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  1. When I joined this evening it was a free for all for general rule violations and tking. I think the biggest problem was there were a bunch of new people/names I didn't recognize on the server causing the mayhem. A side note. A police chief I know lives in a tourist hotspot and tells me that people act like there are no rules when they come to vacation in their town for the first few weeks of summer. They are too busy kicking back and letting loose to care. I think the same phenomenon is happening in the game at this moment because of the holiday. Peace brothers.
  2. I know you guys are mostly joking, but I just wanted to add my two cents for perspective. I have been playing BF2 lately and didn't 't realize how un-realistic it had been until I had PR to compare it against. For instance, medic, engineer, etc can drive an APC and can heal people/repair a vehicle just because they are in a vehicle next to the vehicle needing repairs. PR has certainly come a long way in changing that in the parameters is has available to it.
  3. Count me in!
  4. The server is up and running normally again. Carry on. = D
  5. If you run into an issue when running the C++ installer that says you already have a newer version of C++ installed, you technically need to only uninstall the x86 version of C++ update shown in the following screenshot. I removed both the updates on Vincents computer and was able to run the installer afterward.
  6. Helllo Everyone, I observed TightAssPants introducing himself yesterday so I thought I would take the time to do the same after playing on this server for a few months now. I was attracted to this group/server because I use to play on a BF2 coop server known as PureBrutality years ago and enjoyed playing with a quality group of guys along with the cooperative gameplay. I am from Pittsburgh Pennslyvania and I work in hardware & software support so if VG needs any help, I would be glad to offer my knowledge or hands on support. That goes for anyone wanting a little help tweaking their computers to handle this splendidly optimized game as well. I am looking forwarding to playing in the Red Tide event this weekend!
  7. The IP is: and the default port is: 16567
  8. Have you checked event viewer in Windows to see the reason for the crash?