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  1. April 17th, 2019

    General Election day in the country, today


    If you seeing this, the Indonesian people who lived around the world, probably doing votes now.



    Wish me luck,

    - Inch

    1. Vanillapop


      We have provincial elections here in canada

  2. Hello guys!

    Welcome to the forums- I'm pretty sure the name sounds familiar to me - Inch
  3. Brrrrrrrt

    Imagine if Star Wars had a 30mm laser-gatling gun equivalent to A-10's GAU-8 Avenger, would be so epic indeed- Best to install on Y-Wing bombers lol all hail the rebels-!! P.S: T-34-85M is exist
  4. AFK?

    We are still here and waiting for you to come back, man.
  5. Quick one:

    I had myself started studying back at Uni this week, mostly going to be active in PR around weekends, if i had time


    See ya around, ;)

    - Inch

  6. Well it's a new year by now, you guys haven't seen me online lately. I have been enjoying myself in holidays until early-mid February, which is where my campus days starts again.. at this 2019 (around February 10th)


    On December 31st, i've managed myself to finish a resolution for 2018, which is:


    "Visiting IKEA before the new year starts"



    I did it, only just to bought new mugs, blanket and other stuffs lol :P instead of furnitures.. (and also fun fact, this is the only store in my country, only one-!)



    SITREP what happened yesterday:









    Well, my house is under attack by some pests, the local pest controller starts fogging out my place inside-out (and of course, it's not Marijuana that they were using to smoke them out :P)



    See ya around-


    - Inch

  7. My Rest Time Is almost over. I will go to da Jungle

    Good luck with the journey out there, man. Real-life are important! Hopefully will be seeing ya around some other time.. in PR - Inch P.S: Croc Dundee? Lol, i always thought that Steve Irwin was the true legend in the jungle
  8. Hey there

    Your previous unban appeal just intrigued me, oh well.. (as Stark mentioned before , it was right a insane record, for players being banned first time playing in server for few hours lol ) Welcome to the community, see ya around and have fun-! - Inch
  9. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    Wow, this is really a quick info about pilot studies and careers. Maybe, i would think about it someday Great things about these provided here. Thanks man- - Inch
  10. I may never play PR again after 31/12/2018

    Sad to hear that, will be missing you there I never know that net censorship exist in Vietnam, seems there's a lot going on in that country.. Good luck out there, - Inch
  11. Hello there

    Hi there, nice intro Welcome to the forums, pretty sure that i met you couple of times in-game before... Looking forward to meet you some other time, see ya around- - Inch
  12. Koenigsegg Agera RS1

    And i thought One:1 was the fastest than these all Koenigsegg's Regera was like... meh- Guess Agera still has it's fangs now... PS: Where is that moment first time seeing these kind of cars in my life? I was actually saw it first in a video-game, when i was a junior higschooler... one of the cars included was Koenigsegg CC series (CCR i believe, instant favourite back then) Oh, forgot to mention.. don't forget the W Motors (Lebanese-UAE car company), some sick cars there as well - Inch
  13. Hello again,


    It's been awhile no seeing you guys around, i've been taking break from PR for some time ( i haven't paid the internet just yet, nothing in the wallet :P ) and mostly just studying myself for final exam ( which is currently right now and for next week as well ) so, yeah currently busy atm...


    Had myself taking break from mobile gaming as well ( achieved something recently months ago ), and chilling out watching anime at some free times, like Amagi Brilliant Park and Nichijou ( daily gag-life series, cringy :D ). It was all fun times enjoying those shows and really are memorable.


    Might be back at some time in next year, enjoy your holidays. ;)


    Happy holidays ^^,

    - Inch

    1. .Blizzard.


      Take care and good luck with your exams ! Happy holidays to you too !!!:drinks:

    2. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      I feel ya, bro!  Been away for awhile myself, rough year.  Trying to make a comeback, but not easy when life is so busy.  Take care! :hi: 

    3. Kayip


      Heh would you believe that i was doing the same also if you liked Nichijou you should REALLY watch The Daily Lives of High School  Boys(Danshi Koukosei No Nichijou) fellow anime lover 

      Good luck 


  14. Trying to sneak up on a bot vehicle in a nutshell

    Real-life aimbot detected lol And there's no way that BMP-2 has the hunter-killer capabilty ( or maybe it's the commander itself just having the 6th sense ability ) - Inch
  15. Are bots too easy?

    I found out most of the bots AAV mostly going to be easy to kill these days by just putting the Commanders UAV above it, they usually starts aiming up the sky when you observing few of them ( i believe some APC/IFV's or even tanks does the same as well, but only in certain times ) Usually afterwards they came to shoot the UAV itself and giving their position away, another easy way for BLUFOR's AT infantry / CAS to track them down and that's about it ( feels like no challenge at all with these simple trick to bait them ) You can try this at Barracuda STD for example, pretty obvious sometimes after they're went out from the main ( with the UAV on the air ), they started shooting immediately after directly watching them moving. - Inch I already liked what happen to the MEC Scorpions launching smokes when being engaged, makes them difficult from tracking their movements sometimes. Hopefully, using smoke against bots on next update would change the gameplay a lot on Coop, and so with tweaking the bots difficulty.