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  1. how are you grand master badploy?

  2. congrats bro! welcome

  3. Welcome back
  4. Jersans, you are a nice person! I'm glad you are here with us. See ya around m8
  5. + powerful CPU + powerful graphic card + exellent motherboard + very good periphery - not enough RAM - no water cooling (less noise)
  6. a bisl ts?

    1. =VG= Fastjack
    2. =VG= Speirs

      =VG= Speirs

      so jetztetle .. musste terasse fix putzen^^


  7. picture cut off, soldiers without heads as u can see. any ideas how to fix it? using google chrome as browser. ive got a 23.5 inch eizo monitor 240Hz
  8. Grüezi Fastjack, can u unlock the files for me? For some reason i can't download
  9. Fellas, For all who forgotten the poll or did not seen: Here again the official greeting to our newest member =VG= BrakeGamer Welcome aboard bro!