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  1. New Khami

  2. New Khami

    How can we even win this one? There's no assets even on our side
  3. Jabal 128 layer

    Utilizing every inch of land side of Jabal, except on the carrier (but i'm still curious why the boat still exist, if not using the carrier ) Finally, something without the bridge, which makes it challenging (instead of camping on the hill East of Bridge and kill enemy inf/armors coming at North) Great job as always- looking forward to it - Inch
  4. Making a faction (Wannabe)

    Yea, i already considered Unimog from the start, really wanted to actually make something different than the other factions (using M35 as main truck series isn't that interesting enough, tbh i have seen a lot when playing US faction) But, i see NG series are fine as well imo, classic type of truck.. IDN Army known to be have 200+ ish of Unimog in service (since 1981) and seems beats off the NG series, but not the M35 (at 500) and Isuzu NPS 75 (at 300+ ish) I believe Unimog trucks been quite planned in other factions. But, had no clue which one it is... (need to check the PR Modding forums-) - Inch
  5. Making a faction (Wannabe)

    Wut??? It's from an Auto Show, i found this pic because i dont have the much time to surf around internet, searching for the proper truck images again. Busy for Mid-Test, is the answer- - Inch
  6. Making a faction (Wannabe)

    Bump, dead post atm... I'm still working on this, but no much progress atm (no pics), still looking for some good local referrences out there (which is kinda hard to find in internet, and real-life as well, not that easy research) I'm still confused, even when on choosing which proper trucks would be fit for the faction (lol ), few decided candidates (IMO) are: - Mercedes-Benz Unimog U1300L - Mercedes-Benz NG47 1017 - Isuzu Elf NPS 75 4x4 (newest truck in service, a local civilian modified to military truck ) Current placeholder would be that US Truck (M35 & variations), since i pretty much saw a lot of those in service both in IDN Army and Marine Corps.. (few reskins/retextures needed if possible) Any suggestions would be great- Help meh~ \o/ - Inch
  7. Hello

    Hello and welcome to the forums. Nice to meet you here, hope i can see you in-game soon if i'm available. Enjoy your stay- - Inch
  8. Volod in his natural habitat

    Of course- almost everyday. Wasn't it?
  9. Smoke for bots

    Can't wait to go back for PR, after being busy in weekends. Pretty neat-
  10. Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forums- and see ya around in-game
  11. A bit late

    Welcome to the forums- "HaVe YoU dOnE yOuR hOmEwOrK????" (Jkjk, no offense. I had my own ones too ) First time, i was completely had no idea why i even played with someone with your age (usually i found out it's annoying, even for someone who doesn't speaks English at all), but it's all nothing, nicely done and cool enough It's actually great to play around sometimes with you in-game/or just TS3. Looking to play more some other time- - Inch #hoops0320foradmin #hoops0320forvg #hoops0320isloveandlife
  12. Just a wedding :)

    Blank ammunitions so classic-
  13. Heyy all

    Hello, nice to meet you. Welcome to the community- Hope can see you around some other time in-game or TS. Currently being busy atm. Enjoy your stay at the forums- - Inch
  14. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Not really important bug, but: Ural-4320 Logistics truck decaying fast when someone left it behind after driving on Grozny INF. I did check that while yesterday/2 days ago. It bleeds... (even with a Repair station deployed) Geroy, Limony are witnessed this too if i'm not wrong - Inch
  15. I think we need to buy one of those for Volod...

    Every Automatic Rifleman biggest dream ever- In US, they've invented it under the name of Ironman Backpack Ammunition system, which can store ammo up to 500 rounds on a belt to any machine gun types. But, as you can see, these are again.. deemed to expensive, only small part of the Army nor Marines using it for experimental purposes before adopting them- Pic: (link failed - downloaded file of incorrect extension; take a screenshot or link a photo from another site instead) - Inch