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  1. Pretty much that. Even if you fix one part, you never know how quickly another can crack as well. In the end getting a new one should be much more safer.
  2. STD also had the same issue on Western Apartments flag, as mentioned by Binkle. Problem might still show up from time to time under certain cirumstances.
  3. Regarding STD, it was happening in case when after initial capping bots managed to cap it back to full red. Afterwards team was unable to even start capping it again, just like if capping was disabled.
  4. Sahel is crashing player's game upon loading up. Would advise to remove it untill fix arrives.
  5. Tried Karbala offline, seemed to be working normal. Though it seems we lost Iron Ridge for time being, no coop version yet.
  6. Excuse me but are we even needed now? 5-6 vodka squad is OP enough. Balance it plox.
  7. OF HAPPENINGS Polish kurwa memes incoming, with potential new polish players. One can hope at least...
  8. Congratulations @=VG= keed ! Regarding mission itself, any additional info about enemy's garrison on the island? Are we gonna have any chance pulling that out without making noise? Regardless, I am up for it!
  9. Not at all. It was you who after single sentence acted like a bull seing red (know this is myth but still is relevant). Was not by any means trying to 'offend' anyone here. And let's cease it now cause as I mentioned before we're going way too much off-topic. If you want to continue this discussion, we can do it privately instead of starting yet another drama here.
  10. So yea, they should push first. Pretty much countless videos from Syria showing tanks getting destroyed proves indeed how excellent weapon they are when moved to direct combat on <200m distance. So silly of me to think that instead they should keep distance and make sure that terrain is clear of enemies so INF can push into city/buildings without getting rekt, and after that keep following and covering main streets. Nah, better push right into flag, between 7 spawn points and expect INF to cover most of them. And regarding no offence Ranger, maby that's one of the reasons why arabs lost every war with Israel despite having such numerical advantage every single time. But now back to topic since I went too much off it. It occurs to me Double that either you are extremely (un)lucky to have such situations happening often or you are trully overestimating this problem. I might not be playing as much as I used to but I am almost never a witness to such situations you mention apart from CAS deep strikes on Kashan, Khami or Muttrah. Hill camping does occur on Bamyan but face it, last four flags there are like 100m from eath other? On certain parts of Gas Station there you can see vehicles just leaving main. By forcing them out off hills you're gonna reduce problem a bit but by no means resolve it. Also most players there don't engage targets in main to begin with. And back to Ragnarok topic. For you maby prolonged, intense round is more fun. Some others though might found them anoying and only have fun when things go fast and smoothly. Tried once Battle of la Drang with 40 people. Did they found it fun and challenging? Nope, they were only frustrated and tired of it after 40 min. I trully believe that instead of making overplayed maps harder, there should be bigger emphasis on checking and changing next maps on harder maps which are underused due to their difficulty on low-med pop and lack of recognition among admins/players. Like for example at this moment there is Burning Sands being played with 35 players, 5 of them being admins. Kinda overkill but well, seems no one thought on time to switch for something more challenging. Not gonna pretend that I would do better since I rather prefer to leave it for others but it further proves that admins should give bigger considiration towards this particular matter.
  11. And drama of camping heavy assets continues, despite the fact that we have those on like 20-25% of layouts? Which leaves another 70% of maps without it on which we could play more often with 30tish-40 player server. Too bad then that we have to play Khami STD for example, cause somebody wanted to play with CAS and nuke everything trying to get to the bridge. How about to rather prioritize making sure we are playing already existing harder maps, instead of making the one with full loads of assets more "challenging". And this farce regarding 'baserape'. Quite a shame that out of all your examples, only in like Beirut, Bamyan and Bijar the heavy lands assets might actually shooting 'past' second flag (and such thing happens on bijar only when admins/Tank sq leader forgets to force all those skipping city for caves from doing so). Not gonna comment CAS (Beirut Havoc most OP as always) since their operation limit seems to be never fully designated. Some says it's also two flags, other says it's first enemy flag (Saarema Cobra push to Kuuresare) and for the rest everything apart from main base (Kashan/Khami CAS rush for vehicles leaving base). You said it yourself, "Project Reality". Well what a surprise, heavy armor assets are actually 'camping' in real life instead of pushing like crazy into cities or forests which are killzones for them. You want to force them from doing so, which leaves with only one alternative, pushing forward and getting quickly damaged/destroyed. Unless somebody provides full time logi support, which as we know is as rare as certain Dutchman not being bored. There are some players who are doing that but even they prefer to play with something else on big maps since well, logi gameplay is more or less boring. You said you got bored of camping on hills, well I for example got bored of logi gameplay on desert maps.
  12. Already can see the mess regarding who will be allowed to use those assets and who won't be. Neverless I am in favour. We could at least spare one day to check if such idea can work and if it does it could be implemented further.
  13. Yea, with 20 people. When I meant situations with 1-6, out of which only half respond to mumble calls. Kashan ALT was perfect solution for such situations when for few hours there are such little amount of players. It is pretty much the only map which provides that in such circumstances. Altering that seems pointless and unnecessary to me. Unless remaining tanks are gonna be manned by completely reckless players, they're still gonna dominate map anyway. Remove tanks in total? You're gonna have TOWs 'camping' on hills. And as I mentioned before, there are two differents kashan layouts and all of khamisiyah which could be adjust for more balanced combined arms gameplay.
  14. Totally against this particular decision. In my eyes Kashan ALT should stay as it was. Perfect layout for 1-6 players and we have both STD and LRG for rounds with bigger amount of players. Apart from that, I am looking forward to all those changes.
  15. project reality

    So 'two' years later, how is it in the end? Do we still view BRDM-2 as APC, despite the fact that both in reality and in PR it is considered as Armoured Car? Chinese VN3 despite being pretty much the same vehicle apart from it's looks, is never considered as APC while it also has light cannon and requires kits to operate. Also regarding MECH INF asset. Is that squad allowed to take one-manned APC and if yes, can APC sq leader deny them access to it? It seems to be still not fully clarified matter.