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  1. So many changes...

    We are still here, waiting for you- ( even Mr. GRNANDGLD was worried about your conditions IRL ) Hope for good recovery and get well soon- - Inch
  2. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    We just crashed when playing Kozelsk STD few mins ago (causes: unknown, probably the server itself), and afterwards the server was gone from the Browser (cannot connect with IP) and few mins later, it backs up with Asad Khal ALT, played it for few mins and the update came out-
  3. Making a faction (Wannabe)

    Oh well, trying to revive this post. Just a small effort on some design plan, updated and cleaned for a bit ( no updates on statics, models etc. yet, sorry ) I've currently been busy for these couple of days, preparing for campus... so, currently not able to do some modelling around atm... - Inch
  4. I've finished myself, a SMG receiver-! More works to come, stay tuned- *A self-made project for making a faction (starts from weapons to heavy assets! ) By the way, this is just a rough-made receiver of Pindad PM2-V1 sub-machine gun (i haven't cleaned up and fixing the details yet) Polygon-Wireframe Wireframe view First-person view wannabe To-do lists: - Skeleton-Folding Stock - Tactical Upper-Rail attachment (w/h Bolt-in Iron Sights) - Trigger Group - Barrels (Breech, Chamber etc.) - Inch
  5. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    Don't think it's a wise decision though (but i'm absolutely agree with putting it on Standard map rotation), personally i haven't seen any problems with it (except with the server crash caused by here below, that i'm about to mention). It is also one of the favourites for some players in-game when they we're looking for rush/fun plays. It's kinda bad for low pop (especially the STD, ALT is fine sometimes though) And most of the layouts are fine, only how the people notice the warns about 'how not to make the server crash' (usually i'm myself taught and always telling them in !s command in-early game) Here's the only thing that i knew so far: - @ INF layout, is just fine, only the difficulties of working together against enemy Infantry which is also hard when in low-pop ( how to win: bleed their tickets till the ends / 0 ). But sometimes these new people also easy to get bored/not giving the best effort at least for a round and wanted the admins just to change the maps/runnext. - @ ALT layout, there's a possibility that the server crash by the Bots using the CAS Chopper (in here is Hind/Havoc) while flying (i assume it were flew off the map/crash the chopper somewhere). Also, in gameplay since it is at dark-time and uses OPFOR faction, is also a hard game when it's on low pop, just in matter of time to work together as possible. This layout includes 1 Tank (T-62) and 2 IFV's (BMP-1) which makes the game a bit easier then you thought (if the INF doing well on their jobs ofc) - @ STD layout, latest thing known is flying a Trans chopper (Mil Mi-17 Hip-H) off the map to the south side from main base (MEC Deployment Area) will crash the server. It's also best to mention that this also bad map for low pop, even though there's a lot of assets to use (mostly medium-heavy ground assets like, BTR-60, BMP-2M, Shilka etc.). Again, this needs a work and cooperation with all infantry, armored and trans squad in order to win or else it's going to be long ass game.. This is a good map, in hands of players with knowledge Been out from the game for awhile, - Inch
  6. Making a faction (Wannabe)

    Yee- it came just right now! Short Update screenshots: - Added Tactical Upper-Rails and Bolt-in Iron Sights (still rough on details) - Added Barrel/Chamber on the front side (still rough on details) - Added Magazine (also rough on details, but it's a bonus ) - Skeleton-Folding Stock still unfinished (marked/coloured by Olive Green in pics, showing the progress) ***Here they are: *Model w/h Material on *Model w/h Material & Wireframe on *Model w/h Wireframe only *Model on First-Person mode (wannabe) : Any suggestions always helps-! Stay tuned~ - Inch
  7. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    This is seem to be real, i didn't see this coming so soon. Well done to the contributor (Xenalite), can't wait to see how it really works in-game. - Inch
  8. Making a faction (Wannabe)

    I was thinking the same about this, that was my first thought of making a map (AAS and COOP at least) and looks for someone who's working with this kind of stuff.. (coding, python etc.) your name, TEDF and Melon just came up at mind (some PR Devs too, if they able to help/giving suggestions like Outlawz, Arab etc.) I had like 3-4 ideas now, for making the map, but will do focus working at least 2 of them (after done with the main stuff/faction) Most of the names are myself created, the two first name on maps are Operation Lotus and Natuna (islands). Details can wait, not the time yet though-
  9. Making a faction (Wannabe)

    Yes, this is 3DS Max 9 (apparently 2009), but i haven't installed BF2 Modding tools yet And as the title said, this is also not yet an official project for PR (just 'wannabes', because i'm not announcing it running in PR forums, you need a team for working on those or the devs just ignore it) Yes, this is 9mm x 19mm Parabellum as seen here Some small motivations like this helps - Inch
  10. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    I'm getting out from the town atm, it's an interesting event, but sadly not be able to participate for now. Wishing good luck and enjoy the event - Inch
  11. H8CrazyVet67

    Shocked hearing this news... He was a great man indeed, never known to meet each other in real-life, separated. One of my close friends in VG, especially on PR. Can't believe he passed away.. called out by the Almighty, speechless and got a heavy feeling that i have to say goodbye... definitely going to miss him. My condolences to the family and relatives for their loss... his jokes, a team-player in-game, fun/hilarious times, hanging around on TS and also one of our fellow admins. H8CrazyVet (Vincent) is always be the best person out there to be exist. A good person and a friend when you need the most. My friend.. thank you.. for these moments you've made.. and rest in peace.. crumpet guy-! I'll see you out there - Inch PS: I never ate a crumpet in my life until now. If i found one, it's a tribute for him personally.
  12. PR school

    Well, i wonder what Test_Airfield and Test_Bootcamp are exist for... Are these not necessary for 'testing' things or even training (alone locally) in PR? - Inch
  13. Spartanish congrats!

    It's the Titans Battle, can't wait for these guys clashing over coop together Congrats as always, Spartanish-! - Inch
  14. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    So, that explains why Beirut LRG isn't working anymore (literally with buggy changes)... Yesterday, i was playing it with couple of guys in there, the LRG one still works (somehow), but by the looks of it.. the layout IS NOT in actual LRG one (and it is the ALT one being reversed, playing in IDF side instead of RU, the assets are mixed from new Beirut layouts since this new update) How mindblowing.. and it also hasn't removed from the maplist rotation. Should we remove it for good? I'm going to miss the Beirut COOP128 for sure, old times... - Inch *PS: After knowing this, looks like i can't be online at some point, PERF BETA is now permanent and can't be turned off, seems now it's killing my PC performance (after more than 1hr playing, it overheats & freezes my screen 5 mins approx.). I definitely need to fix this issue first, then will come back later after it's done...
  15. I had myself done with last semester exams 2 days ago, now i've got a 1,5 month day off from campus/uni. At this one, i have reached in some point that i might be needing a 'job' to live my life out there. But, honestly.. never actually thinked about that till now (there is a lot of things, but still not sure which one is suitable at least)


    I was thinking about making something, related to PR while at day off like this (such as faction), but it will took a long time, so i had to save ones that important for progressing through to make it happen.


    I'm probably going to start learn things that needed soon (modelling, mapping etc.), so i can experience working on something that 'real heavy' (PR Forums - Modelling/mapping isn't really that easy as it looks), and so my willing to do and learn on this kind of work... (currently looking at softwares, such as 3DS Max, BF2Editor etc.)


    Btw, the admin in PR isn't really my main job (just a side one, besides of campus student), not really taking that seriously at the moment, mostly busy everyday, except in Weekends. But, i'll be there when needed (sometimes hanging around TS helps me, if problems happen in-game, so i can help out solving them)


    I definitely need to do some dishwashing right now... :o


    - Inch

    1. WCCBadploy


      Busy  busy bee!!!

  16. Where did vg go?

    Dude, I love that game, so realistic and addicting, but usually in here, i called it 'dishwashing' (satisfying and relieving stresses out from head) But hey, that's what i do in real-life besides of studies - Inch
  17. Where did vg go?

    Not so all of them i guess, me myself while got online, VG comes at first (Aussie servers like more 300 ping for me, even though its close) But i realized there's servers that has low ping ones, might be possible for few Asians, the Taiwan (Coop) and Japanese (Canned Catfood Gaming on both Deployment and Coop) But, never know what's going on out there lately, so trying to catch-up/update.. There is still some players whether old/new seeding the server past few days as i saw, but they're also dead in some low pop situation (whether the boring maps, frequent crashing, violations etc.)
  18. Shahadah

    And i completely forgotten about Scorpions and MT-LB 6MB "Beast" 7 Spandrels... must be quite challenging, but isn't that too much? Maybe more quad-guns as @=VG= BinkleDinkle said would do- And please add bomb cars and garry lol
  19. M27 or IAR

    Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR) and Light Machine Gun (LMG) seem has a different terms in meaning. HK M27 is an IAR, which adopting standard-long magazines (<30 rds) instead of more drum/box magazine (100-200 rds) in one person of a squad, sounded that the USMC seem wanted to replace it with M27 since M249 has been long in service for many years (there are some problems might be known on M249, such as gun jammed while firing, maintenance costs etc.). I'm pretty sure that these will still remain not in Marine Corps but in the Army instead... And yet they are assessing them by terms of its reliability, handling, accuracy etc. It is good as it looks (somehow better than M249), with standard Harris bipod for suppressing fire while proning, a longer heavy barrel for stability firing over mid-long range and some optic attachments for effective aiming. This gun suits up for necessary suppresion (using less rounds on specific targets) and CQC battles in the field, much better than M249 since it's heavier than M27. This doctrine, will be exist to some countries in future, they might be going to replace their AR platform with something lighter than LMG's Yeah, i think it's good weapon overall, i always like what HK did back there, they're all good stuff.. RPK and Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) are the examples for IAR. And yet this is the same as his older brother, HK417 , BUT he is a DMR instead of IAR (HK M27 as USMC said 'two-weapons in one', both as IAR for close-quarters/suppressing and possibly DMR for engaging specific targets at certain range with stable accuracy) And if they're having M27 to replace M4/M16's, would that be too expensive instead of M27 replacing the M249? HK XM8 and guns from Individual Carbine competition for M4 replacement (such as KAC SR-16, RobArms XCR, LWRC M6A4, Remington ACR, FN SCAR, Colt CM901 and suprisingly HK416 ITSELF-!) are the victims on this.. - Inch PS: Oh, btw. The Indonesian Marine Corps (Amphibious Recon team) also testing these as well (what a dream.. )
  20. Nightvision

    Nvm, this might be just a bug after randomly playing on the TOW Humvee thermals Cheers- Inch
  21. Shahadah

    Yeee- can't wait for this one Keep up the good work, man-! 5x BMP-3 5x BMP-2M (With Konkurs/AGL) 3x BRDM Spandrel ATGM 2x MT-LB Shturm ATGM 2x IGLA Emplacement 3x ZPU-4 Quad-Guns 1x MT-LB Gopher AA (or BRDM Gaskin AA as Alt) 2x ZSU-23-4 Shiilka 4x T-72M1 1x T-62 2x Mil Mi-35P Hind-F 2x Mil Mi-28 Havoc Are these on their side, Double? - Inch
  22. Nightvision

    This must be a bug, a standard kit with NV seems still there on the PR files directory somehow (accidentally overwritten, then some kits has nightvision capability maybe?) It was first-appeared in SF expansion pack of BF2, seems this one looks neat for PR version
  23. Should I be proud?

    Let's just say all countries in the equatorial lines are the treasure on this earth, like the Borneo for example (illegal logging and some wild huntings still exists, and also explains why Forest Guards exist as well) What kind of thing that those Forest Guards being issued here at my country are these below: Seems legit gun? A 9x19mm standard NATO, and also likely replacing the early PM1 ( copy of Beretta M12, it was a failure for adoption in service ) for the Forest Guards. But, still... it was produced until now, and never adopted by the Armed Forces or even the Police... Originally it was like this: Late-version of PM-2 with integrated silencer inspired from S. Korean Daewoo K5 SMG and also HK MP5's and collapsible stock All looks decent until this came out: Inspired by HK MP5, this one is potentially can be the success to adopt for Armed Forces/Police. Has a battle iron sights as standard issue and Mepro's M21 RDS I'm always having a respect and appreciating to what the local company did there, it is good to see that things are moving and developing as it should be, so they can compete not just inside, but also in the worldwide sales as well (on exporting, seeing interests out there in some countries) - Inch
  24. Should I be proud?

    It looks like a MP40, M3 Grease Gun and a PPSH sub-machine gun combined What's the fate on this gun? Is it still used by the Brazillian military or police? Hope they're not the same as like my country SMG's does ( PM2, a local produced SMG that intended to issue for Armed Forces/Police, but they only issued this for Forest Guards instead ) - Inch
  25. Hello guys, it's been a while. I haven't posted something new on the forums (usually at Militaria forum section), i had been busy with some campus works/assignments, and it goes from there. But, if i'm having a free time, will be updating and continously posting while i still can. This is some of the knowledge, to you all the readers.. enjoy-! Today, i'll be talking about LGS Fennek, requested by @=Wolf= Jersans from previous posts (so, this is likely a late post, and sorry for being late-). It's basically an armored scout car equivalent to some others, like Chinese (PLA) VN3 and Russian/Polish BRDM-2 (or BRDM-2M-98 Zbik's) The Fennek, named after the fennec (a species of small desert fox), or LGS Fennek, with LGS being short for Leichter Gepanzerter Spähwagen in German (Light Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle), is a four-wheeled armed reconnaissance vehicle produced by the German company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Dutch Defence Vehicle Systems. The Turkish company, FNSS Defence Systems acquired the right for licence production in 2004. It was developed for both the German Army and Royal Netherlands Army to replace their current vehicles. - History In April 2000, the prototype vehicle finished field trials and in December 2001, a combined order was placed. 410 were ordered by the Royal Netherlands Army (202 reconnaissance, 130 MRAT (medium range antitank) and 78 general purpose versions) and 222 by the German military (178 reconnaissance, 24 combat engineer, 20 joint fire support teams (JFST)). More Fenneks for the German Army will be procured from 2015 on. Germany plans an overall purchase of approximately 300 Fenneks. The first vehicle was delivered to the Netherlands in July 2003 and the first to Germany in December of the same year. Deliveries will continue until 2011 (additional orders for the German Army are planned from 2015 on). The Dutch SP Aerospace company, which produced the Fennek for the Dutch military, was declared bankrupt in August 2004. A new company called Dutch Defence Vehicle Systems (DDVS) was created to continue the production of the vehicles for the Royal Netherlands Army. - Specifications The Fennek has four wheels with selectable two or four wheel drive. It has a Deutz diesel engine producing 179 kW, giving it a top speed of 115 km/h. Tire pressure can be regulated by the driver from inside the vehicle to suit terrain conditions. The primary mission equipment is an observation package mounted on an extendable mast. Sensors include a thermal imager, daylight camera and a laser rangefinder. Combined with the vehicle's GPS and inertial navigation system the operator can accurately mark targets or points of linterest and pass that data to the digital battlefield network. The sensor head of the observation package can also be removed and mounted on a tripod for concealed operation, as can the control unit from the vehicle should the crew want to use the entire system dismounted. Many Fenneks of the German Army are also equipped with Aladin miniature UAVs. LGS Fennek SWP (Stinger Weapon Platform) LGS Fennek MRAT (Anti-Tank Guided Missile Carrier) Various weapons can be fitted, such as a 12.7 mm machine gun for the Dutch reconnaissance version, a Rafael Spike anti-tank missile on the Dutch MRAT version or a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher (HK GMG) or Rheinmetall MG3 for the German vehicles. The Royal Netherlands Army also placed an order at the Turkish company Aselsan for 18 Raytheon Stinger surface-to-air missile launchers to be fitted on the Fennek. The launcher in this case is the Stinger Weapon Platform (SWP), with four Stinger missiles intended for mid-range air defence. The launcher can be controlled from on board the vehicle, or else remotely as part of a distributed air defense system. On the Dutch Fennek the primary weapon is the 12.7 mm machine gun. The vehicle is protected all-round against 7.62 mm rounds and additional armour can be added if the mission requires. The air conditioning system provides protection against nuclear, biological and chemical warfare and the crew compartment is protected against anti-personnel mines. German Bundeswehr LGS Fennek with HK GMG 40mm automatic grenade launcher Main Specifications: Weight: 9.7-10.4 tonnes Length: 5.71 m Width: 2.49 m Height: 1.79 m Crew: 3 Main armament: HK GMG 40 mm grenade autocannon or Rheinmetall MG3 (German version), M2HB 12.7 mm machine gun (Dutch versions) Secondary armament: Not applicable Engine: Deutz diesel 179 kW (239 hp) Power/weight: 18.5 kW/tonne Suspension: Selectable 4 wheel drive Operational range: 860 km Speed: 115 km/h - Operational History Both Germany and the Netherlands have deployed Fennek reconnaissance vehicles to Afghanistan in support of ISAF. On 3 November 2007, a Dutch Fennek was hit by an improvised explosive device killing one and wounding two other occupants. The vehicle and its crew were taking part in an offensive operation targeting the Taliban in the province of Uruzgan, Afghanistan. In another incident a German Fennek was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. It's hollow charge jet penetrated the vehicle through the right front wheel rim, passed through the vehicle and blew the left door off the hinge. Thanks to the spall liner the crew sustained only negligible injuries. - Operators Current operators: - Germany German Army (Bundeswehr) - 222, to be increased to 248 - Netherlands Royal Netherlands Army - 365 Future operators: - Qatar Qatari Emiri Land Force - 32 Hope you guys enjoy the reading-! Feel free to share your thoughts, comments and give corrections here below - Inch