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  1. Hello again,


    It's been awhile no seeing you guys around, i've been taking break from PR for some time ( i haven't paid the internet just yet, nothing in the wallet :P ) and mostly just studying myself for final exam ( which is currently right now and for next week as well ) so, yeah currently busy atm...


    Had myself taking break from mobile gaming as well ( achieved something recently months ago ), and chilling out watching anime at some free times, like Amagi Brilliant Park and Nichijou ( daily gag-life series, cringy :D ). It was all fun times enjoying those shows and really are memorable.


    Might be back at some time in next year, enjoy your holidays. ;)


    Happy holidays ^^,

    - Inch

  2. Jabal rainbow dam 3

  3. Trying to sneak up on a bot vehicle in a nutshell

    Real-life aimbot detected lol And there's no way that BMP-2 has the hunter-killer capabilty ( or maybe it's the commander itself just having the 6th sense ability ) - Inch
  4. Are bots too easy?

    I found out most of the bots AAV mostly going to be easy to kill these days by just putting the Commanders UAV above it, they usually starts aiming up the sky when you observing few of them ( i believe some APC/IFV's or even tanks does the same as well, but only in certain times ) Usually afterwards they came to shoot the UAV itself and giving their position away, another easy way for BLUFOR's AT infantry / CAS to track them down and that's about it ( feels like no challenge at all with these simple trick to bait them ) You can try this at Barracuda STD for example, pretty obvious sometimes after they're went out from the main ( with the UAV on the air ), they started shooting immediately after directly watching them moving. - Inch I already liked what happen to the MEC Scorpions launching smokes when being engaged, makes them difficult from tracking their movements sometimes. Hopefully, using smoke against bots on next update would change the gameplay a lot on Coop, and so with tweaking the bots difficulty.
  5. Battlefield Play 4 Free - An old BF mod

    O boi, founded it-! - Basra (RU side main) - Dalian (RU main base) - Gulf of Oman (Train Hangars) Until i deployed here for the first time: This is v.1.3 if i remembered correctly I noticed my headgear was a santa hat in camo before the game closes, christmas is coming in a month guys- Padoru, padoru~ - Inch
  6. Battlefield Play 4 Free - An old BF mod

    Insane asset whore player ever you see in-game he is too crazy and really hard to beat him out with the chopper
  7. Battlefield Play 4 Free - An old BF mod

    I was back at Asian server, was an admin of ICE Force clan ( Japanese-based clan, also has contacts around parts of SEA as well ) back in the day.. pretty much casual and fun at the same time, so good until it closes down ( shame EA.. ) Gulf of Oman, Mashtuur City, Dalian, Dragon Valley, Basra, Sharqi are my favorite maps at the most. And as always, the game mode is also the same as Battlefield franchise goes on (there's Assault/capturing CP's and Rush/destroying M-Com's and progressing through the map) Met with @=VG= Kavelenko somewhere, but indirectly around Aussie servers, when Asian servers got DDoS-ed/down. But, i still noticed and remembered the name until now and met him up here eventually, migrating myself from fast-paced arcade gaming to this (PR:BF2) So many moments and funs going on there, i've also taken some screenshots before the game closes itself. Definitely will miss this game a bunch. I'll upload here laters... - Inch
  8. "project reality BF3" is it real?

    Hey @FatAlbert bruh, its been awhile no see. How have you been recently? We are still here, playing beloved PR:BF2 till now. Welcome any time at VG server ^^ See ya in field soon, - Inch *Yea, PR:BF3 was a thing on Youtube. Don't expect high on those to be exist i guess, it always been EA that gives this modders some problems in their games... (but if it exist, i'm fully support them if possible, it could be giving some fresh look for BF3 in terms of gameplay as PR:BF2 does)
  9. Jabal rainbow dam 2

    Yeah, idk why it happens, i need to clean up my CPU probably in next few days. Also the hard disk sometimes messing up the game (freezes) if played a long round
  10. Jabal rainbow dam 2

  11. Server Connection Issues

    And that's where Xenalite map randomizer does the job, with INF layout sometimes as a starting map - Inch
  12. Jabal rainbow dam 1

  13. Sadness on Pavlovsk Bay

  14. Rainbow dam of Jabal

  15. sup

    Welcome to the forums, see ya in game soon - Inch
  16. Marvel Or DC

    I love both of these comics, DC and Marvel mainly are my favourites for the most part in comics/publisher world. There's a lot of inspiring things, cool, kickass and memorable characters almost in any line of stories. But, i'm always getting myself to Marvel first than DC, especially from Cinematic universe. DC just seem to be late on doing the films than Marvel IMO, too shame to see that in real life. Like @Acro1 said, DC made some cool stuff like that above, i grew up by some of the cartoons, like Justice League series (Unlimited is the favourite one ). The most of art are cool in many ways, which is why i loved it. With the progress been made until now, DC going to be the best at TV cartoon shows out there. I'm always a fan for their work, not so much as Marvel's. But, i do respect theirs as well- You don't see Batman living in Japan in Ninja style everyday, it's already has an anime-looking and insane CGI too lol - Inch
  17. Hey,mate

    Welcome to the forums, see ya in-game - Inch
  18. What i'm doing past month:

    - Enjoying a Halloween event



    - Grinding credits for a Japanese Medium Tank (Grinding for Tier IX with these, Tier VIII STA-1)Screenshot_2018-10-16-14-34-15.png.e8b408c8a2630f396d27657f9eb38717.png


    - Not much PR lately, and wanted to start playing War Thunder, but my potato PC can't handle it :<


    - No faction progress atm, currently stuck- :(


    I'll be back soon at weekends, i hope..


    - Inch

  19. Kit-Stealing allowed?

    I have seen much of kit stealing these days.. including some certain maps with Volod.41.. Honestly, i had no clue what to do on a situation where's his HAT/AR/MG kit been accidentally/intentionally being stolen by one of (maybe) clueless/jerk players he confront of.. (these jerk players usually just trying to lure out the real out from him, so yeah.. obviously pissing him) And usually, when out of the patience.. it always ended up with the TK'ing on the suspect (kit-stealer) and he claims back the kit (before i had seconds to ask the kit-stealer to drop it already, or do the !k/!kill command in instant-, since i know the !w doesn't work much for some players, so i had to do so). Some insult from him like, "you f**king noob, idiot etc." also came out afterwards sometimes. I know that he's good player, knows what he's doing, but any ideas or ways to prevent/lowering chance of this problem in future? It's kinda tough for him nowadays, especially dealing with these players (new ones) if they don't listen what he was saying... Like the actions is do better than the talking and i would agree with Binary here: Warning like this would actually do on the server info, before joining in server browser. Hopefully will made the people aware about the rules in-game. I'm trying myself observing the chats/conversation (especially violations, like this kit-stealing) outside of the gameplay itself, and surely isn't an easy job to do.. - Inch
  20. New Khami

  21. New Khami

    How can we even win this one? There's no assets even on our side
  22. Jabal 128 layer

    Utilizing every inch of land side of Jabal, except on the carrier (but i'm still curious why the boat still exist, if not using the carrier ) Finally, something without the bridge, which makes it challenging (instead of camping on the hill East of Bridge and kill enemy inf/armors coming at North) Great job as always- looking forward to it - Inch
  23. I've finished myself, a SMG receiver-! More works to come, stay tuned- *A self-made project for making a faction (starts from weapons to heavy assets! ) By the way, this is just a rough-made receiver of Pindad PM2-V1 sub-machine gun (i haven't cleaned up and fixing the details yet) Polygon-Wireframe Wireframe view First-person view wannabe To-do lists: - Skeleton-Folding Stock - Tactical Upper-Rail attachment (w/h Bolt-in Iron Sights) - Trigger Group - Barrels (Breech, Chamber etc.) - Inch