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    Games,bicycle and modifications,müsic and teamwork.
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    Security Guard ***

About Me

Hello everyone my nickname RESCUE. İm 25 years old. İm playing 5 years battlefield series. And 5 years playing Project Reality.

İ love this game and teamwork. My first time playing coop server VETERANS GAMING. This server have very cool players and admins.

My first squadleader in VG COOP Vodka Jersans. İ m learning logi work with Jersans. İ love trucks,logi convoy and helping all squads.

My first rules SERVICE BEFORE SELF.İ love this job in game and maybe i am best logi job.

İ know trucks slow,passing enemies dangerous locations,rpgs,tanks,apcs but this job too funy.

I.L.C.S İnternational Logistic Command Services my department name.

Apply the commander i have all specs search best and safe foward outpost locations and build,drop supplies for teams,repairing vehicles,delete old foward outpost and folllowing map route and teams and created again.This job not easy.Bots too smart.

Other Services : V.I.P. Guard / Vehicle Combats / Ultimate Medic in Squad / Search and Destroyed.


Special thanks VETERANS GAMING .We are family.