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  1. The server is up and running normally again. Carry on. = D
  2. If you run into an issue when running the C++ installer that says you already have a newer version of C++ installed, you technically need to only uninstall the x86 version of C++ update shown in the following screenshot. I removed both the updates on Vincents computer and was able to run the installer afterward.
  3. Helllo Everyone, I observed TightAssPants introducing himself yesterday so I thought I would take the time to do the same after playing on this server for a few months now. I was attracted to this group/server because I use to play on a BF2 coop server known as PureBrutality years ago and enjoyed playing with a quality group of guys along with the cooperative gameplay. I am from Pittsburgh Pennslyvania and I work in hardware & software support so if VG needs any help, I would be glad to offer my knowledge or hands on support. That goes for anyone wanting a little help tweaking their computers to handle this splendidly optimized game as well. I am looking forwarding to playing in the Red Tide event this weekend!
  4. The IP is: and the default port is: 16567
  5. Have you checked event viewer in Windows to see the reason for the crash?