side to keep fighting.
  5. Indeed. Game crash while map is either almost or already loaded.
  6. I cannot attend this one as well. Little chance that I might show up while it's already going.
  7. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend this one on 17th, sudden private matters. Sorry guys.
  8. Rifleman in Bravo for me please.
  9. Isn't it just about warriors on saaremaa though? I trully wouldn't put VABs in the same league as warriors considering theirs serious lack of firepower. I would rather see them as assets for full inf SQs. Nevertheless, I am completely fine with operating APC as well.
  10. I would also like to join tank squad if those are gonna be two-manned.
  11. All depends on map and number of cooperative players. Problem is that there are times that from like 5-20 people online barely anyone may be interested in actual shoveling. This leads to no FOB and no respawn for those newb... not experienced players (Muttrah, Jabbal, Beirut may serve as map examples). It is true that FOB and razor wire spam in the rounds with over 30 players (and at least several 'PROs') can be found anoying and boring but those restrictions are gonna make the earlier-later rounds with less players much harder or even impossible to proceed for weaker players .
  12. Those maps bring good memories. Gonna join as T-62 gunner on all (if it is too greedy I can give up Taraba Quarry).
  13. True for first three. 4. Muttrah crashed as well after but it is true that initial assault was a disaster for 1-2 squads due to enemy's armor and CAS presence in Docks. Hater sq though had established one FOB north from the Docks and there was some progress untill the crash happened. Not sure if intended but it was quite a challenge to tell apart friendly from foes (almost the same camo and weapons). 5-6. Both Khami and Barracuda were played with roughly 20 players at best so event was almost done by then, probably because of both crashes (mostly Muttrah one). -Khami was almost a success but we failed to secure last 1-2 flags and we lost to the bots. -While at Khami lack of manpower was problematic, at Barra it pretty much finished the event. Even with full 4 SQs and CAS support it wouldn't be a walk through the park. With 16 players who were still playing it proved to be impossible. Neverless, event was fun while it lasted. It seems like ticket problem was successfully solved and only major issue were those server crashes.
  14. Seems like I completely forgot about inf. If possible, I would like to join haters leftover sq. Also if there won't be any volunteers I can go with Warriors on Bamyan.
  15. That's gonna be fun. I would like to be in Tank #2 as gunner on Beirut.