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  1. PR its evolving... into WW2

    Your supposed doubts toward maps? Isn't it obvious?
  2. PR its evolving... into WW2

    No eastern maps? No soviet faction? 2/10, literally unplayable. Jokes aside though, I am interested, mainly because I much more prefer WW-2, Korean settings (PR Korea War when?) over more modern ones. Probably due to lack of fancy modern gadgets. Let's make then WW2 Muttrah, with Germans in the docks having severals MGs and PAKs aiming at ours incoming LCAs. Mhmm, now when I think about it, would it be possible to make a match between modern faction and ww2 faction, after PR:WW2 eventual release? Could be used for some sci fi event.
  3. See TEDF in action

    Isn't video showing the opposite with Sydney being most excellent and sometimes TEDF as his chauffeur?
  4. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    Tank is always good, apart from poor Vietnam Patton.
  5. Random PR screenshots

    You sure it wasn't a "Panzas"?
  6. question

    "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts abolutely" - John Dalberg-Acton
  7. PR Updates -

    (Un)fortunately, it still happens. At least it does on one manned AAVP on Muttrah.
  8. Cant connect or retrieve account

    Had same issue right before the event. Retrieving account was also blocked by this error. Was planning to reinstall whole game but decided to restart PC first. With that problem disappeared.
  9. Should I be proud?

    But it never runs west... It flows directly east into Atlantic. Also it starts in Peru.
  10. Should I be proud?

    But Amazon is not even going through any of those countries, none at all actually.. Maby you got it confused with Parana river. But even then, you would never be able to cut it off, due to too many tributaries of Parana, many of which are not even in Brazil. It is nowhere close to situation of such rivers like Nile, where Ethiopia actually posseses 80% of river's water sources and of which Egypt is completely dependent on.
  11. PR Updates -

    So thermovision was finally introduced for regular INF. Such a shame it's just a bug.
  12. COOP Campaign Battle VI

    Or six-minute war, if bots will again just drive in and capture a flag in seconds.
  13. Need help, PC died.

    Well I be damned, first time I hear about new PCs being 'broken'. Bad matching also sounds like pretty big exaggeration. Sure, many sets often weaker/worse components in comparison to the rest but rarely they are hardware breaking. No idea how you came with 'my theory'. Only thing I meant is that there might be more than one thing which require replacement. Most importantly, I forgot that Jers does not care about newer gaming titles, which means he does not need to upgrade everything to meet requirements to run them. Nope, and yes I am gonna tell that it is from my personal experience and from people I met in school, university and work. Not reliable for you? Well too bad, I don't care : ) Still, would be nice to see the source of these "broken modern PCs". Might be even interesting. And back to main topic. Only tip I give is pretty much the same what Xenalite already gave. There are professionals for a reason. Sure he can learn how to do it himself. Too bad it costs both time and effort. And if you **** it up, it's on you only. As ranger said, life is short as it is. It's not worth it to overcomplicate it.
  14. Need help, PC died.

    Because?... Unless you buy used one or one from unreliable sources, your new PC should be working perfectly fine for several years. With 8 year old equipment, everything might by already on it's last legs. Only nonsense here is trying to deny that.
  15. Need help, PC died.

    Pretty much that. Even if you fix one part, you never know how quickly another can crack as well. In the end getting a new one should be much more safer.