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  1. Quick one:

    I had myself started studying back at Uni this week, mostly going to be active in PR around weekends, if i had time


    See ya around, ;)

    - Inch

  2. Well it's a new year by now, you guys haven't seen me online lately. I have been enjoying myself in holidays until early-mid February, which is where my campus days starts again.. at this 2019 (around February 10th)


    On December 31st, i've managed myself to finish a resolution for 2018, which is:


    "Visiting IKEA before the new year starts"



    I did it, only just to bought new mugs, blanket and other stuffs lol :P instead of furnitures.. (and also fun fact, this is the only store in my country, only one-!)



    SITREP what happened yesterday:









    Well, my house is under attack by some pests, the local pest controller starts fogging out my place inside-out (and of course, it's not Marijuana that they were using to smoke them out :P)



    See ya around-


    - Inch

  3. Hello again,


    It's been awhile no seeing you guys around, i've been taking break from PR for some time ( i haven't paid the internet just yet, nothing in the wallet :P ) and mostly just studying myself for final exam ( which is currently right now and for next week as well ) so, yeah currently busy atm...


    Had myself taking break from mobile gaming as well ( achieved something recently months ago ), and chilling out watching anime at some free times, like Amagi Brilliant Park and Nichijou ( daily gag-life series, cringy :D ). It was all fun times enjoying those shows and really are memorable.


    Might be back at some time in next year, enjoy your holidays. ;)


    Happy holidays ^^,

    - Inch

    1. .Blizzard.


      Take care and good luck with your exams ! Happy holidays to you too !!!:drinks:

    2. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      I feel ya, bro!  Been away for awhile myself, rough year.  Trying to make a comeback, but not easy when life is so busy.  Take care! :hi: 

    3. Kayip


      Heh would you believe that i was doing the same also if you liked Nichijou you should REALLY watch The Daily Lives of High School  Boys(Danshi Koukosei No Nichijou) fellow anime lover 

      Good luck 


  4. What i'm doing past month:

    - Enjoying a Halloween event



    - Grinding credits for a Japanese Medium Tank (Grinding for Tier IX with these, Tier VIII STA-1)Screenshot_2018-10-16-14-34-15.png.e8b408c8a2630f396d27657f9eb38717.png


    - Not much PR lately, and wanted to start playing War Thunder, but my potato PC can't handle it :<


    - No faction progress atm, currently stuck- :(


    I'll be back soon at weekends, i hope..


    - Inch

  5. Well, it is time...


    After about 2,5 months of vacation from Uni, my days are over. Tomorrow on Monday, is another day for campus studies..


    Not be able to go online a much, mostly going to be busy studying back again in Uni. Trying to make out the best for this semester (because last semester, few of my grades were awful :()


    Hope those who noticed this, knows where i am now. I'll be away from gaming for next months (focusing study). Will do try to hangout around some other time if had a chance/free times-



    Thanks, and see ya around~! ;)


    - Inch




    *Grinding valkyrie_crusade_stamp_by_midoir1-dc0gr83.png.e2153c0ff96389257ca97b26b3812309.png*

    1. .Blizzard.


      Good luck with your studies ! :hi:

    2. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Cheers bro!  Study hard and best of luck to you!  See you around!  We'll keep the tanks warm for ya  :drinks:


  6. I had myself done with last semester exams 2 days ago, now i've got a 1,5 month day off from campus/uni. At this one, i have reached in some point that i might be needing a 'job' to live my life out there. But, honestly.. never actually thinked about that till now (there is a lot of things, but still not sure which one is suitable at least)


    I was thinking about making something, related to PR while at day off like this (such as faction), but it will took a long time, so i had to save ones that important for progressing through to make it happen.


    I'm probably going to start learn things that needed soon (modelling, mapping etc.), so i can experience working on something that 'real heavy' (PR Forums - Modelling/mapping isn't really that easy as it looks), and so my willing to do and learn on this kind of work... (currently looking at softwares, such as 3DS Max, BF2Editor etc.)


    Btw, the admin in PR isn't really my main job (just a side one, besides of campus student), not really taking that seriously at the moment, mostly busy everyday, except in Weekends. But, i'll be there when needed (sometimes hanging around TS helps me, if problems happen in-game, so i can help out solving them)


    I definitely need to do some dishwashing right now... :o


    - Inch

    1. WCCBadploy


      Busy  busy bee!!!

  7. Hey guys,

    I just started modelling with 3DS Max 9 yesterday, planning to make something (simple at first, and then go for more intermediate/advanced ones, still need a practice though), but any ideas for that? 

    PR is mostly that i'm aiming for, couple of reading some tutorials in PR Forums would do :)

    5B893DCE151F1D3532FD8923796BC46D1F2EFED8 (1178×548)

    - Bookshelf without materials yet

    1. WCCBadploy


      Nicely done.

      Great software, that particular version.

      One of the best builds of 3Ds Max.

      Simple and uncluttered.

      I regret not investing in the 64 bit version.

      It is not the best for UV Mapping. (Look to adding Blender to your toolset to achieve great stuff)

      But it will ensure you make great strides in modelling and rendering.

      Even with the default Scanline renderer.

      I cant find any of the old tutorials. There used to be loads on Autodesk's "The Area".

      If I find any I will post them here.

  8. Nothing important here, not so much.


    But, i might getting to study for next week Midtest at campus, and... i'll be busy doing it for 2 weeks (my reason for not being online for couple of days ago, was preparing myself to do so)


    I'm also updating some project just few weeks ago, for PR. (And apparently still goes on by me) If you interested:

    "Check out profile of mine"


    See ya in two weeks, only be able to get touch to forums lately..


    - Inch

    1. =VG= m823us
    2. .Blizzard.


      Good luck and take care !

    3. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      Be good, but no pressure. ;)


  9. (Not so important) Updates:

    There's a bit off a reschedule for daily routines, my actual time for study back at campus is likely starts on tomorrow (and it goes from there). And also Mondays are going to be my day off every week-! :P


    That doesn't always mean it's good for me, it can be a pain sometimes (If i had more assignments :o finishing it 1-2 days before deadline)


    - Inch



    "PR? Meh, let's see.. i don't think i would have a free time for those atm..."

    "Take care, folks- real life is important, without them, you're not going to be exist."


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    2. =VG= m823us

      =VG= m823us

      Hang in there man, you got this.

    3. .Blizzard.


      Keep up, don t let yourself down, you can "MAKE THE UNIVERSITY GREAT AGAIN" ! No fun before bedtime !:drag::biggrin:

    4. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      Nothing like a couple hours of gaming to clear a mental block. :P


  10. Well, some short notice:


    I'll be going for new semester back at campus, next week (22nd January). Most likely busy for next days (in-game and TS), preparing myself for it.

    Might be better to tell you guys about this, it's a long time study in here and busy enough to forget PR (and stuffs that i used to be working outside campus..)


    ToDo: Will post up a pic at "Mug Shots!" (because i haven't done that till this new year :o)


    Signing off

    - Inch


    Thanks, Death- ;) i'll not forgetting this one for sure.

    1. .Blizzard.


      Good luck on the new semester !! :biggrin:

    2. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      good to hear your studis go on. Be good :)


    3. InchPincherToo


      Thanks, will be updating and keep posting about this till it starts

      Have a good day, gents-


      - Inch

  11. Quote

    I hereby claimed that, MY FINAL EXAM IS OVER! (just yesterday) ^_^

    Do you guys copy?









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    2. WCCBadploy
    3. .Blizzard.


      10/10 Roger dodger :P !! Hope you didn t copy at the exam:ignat_02:

    4. InchPincherToo


      @Jersans likely for half of month/2 weeks at least :P

  12. A Daily Screenshot #2screen000.jpg

    - Looks like someone was stuck up at the ceilling :P

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      Thats why the cap is not going on. All the guys just hang around. :blum:

  13. A Daily Screenshot #1


    - Golakka, where is your s8, m8? :P

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      New AG Technology inside a Heli?

    2. .Blizzard.


      Russian invisible helicopter prototype 01 (first the pilot seat, second the pilot) :lol:

    3. InchPincherToo


      Just a Russian chopper stuff, guys.. nothing much but PR Physics as always :D:D:D 

  14. Fun days over PR weeks ago:

    Just for fun-!! :P:P:P:P:P 


    1. Mysterious Floating Ural-4320 ( Black Gold - OPFOR Fridays )screen000.jpg

    2. Hollow-Man SL ( Kit Geometries not invisible - Vadso City - British Campaign the 2nd)


    3. Drunk-Driving Panther CLV with InchPincherToo ( Shijia Valley - British Campaign the 3rd )


    4. A way of Militia to chill out in a Logi Truck ( Fools Road - OPFOR Fridays )



    Just bought Insurgency in Steam, cool and cheap game, anyone still playing it aside Squad-Based/Tactical FPS games?

    - Inch

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      Oh these Battlefield mechanics:biggrin:

    2. InchPincherToo


      Only a Refractor engine can do all fun things like this :P:P:P

  15. Check out the plan i've made for IDN National Army/IDN Marine Corps, still needs some of the research around specific websites on internet:



    Still, it's just a design plan for the Community Faction in PR (i had no plans to post it over PR Forums because it's said to be useless.. :(, since i had no real project team for it), i'm also not a modeller or anything else required to make this..


    I've been not playing PR recently, had problems in real-life.. busy at College and mostly study, but when bored.. i take my chance and start to wrote the idea (plan) down into Spreadsheet like this.

    Hope you guys liked it, or maybe.. military experts liked it :)