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  1. RAM always crucial for this game, but sometimes when your PC got hotter? Needs a better cooling system for that. Some processes like browser (Chrome as @=VG= Kavelenko said), can hamper your memory works as well. OR cheaper way is what i did here- (in PC Gear) I would advise you not to try this at home , i've been playing it on Low Quality until now, usually crashes when it comes to maps like Kashan or some other random 4km maps like Shijia (1km/2km to 4km after couple of rounds sometimes crashes the game, randomly can occur when entering vehicle, spawns, in mid game etc.) - Inch
  2. Hope the "flood" here doesn't bother you (land textures here are missing for some reason), it looks like it's just my game bugged when testing it (Local) I like how you put that Karbala sign there, just noticed it when came out to first T-Section after US spawn, nearby the UFO (?) mosque. (The Karbala wae on 2nd image lol). Theres also some new statics i haven't seen before and kinda interesting though (4th image) and some weird static building combinations (8th/Last image). But, in the end, it is awesome, it is just the way like Gaza does, but in Main Streets. Anyways, Rabbit. Keep up the good work! Been reading much PR Community Mods lately, and loved some of their works- - Inch
  3. Well, some short notice:


    I'll be going for new semester back at campus, next week (22nd January). Most likely busy for next days (in-game and TS), preparing myself for it.

    Might be better to tell you guys about this, it's a long time study in here and busy enough to forget PR (and stuffs that i used to be working outside campus..)


    ToDo: Will post up a pic at "Mug Shots!" (because i haven't done that till this new year :o)


    Signing off

    - Inch


    Thanks, Death- ;) i'll not forgetting this one for sure.

    1. .Blizzard.


      Good luck on the new semester !! :biggrin:

    2. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      good to hear your studis go on. Be good :)


    3. InchPincherToo


      Thanks, will be updating and keep posting about this till it starts

      Have a good day, gents-


      - Inch

  4. Hey, man.. Good to see ya around here at forums. Will cya on the battlefield soon, take care- - Inch
  5. I would say this the one that i was waiting for, to be honest... There's likely too much of Tanks (and also APC), for an armor-fighting map (too easy than the ALT or even the LRG sometimes). Infantry at least have some space for the playing, with some Trans Truck/Logi Truck/G-Wagen Jeep plays the role. No changes for CAS and Trans, seems ok.. Avenger AAV here, not so much being used lately (since there's only one), but can still counter those enemy Aircrafts which is now has longer respawn. Looks fair by reducing Blufor armors (Tanks) Let's just say this, the larger the layout for Kashan, the easier you won the round (ofc it does depends on number of players in-game though) - Inch
  6. What would happen if this exist at PR? No camo for MEC's Anyways good stuff, never knowed and expect something like this in a deserts.
  7. project reality

    This game were never having a dedicated armored Fire-Support Vehicle exist in-game, alongside Jeeps, APC, IFV, AAV, ATGM Vehicle, Tanks etc. They're just considering least APC/IFV/AAV/ATGM as the Fire-Support Vehicle anytime back at field. APC: Prior targets to ground forces, light/medium armors IFV: Prior targets to ground forces, all types of armors including Tank (Taking it out with ATGM) AAV: Prior targets to air forces, all types of aircraft. But, in some case, some of them can help engage ground targets (Inf, Light/Med Armors etc.) ATGM Vehicle: Prior targets to ground forces, all types of vehicles (Especially Tanks). Restrictions are cannot engage Infs, but still can kill slow moving Aircrafts (Attack Choppers, Trans Choppers etc.) But, here's one thing that i know. There's only one FSV exist in-game (But, it is called Medium Tank instead), which named AMX-10RC (French Forces), it is obviously a FSV, since it has wheel-based chassis vehicle with a Tank Gun mounted in turret (At least 105mm) capable to destroy modern armors these days. This FSV thing here is getting a modernization program (AMX-10RCR/Renove) Some examples: - PLA in IRL, has old FSV named PTL-02 (based on WZ551/ZSL-92 chassis, equipped with 100mm Hi-Pressure Tank Gun) and newer ones named PTL-09 (or ZTL-09, which is based on ZBL-09 wheeled APC chassis equipped with 105mm Tank Gun) Left picture: PTL-02 and Right picture: PTL-09/ZTL-09 - US Army in IRL, has the M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System/MGS (a FSV variant of M1126 Stryker ICV with 105mm Tank Gun M68A1E4) And many more example of them, like Austrian Pandur II FSV's, Italian Centauro FSV series, Japanese MCV's (Maneuver Combat Vehicles) etc. Honestly with all this, it's a bit confusing that PR were never seen updating the classiifications (At least for the armors), HUD, GUI for it, simple matter here. Not all people know about these things in-game or even IRL (Sorry about getting off-topic here), so they're just go with the flow without even knowing them well. Are these so-called wheeled-vehicles with Tank Guns had to/should be classified as Medium Tanks, instead of FSV's? With armor upgrades, yes. Without that, maybe just a FSV, since it's very mobile along Tanks. It's a modern day Tank Destroyers (some old doctrines stick in my head) - Inch
  8. Welcome @Aori Happy to see your presence here, played PR couple of times with you in-server Always welcome anytime at my squad if possible, see ya in field - Inch
  9. project reality

    Let's just say it's an equivalent to Humvees (especially the CROWS), but they're seem not vulnerable to 7.62mm's (50 Cal./40mm or more calibers only). What makes it overpowered, is that 14.5mm HMG as it's main armament beside the COAX MG (both BRDM-2 and VN-3). I would agree up for rules about Scout Vehicle such as these, instead of putting them as APC/IFV groups. These has to be equivalent to Jeeps as usual, but they had to be in Mech Inf to use it. I mean like what would happen if PR has more Armored Cars than usual? Like French Forces having Panhard VBL, German Forces having ATF Dingo/MOWAG Eagle IV/V, Russian Forces having GAZ Tigr, MEC Forces having Otokar Akrep/Cobra/GAZ-3937 Vodnik from BF2 etc. - Inch
  10. XD

    That must be a Chinese Y-Wing-! lol No landing gears while landing/at ground are OP But, it was a good round back there at Black Gold. Well going and done almost perfect
  11. May the sky be with you, always.. Take care out there, man- safe flight-!
  12. Welcome to the site, see ya in game- Be looking forward to play with you
  13. Might be confusing the others tho since only some or small number of people knows 8-bits back at PR But, now after knowing the newest name.. " Russian-man's Best Friend " lol Vodka everytime and everyday I need the Dushka now - Inch
  14. I WASN'T THERE-! NUUUUUUU~ Was sleeping after dishwashing at 8pm (GMT+7, means 1pm at GMT+0) To be honest, it is satisfying and relieving at the same time... - Inch
  15. Well they had one, here Hope that helps everyone who readed this thread