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  1. Not PR!

    What would happen if this exist at PR? No camo for MEC's Anyways good stuff, never knowed and expect something like this in a deserts.
  2. Hey guys, I'm still wondering about how is a BRDM (or the AT version, Spandrel) categorized in this =VG= Co-Op Server. Mostly in a map like Beirut (STD), is it supposed to be: - In a proper squad, like IFV or own make own BRDM/Spandrel (armored jeep) squad? (I'm not saying this one is good enough for APC, since it's light armored) - Used by Mech Infantry squad? - Freely used for everyone (both IFV/Mech's)/just leave it alone? From what i saw in recent or old games, BRDM pretty vulnerable and easy to kill with HAT kit (one hit in every side and done), but it's still had to hit more twice with LAT kit (so, what my opinion is, BRDM looks the same (cause in the PR guide says, it's an armored jeep) or equivalent as the Humvee (Up-Armored, only the gun emplacement are different (BRDM has AP/HE rounds, rather than Humvee has Browning 50 Cal/Mk.19)) I'm still looking for the right answer for this, it's just a small problem that needs to be solved.. Btw, what happened to my post in VG Co-Op forum? Did someone deleted it? (Sorry, if it's annoying and long post in this forum) Regards, InchPincherToo
  3. About the BRDM vehicle rules..

    This game were never having a dedicated armored Fire-Support Vehicle exist in-game, alongside Jeeps, APC, IFV, AAV, ATGM Vehicle, Tanks etc. They're just considering least APC/IFV/AAV/ATGM as the Fire-Support Vehicle anytime back at field. APC: Prior targets to ground forces, light/medium armors IFV: Prior targets to ground forces, all types of armors including Tank (Taking it out with ATGM) AAV: Prior targets to air forces, all types of aircraft. But, in some case, some of them can help engage ground targets (Inf, Light/Med Armors etc.) ATGM Vehicle: Prior targets to ground forces, all types of vehicles (Especially Tanks). Restrictions are cannot engage Infs, but still can kill slow moving Aircrafts (Attack Choppers, Trans Choppers etc.) But, here's one thing that i know. There's only one FSV exist in-game (But, it is called Medium Tank instead), which named AMX-10RC (French Forces), it is obviously a FSV, since it has wheel-based chassis vehicle with a Tank Gun mounted in turret (At least 105mm) capable to destroy modern armors these days. This FSV thing here is getting a modernization program (AMX-10RCR/Renove) Some examples: - PLA in IRL, has old FSV named PTL-02 (based on WZ551/ZSL-92 chassis, equipped with 100mm Hi-Pressure Tank Gun) and newer ones named PTL-09 (or ZTL-09, which is based on ZBL-09 wheeled APC chassis equipped with 105mm Tank Gun) Left picture: PTL-02 and Right picture: PTL-09/ZTL-09 - US Army in IRL, has the M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System/MGS (a FSV variant of M1126 Stryker ICV with 105mm Tank Gun M68A1E4) And many more example of them, like Austrian Pandur II FSV's, Italian Centauro FSV series, Japanese MCV's (Maneuver Combat Vehicles) etc. Honestly with all this, it's a bit confusing that PR were never seen updating the classiifications (At least for the armors), HUD, GUI for it, simple matter here. Not all people know about these things in-game or even IRL (Sorry about getting off-topic here), so they're just go with the flow without even knowing them well. Are these so-called wheeled-vehicles with Tank Guns had to/should be classified as Medium Tanks, instead of FSV's? With armor upgrades, yes. Without that, maybe just a FSV, since it's very mobile along Tanks. It's a modern day Tank Destroyers (some old doctrines stick in my head) - Inch
  4. Hello.....

    Welcome @Aori Happy to see your presence here, played PR couple of times with you in-server Always welcome anytime at my squad if possible, see ya in field - Inch
  5. About the BRDM vehicle rules..

    Let's just say it's an equivalent to Humvees (especially the CROWS), but they're seem not vulnerable to 7.62mm's (50 Cal./40mm or more calibers only). What makes it overpowered, is that 14.5mm HMG as it's main armament beside the COAX MG (both BRDM-2 and VN-3). I would agree up for rules about Scout Vehicle such as these, instead of putting them as APC/IFV groups. These has to be equivalent to Jeeps as usual, but they had to be in Mech Inf to use it. I mean like what would happen if PR has more Armored Cars than usual? Like French Forces having Panhard VBL, German Forces having ATF Dingo/MOWAG Eagle IV/V, Russian Forces having GAZ Tigr, MEC Forces having Otokar Akrep/Cobra/GAZ-3937 Vodnik from BF2 etc. - Inch
  6. XD

    That must be a Chinese Y-Wing-! lol No landing gears while landing/at ground are OP But, it was a good round back there at Black Gold. Well going and done almost perfect
  7. Busy

    May the sky be with you, always.. Take care out there, man- safe flight-!
  8. Hello :)

    Welcome to the site, see ya in game- Be looking forward to play with you
  9. Name Change

    Might be confusing the others tho since only some or small number of people knows 8-bits back at PR But, now after knowing the newest name.. " Russian-man's Best Friend " lol Vodka everytime and everyday I need the Dushka now - Inch
  10. Project Reality

    I WASN'T THERE-! NUUUUUUU~ Was sleeping after dishwashing at 8pm (GMT+7, means 1pm at GMT+0) To be honest, it is satisfying and relieving at the same time... - Inch
  11. Project Reality

    Well they had one, here Hope that helps everyone who readed this thread
  12. Invisible Bug

    So, that's explains why in this world exists some of these game genres (there's also some genres that i'm not mentioned, it is generally consists of FPS and TPS): - Squad-Based FPS (Battlefield franchise?) - Squad-Based Tactical Shooter/FPTS (PR:BF2 obviously, SQUAD, Insurgency, Day of Infamy) some other titles) - Military Simulation (ARMA franchise, and something more Realistic Military RTS like CoH series) - FPS (CS series, Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty franchise?) - TPS (Tom Clancy's franchise? But, not including the Siege (maybe), Wargaming game titles, War Thunder etc.) - TPTS (Resident Evil series except the RE7 etc.) - or maybe even MOBA-FPS/TPS (Overwatch, Paladins etc.) And they're still develops till this end of the year- of course... - Inch
  13. *witty title*

    Just another day at Bijar, eh? It actually happens to me few months ago..
  14. Quote

    I hereby claimed that, MY FINAL EXAM IS OVER! (just yesterday) ^_^

    Do you guys copy?









    1. WCCBadploy
    2. .Blizzard.


      10/10 Roger dodger :P !! Hope you didn t copy at the exam:ignat_02:

    3. InchPincherToo


      @Jersans likely for half of month/2 weeks at least :P

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  15. Invisible Bug

    Putting crates from Logi Truck inside a house, to the other side off the walls.. I would say that literally cheating against the PR World lol
  16. Dutch Forces in Action Feat. Vincent

    Just another day in Dovre, the map is completely broken for Opfor Fridays, since the first two CPs being capped by the Dutches, the game play is not really that long, but it still impressive, really wanted to play this map some other time. I'm hoping someone could fix this layout, the Winter one is already built for Opfor, but the Original one doesn't much.. This action taken while Vincent suppressing enemy fire in the small house at West Fields along with some friendly infantries inside, where Russians keep engaging us outside, nowhere and hard to detect yesterday. As Machine Gunner, the FN MAG w/h C79 Elcan is weapon of choice for him while in my Squad ( MMG not visible in screenshot since the "hand" was broken ) " What happen to your hand, Vincent? Looks broken-! I'll take a screen shot and upload them in VG later " *Vincent laughs* Reminds me of suppressing fire in modern FPS/TPS games lol - Inch
  17. Hello all!

    Welcome to the site, man. See ya around in-game or TS3, will be looking forward to meet and play with you - Inch
  18. I could not imagine a better use for a Glock

    Talking about guns made me wanted to show ones that are my favourites 1. Latest product at my country, locally made, SS2-V1 HB (Heavy Barrel) w/h Trijjicon ACOG. The dedicated DMR version (SS2-V4 HB) has an achievement for winner title of Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting 2016 (AASAM 2016) in Victoria (link here and here) and ASEAN Armies Rifles Meet 2016 (AARM 2016) 2. Some few weapon concepts that shown up at Indonesian MoD Office, Jakarta by Pindad, the SS3 Battle Rifle (NATO 7.62mm x 51mm), at lower ones 3. Lastly, i cannot thank enough for this one. One and only, Fabrique Nationale Carabine (FN FNC) from Belgium. Done well for service in the country, FN FAL lil' bro and i loved it for it's simple design. - Inch
  19. server reset please crashing alot

    Kinda bit off topic here, but can someone remove Fallujah from the map rotations until the next update come out? Since we can't build any FOB's out there, says "You cannot build outside combat zone" everytime. It can be an issue when playing in low pop situation And are these maps like Bamyan (any layouts) and Silent Eagle (STD) still has some issues? I'm still trying myself to avoid them while in-game, by changing them with some alternatives... - Inch
  20. A Daily Screenshot #2screen000.jpg

    - Looks like someone was stuck up at the ceilling :P

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      Thats why the cap is not going on. All the guys just hang around. :blum:

  21. Late intro

    Hey man, Glad to see ya around the forums (at last ), always good to work with you in-game especially when it comes to low pops- And.. nice intro indeed, see ya in the field soon - Inch
  22. A Daily Screenshot #1


    - Golakka, where is your s8, m8? :P

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      New AG Technology inside a Heli?

    2. .Blizzard.


      Russian invisible helicopter prototype 01 (first the pilot seat, second the pilot) :lol:

    3. InchPincherToo


      Just a Russian chopper stuff, guys.. nothing much but PR Physics as always :D:D:D 

  23. Map rotations

    I'm totally missing them lately, since some of the map rotations has slightly changed, like for example: - Muttrah City (STD or LRG) is seem to be gone from the Default map rotation, and the painful Karbala some times shown up as the first starting map (Definitely need to fix this, coz at some low pops.. server just really dead afterwards if server restarts/crashes) - Almost everyone hates playing Pavlovsk Bay (ALT) as starting map of 1st Custom map rotation and repeated after couple of 3 rounds (Asad Khal, Marlin, Khamisiyah) back to another Pavlovsk Bay (STD), just kinda tiring and BORING for some other players... admins sometimes can be forced to change it to some random maps.. - I haven't seen the 2nd Custom map rotation, which is Khamisiyah as starting map and goes to Vadso City etc., it is also seem to be gone from rotation (Why?) - 3rd Custom map rotation, which is Jabal as starting map, doesn't have the British Campaign (i'll always remember this one supposed to have Shijia STD and Burning STD), instead both of them seems to changed to different maps (if i'm not wrong, from my point of view, was changed to Marlin ALT and Lashkar STD as next map) - Everything seems confusing, after looking again... almost all map rotations (not including the Default map rotations) have their way back to Pavlovsk Bay (STD) every couple 3 or 5 rounds after the first starting map, and goes on to some random/repetitive map almost everyday (Beirut, Karbala, etc.). Admins should think about this again for future - Kashan (ALT, STD or LRG respectively) can be the server "life saver" from dead sometimes, but it is always putted down the last one in option when the server getting low pop - People always wanted Silent Eagle (especially the STD) to make it's comeback, right? Just wanted to ask, is the STD still has some issues lately? Or is it done and ready to play? And here's the list of maps that i completely forgot to put in or set when needed (i had my reasons not playing the map, coz afraid of crashing): - Vadso City (ALT, STD or even LRG) - Saaremaa (ALT, STD) - Nuijamaa (STD) - Dovre (both Dovre STD and Dovre Winter STD) - Op. Archer (INF, STD) - Hades Peak (INF, ALT) - Bijar Canyons (STD) - SPECIAL MENTION - Al-Basrah (INF, ALT, STD) - Assault on Grozny (INF, ALT, STD) - Dragon Fly (INF, STD) - Wanda Shan (STD) - SPECIAL MENTION - Xiangshan (STD) - Black Gold (INF ALT, STD) - SPECIAL MENTION - Sbeneh Outskirts (INF, ALT, STD) - SPECIAL MENTION w/h OPFOR layout - Kozelsk (INF, ALT, STD) - SPECIAL MENTION w/h OPFOR layout - Ramiel (ALT, STD, LRG) - Silent Eagle (INF, ALT and still no for STD) - and many more possiblities like Falklands maps (Goose Green STD, Falklands INF) and fan favorite Nam maps (Charlie, Ia Drang, Hill 488, Tad Sae), but for this kind of map, yet again depends of its population.. Anyways, please remind everyone about these maps that i mention above for alternatives in field, these maps needs some love.. - Inch
  24. My Modding Skillz & Tutorials

    Wish i know more about this thing. Imagining a FV101 Scorpion 90 for British Armed Forces :3 Problem is for the Turret (with Cupola Gunner, 7.62mm MG) and it's 90mm Gun, PR doesn't have the models or even animations for that Is it possible to make this in BF2Editor? Or should make/port the models first bfore going for coding? This above is ones from Indonesian Army - Inch
  25. harrier issue !

    Trying the impossible, seems the water was helping you bouncing up there bfore it crashes Anyways, its awesome to keep posting some bloopers around, so anyone would know the Refractor engine physics.. especially like this PR Magic word came so late: "Osuka: Pull up, Ranger. Pull up-!" - Inch