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      Falcon BMS Server Update: New Minimum Connection Bandwidth Requirement - Increased to 2048   12/10/2017

      As of December 10th 2017, the Required Minimum Connection Bandwidth for all clients is now forced to 2048.  In addition, the former config entry denying potential P2P connection types has been removed.  Both of these changes are due to reports of increased server and client multiplayer stability, and we are hoping to see the same improvements here as well.  Please report anything unusual while playing in the coming week so we can asses the benefits of this change.  Thank you!


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  1. Fun days over PR weeks ago:

    Just for fun-!! :P:P:P:P:P 


    1. Mysterious Floating Ural-4320 ( Black Gold - OPFOR Fridays )screen000.jpg

    2. Hollow-Man SL ( Kit Geometries not invisible - Vadso City - British Campaign the 2nd)


    3. Drunk-Driving Panther CLV with InchPincherToo ( Shijia Valley - British Campaign the 3rd )


    4. A way of Militia to chill out in a Logi Truck ( Fools Road - OPFOR Fridays )



    Just bought Insurgency in Steam, cool and cheap game, anyone still playing it aside Squad-Based/Tactical FPS games?

    - Inch

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      Oh these Battlefield mechanics:biggrin:

    2. InchPincherToo


      Only a Refractor engine can do all fun things like this :P:P:P