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  1. Q: What is this again? A: Is about the one and only "Beast" of automatic cannon, the 30mm Shipunov 2A42-! Q: Is that also available in PR? A: Hell YES! Basically as main platform turret of BMP-2, BMP-3 and also in gunner seats in Russian-made Attack Choppers, Mil Mi-28 'Havoc' The 30 mm automatic cannon 2A42, also known as the Shipunov 2A42, is a Soviet/Russian 30 mm automatic cannon. It is built by the Tulamashzavod Joint Stock Company. - Teh Design: The 30 mm 2A42 cannon has a dual feed. One is for HE-T and the other for AP-T rounds. The gunner can select one of two rates of full automatic fire, low at 200 to 300 rds/min and high at 550 to 800 rds/min. According to the manufacturer, effective range when engaging ground targets such as light armoured vehicles is 1,500 m while soft-skinned targets can be engaged out to 4,000 m. Air targets can be engaged flying at low altitudes of up to 2,000 m at subsonic speeds and up to a slant range of 2,500 m. In addition to being installed in a two-person turret on the BMP-2 mechanised infantry combat vehicle, this gun is also fitted in the BMD-2 airborne combat vehicle, BMD-3 airborne combat vehicle and BTR-90 (or GAZ-5923) 8×8 armoured personnel carrier. A small number of these have now entered service. More recently, the 30 mm 2A42 cannon has been installed in a new turret and fitted onto the roof of the BTR-T heavy armoured personnel carrier based on a modified T-54/T-55 MBT chassis. The cannon is also the main armament of BMPT (Tank Support Fighting Vehicle). It is also used for various armament projects from various manufacturers. The design bureau for the 30 mm 2A42 cannon is the KBP Instrument Design Bureau. The 2A42 autocannon has also been used on the Bumerang-BM, an unmanned remote control turret on the Kurganets-25 and T-15 Armata. - Teh Ammunition: The 2A42 fires 30x165 ammunition, a cartridge introduced in the 1970s in the Soviet Union to replace previous 30 mm autocannon cartridges. Other weapons using this size of cartridge case include the 2A38 and 2A72 autocannons for various vehicle, helicopter and air defence applications, as well as numerous single-, dual- and six-barrel naval and air force cannons. The 2A42, 2A38 and 2A72 fire percussion-primed ammunition; the naval and aerial cannons use electrical priming, and therefore their ammunition is not interchangeable with the land-based ammunition types, despite the same cartridge case size. Originally three basic types of ammunition were developed in the Soviet Union for the land-based weapons: high-explosive incendiary, high-explosive fragmentation with tracer, and an armour-piercing ballistic capped with tracer. Later a sub-caliber armour-piercing round was introduced, and today also countries other than Soviet Union/Russia manufacture 30 x 165 percussion-primed ammunition. The main types of ammunition are: - 3UOF8 HEI ( High Explosive Incendiary ) - 3UOR6 HE-T ( High Explosive - Tracer ) - 3UBR6 APBC-T ( Armor Piercing Ballistic Capped - Tracer ) - 3UBR8 APDS ( Armor Piercing Discharging Sabot ) - Teh Platforms: The autocannon has been used since the 1980s on the following platforms: *Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV): - BM-2T Stalker (Belarusian-made BMP) - BMP-2 - BMP-3 - BMD-2 (Airborne Version of BMP-2) - BMD-3 (Airborne Version of BMP-3) - BTR-80A - BTR-82A - BTR-90 (Russian BTR-80 replacement who's never showed up in-game, in BF2 does) - BTR-T (Russian T-55 Tank based Heavy IFV) - BMPT 'Terminator' (Russian T-72 Tank based Armored Fighting Vehicle, being abandoned in favor of Armata Universal Combat Platform project) - Fahd 280-30 (Egyptian-made IFV based on original Fahd 4x4 APC) - MT-LB 6MB - Boragh (Iranian Upgraded version of Chinese Type 86 IFV) - T-15 Armata (Next-generation of Russian Heavy IFV, part of Armata Universal Combat Platform project) - Kurganets-25 (Next-generation of Russian APC, a lighter version of T-15 Armata, this is also part of the project) - Lazar 3 (Serbian-made AFV/MRAV, from Lazar armored vehicles family) *Attack Helicopters: - Mil Mi-28 'Havoc' - Kamov Ka-50 'Black Shark' - Kamov Ka-52 'Alligator' - Kamov Ka-29 'Helix-A' - Similar 30 mm Autocannons: The 2A72 30mm autocannon, designed by KBP Instrument Design Bureau, is a lighter, less complex cousin of the 2A42. While the latter has 578 parts, 2A72 has only 349 parts, allowing it to weigh only 84 kg.Its rate of fire is 400 rd/min. The 2A38 is a 30mm twin-barrel autocannon. It is mainly used on air defense vehicles like 2K22 Tunguska and Pantsir-S1. It weighs 195 kg and has a maximum rate of fire of 2500 rd/min. - Teh Specifications and Variants: Type Autocannon Place of origin Soviet Union Service history In service 1980 Used by Russia Production history Designer KBP Designed 1970s Manufacturer Tula Machine-Building Plant Produced 1980 Variants 2А72 Specifications Weight 115 kilograms (254 lb) Length 3.027 m (9 ft 11.2 in) Barrel length 2,416 millimetres (95.1 in)[1] Cartridge 30 × 165 Caliber 30 mm Barrels 1 Action Gas-operated Rate of fire 200 to 300 rds/min (low) 550 rds/min (high)[2] Effective firing range 4,000 metres (4,400 yd) Feed system Twin feed - Barrels: 1 - Length: 3,027 mm - Weight: 115 kg - Effective range - Light armor: 1,500 m - Air targets: 2,000 m - Ground: 4,000 m - Type: Twin feed, gas operated mechanism - Calibre: 30 × 165 mm - Ammunition: APDS, AP-T, HE, HEI, HE-T, HETP-T, TP - Variants: 2A42, 2A72, ABM M30-M3 (Modern platform made in Sevastopol Impuls 2, for Uran-9 or different armored vehicles) and also Cobra (overhead-mount modular one-man operated turret version of 2A42, explained here) Hope that helps someone who doesn't really familiar with the guns in PR. Thanks for reading-! Source: Wikipedia, tank-encyclopedia, military-today.com and many other sources Regards, InchPincherToo
  2. Q: What is this all about? A: A Soviet-made KPV Heavy Machine Gun-! Q: Is it included/available in PR:BF2? A: YES! In BTR APC series, BRDM-2 and anti-air quad guns (ZPU/ZPTU series) The KPV-14.5 heavy machine gun (KPV is an initialism for Krupnokaliberniy Pulemyot Vladimirova*, in Russian as Крупнокалиберный Пулемёт Владимирова, or КПВ) is a Soviet designed 14.5×114mm-caliber heavy machine gun, which first entered service as an infantry weapon (designated PKP) in 1949. In the 1960s, the infantry version was taken out of production because it was too big and heavy. It was later redesigned for anti-aircraft use, because it showed excellent results as an AA gun, with a range of 3,000 meters horizontally and 2,000 meters vertically against low flying planes. It was used in the ZPU series of anti-aircraft guns. Its size and power also made it a useful light anti-armour weapon on the BTR series of vehicles and the BRDM-2 scout car. *Literally means Vladimir Heavy Machine Gun Now let's go to the main gun topic, KPVT-! The version for use in armoured vehicles is called the KPVT (tankoviy, 'tank'). KPVT is used for armoured vehicle installations, boats, movable and stationary mounts and various anti-aircraft mounts. It features a shorter receiver and a heavier barrel jacket. The KPVT also uses a 50-round belt instead of the original 40-round belt. KPVT's are the primary armament of the wheeled BTR-60PB/70/80 series armoured personnel carriers* and BRDM-2 armoured reconnaissance vehicles*. It is intended for fighting against light armoured targets, weapons systems and light shelters at the distances of up to 3000 m, as well as air targets at distances up to 2000 m. The distance at which the bullet retains lethal force is 8 km. The maximum flight range of the bullets is 9 km. *Which uses BPU-1 Turret, conical-type turret along with PKT 7.62mm Coaxial General-Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) - Mechanics of KPV Heavy Machine Gun: The development of the machine gun began in 1944. The 14.5×114mm M41 cartridge can be used with High Explosive Incendiary - Tracer (HEI-T) or Armour-Piercing Incendiary (API) bullets, and they have approximately twice the energy of a 12.7 mm (.50 BMG) projectile. The KPV is air-cooled and fitted with barrel with a hard chrome plated bore. It uses a short recoil operation system with gas assistance and a rotary bolt. It can be fed with the 40-round metallic belt from either the left or right side. The barrel can be removed by turning the prominent latch on the forward end of the receiver and pulling on the barrel's carrying handle. - Versions of KPV Heavy Machine Gun: The ZPU** is a towed anti-aircraft gun based on the KPV. It entered service with the Soviet Union in 1949 and is used by over 50 countries worldwide. *Quadruple- (ZPU-4), Double- (ZPU-2) and single-barreled (ZPU-1) versions of the weapon exist. *BTR-40A SPAAG - A BTR-40 APC with a ZPU-2 gun mounted in the rear. Entered service in 1950. *BTR-152A SPAAG - A BTR-152 with a ZPU-2 mounted in the rear. Entered service in 1952. **History of ZPU right here: 1. Precursors: The first dedicated Soviet mount for anti-aircraft machine guns was developed around 1928 by Fedor Tokarev and was adopted for service in 1931. It was a base for mounting up to four 7.62 mm PM M1910 (Russian Maxim) guns. This was also called a ZPU, although the name М-4 was also assigned to it. It served the Soviet armed forces in all major conflicts until 1945. 2. Description: Development of the ZPU-2 and ZPU-4 began in 1945, with development of the ZPU-1 starting in 1947. All three were accepted into service in 1949. Improved optical predicting gunsights were developed for the system in the 1950s. All weapons in the ZPU series have air-cooled quick-change barrels and can fire a variety of ammunition including API (B32), API (BS41), API-T (BZT) and I-T (ZP) projectiles. Each barrel has a maximum rate of fire of around 600 rounds per minute, though this is practically limited to about 150 rounds per minute. The quad-barrel ZPU-4 uses a four-wheel carriage similar to that once used by the obsolete 25 mm automatic anti-aircraft gun M1940. In firing position, the weapon is lowered onto firing jacks. It can be brought in and out of action in about 15 to 20 seconds, and can be fired with the wheels in the traveling position if needed. The double-barrel ZPU-2 was built in two different versions; the early model has large mud guards and two wheels that are removed in the firing position, and the late model has wheels that fold and are raised from the ground in the firing position. ZPU-2 turned out to be too heavy for the Airborne Troops, so a new UZPU-2 (later redesignated as ZU-2) was developed from ZPU-1. The single-barrel ZPU-1 is carried on a two-wheeled carriage and can be broken down into several 80-kilogram pieces for transport over rough ground. Versions of the weapon are built in China, North Korea and Romania. 3. History: The series was used during the Korean War by Chinese and North Korean forces, and was later considered to be the most dangerous opposition to U.S. helicopters in Vietnam. Later it was used by Morocco and the Polisario Front in the Western Sahara War. It was also used by Iraqi forces during Operation Desert Storm and again in Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 1974 the Cyprus National Guard artillery batteries used their ZPU-2's against the Turkish air force. In the Russian military, it was replaced by the newer and more powerful ZU-23 23 mm twin automatic anti-aircraft gun. The type has seen widespread use by all sides in the 2011 Libyan civil war and Syrian Civil War often mounted on pickup-truck technicals with plenty of videos showing the gun engaging different targets. The Lebanese Army has mounted the ZPU-2 and ZPU-4 on M113 armored personnel carriers to create armored self-propelled AA vehicles. Literally means Zenitnaya Ustanovka/ZU or Zenitnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka/ZSU years later (if you familiar with the assets name, in-game) - Specifications of KPV Heavy Machine Gun: Weight: 49 kg (108.03 lb) Length: 1,980 mm (78.0 in) Barrel length: 1,346 mm (53.0 in) Width: 162mm Height: 225mm Cartridge: 14.5×114 mm Caliber: 14.5 mm Action: Short recoil operation Rate of fire: 600 rpm Muzzle velocity: 1,005 m/s (3,297 ft/s) Effective firing range: 3000m Maximum firing range: 4000m Feed system: 40-round belt Thanks for reading, hope that helps people that unfamiliar with the guns in-game (Project Reality). Please leave any comments below on this thread-! Sources: Wikipedia, tank-encyclopedia and many other sources.. Regards, InchPincherToo
  3. FOB being shoveled/with Combat Engineer, is just the best for the server. Personally had no problems with it, making the Co-Op great again with more tmwork. Quite a challenge tho- Shovels needs some love from players~ Inch
  4. corrupted files

    Ah, sorry it doesnt work at all, i would say maybe Black Gold from the v. PR Installer would do, if anyone does have it (not corrupted at all). Please upload around or send any links to Black Gold from PR v. Installer. I'll be waiting if someone has it, be in touch around this thread- Sorry for the inconvenience.. - Inch
  5. Hey guys, Needs a quick response on this, does anyone have links to download the maps of PR? I had a problem seeing error of verifying integrity of just one map, Black Gold (said to be corrupted, i kinda need some replacement for that). Plus, i dont wanna re-download everything again from the start, really wasting my time enough till now. It'll be much easier and useful if uploaded around VG downloads or share any links to the map downloads here in this thread, i'll be in touch. (Google Drive, Dropbox, Mediafire, etc. would do) Thank you Cheers, Inch
  6. corrupted files

    Thanks a lot, ZZANG1847. Really helpful enough, i'll try to extract it to my current PR map files. - Actual file size for Black_Gold: approx 175mb - My current Black_Gold: approx 40mb after full torrent download, LOL (means corrupted) Cheers, Inch
  7. PR becomes something that i need to see lately, how interesting that still.. some of the random people just went in to the server and breaking the rules easily like that, didnt noticing that there are witnesses around them. I guess its a well done for reporting these, to both of you, Mr. Satirical and SoldierOfMisfortune-! Take your time waiting for these 2 crooks to be added to banlist, no one will ever seen them again that's some real proof you've got there- I'll brb in-game until im done with my downloads, and TS3 if possible. Still had some issues in it miss you folks around VG Regards, Inch
  8. TOW Humvee for me, is claimable assets to any squads (except dedicated squad like Tanks, APC, IFV, CAS, Trans etc. but, i dont think i can agree with regrouping AT Vehicle into APC/IFV squad.. that's just unnecessary, in some situations/maps) because it is reasonable for Inf/Mech Inf squad to gain their power/advantage not just relying to other dedicated squads, preventing them down from enemy ordinance and as a mobile attacker/defenser when capping CP's at frontline without any supports available.. Same goes to Anti-Air Vehicles, few of them are claimable to Inf/Mech Inf, but not the Heavier ones, plus.. realizing that using the AAV are mostly using Crewman kits as well as the AT Vehicles (so, i guess it's better to make a dedicated squad for AT/AA Vehicles that uses Crewman kits) All of this (mostly Heavy ATV/AAV) can be used in dedicated squads, like making ATV or AAV squad since theyre capable of destroying specific types of vehicles (ATV for ground armors and AAV for aircrafts/helicopters), i had no problems about this atm.. i see it's not even breaking the rules.. For Inf/Mech Inf, i do agree that they can use Lighter AAV/ATV's (in case if there's no dedicated squad available, have to ask the admin in-game about the usage/allowance of Heavy AAV/ATV's first). It's going to be great if someone has to do it.. Pretty confusing about AT Vehicles since there are lots of them.. like: - TOW HMMWV, SPG-9 Technical (claimable for all or making dedicated squad) - BRDM-2 Spandrel, 9P149 Shturm-S, ZSL-92 ATGM (dedicated squad) And AAV's like: - Avenger AAV, Fennek SWP, Ural SPAAA Truck (claimable for Mech Inf, dedicated squad) - 9K35 Gopher, 9K22 Tunguska, Stormer HVM, Type 95 SPAAA, ZU-23-4 Shilka, MT-LBM 6MA "Beast", BRDM-2 Gaskin, ZSU-57-2, M163 VADS (dedicated squad) Crewman Kits are needed mostly for heavier AT/AA vehicles, i think it's better for make one dedicated squad for that For things like light ATV's (TOW HMMWV, SPG-9 Technicals/equivalents) and AAV's (Avenger (exception for Mech Inf), Ural SPAAA Truck/equivalents), as long as they're not using Crewman (or light sized) seems to be allowed and used by Inf/Mech Inf or making dedicated squads.. Cheers, Inch "There is a Alvis Stormer HVM in Co-Op Vadso City LRG, check that out-! Great to see one of this btw "
  9. Check out the plan i've made for IDN National Army/IDN Marine Corps, still needs some of the research around specific websites on internet:



    Still, it's just a design plan for the Community Faction in PR (i had no plans to post it over PR Forums because it's said to be useless.. :(, since i had no real project team for it), i'm also not a modeller or anything else required to make this..


    I've been not playing PR recently, had problems in real-life.. busy at College and mostly study, but when bored.. i take my chance and start to wrote the idea (plan) down into Spreadsheet like this.

    Hope you guys liked it, or maybe.. military experts liked it :)




  10. I've seen BTR-60 did this on Sbeneh STD, but it was accidentally flipped coz of terrain being not helping First time seeing this, awesome-
  11. Is this on Beirut? Lol coz i've tried couple times to dive or even spawn bug inside a carrier- (firstly on Muttrah) real hard to do it
  12. A Commander role.. It is changed, it's not like BF2 or anything, but you are talking about PR. Completely different than other mods, this CO position requires a good sense of strategy, knowledge of the game itself and mainly having an experience of communication around with other squads in a team (SPEAKS ENGLISH in general), it's not easy to become CO without having any of them above.. Following what ZZANG1847 said, i'm agree.. when theres under-populated server, players sometimes not doing their objective.. instead doing some bad stuffs, like teamkilling, trashtalks, loafing around or even wasting assets/considering this =VG= Co-op as a practice server. As Lite-Admin among people, i'm just trying to make the server running, me myself being commander is necessary (is a must when the team struggling/nowhere to go), even tho if they had not following orders, i still have to help them winning a game or it's going to be unpopulated (bored/intentionally losing/burn tickets). Disobeying the rules on under-populated server? I do believe that the rules still remain active even if theres no admins around.. those who done that will be warned/kicked, done it multiple times means banned by Admins. I have seen good CO's around Co-op servers, like Hater, Double, Melon or even SoldierOfMisfortune for example. They're proved themselves, earned respect from other players in the team. Being active on supporting all squads in a team is one of CO's job to do in-game- (building FOB, UAV recon, giving area attacks, strategy and orders) Area Attacks has no been used in under-populated server while i'm being CO's in weeks ago. But still, it's an useful firepower if theres a lots of Inf or huge of Armors nearby squads position. It's a best way to turn back the battle for being overrunned by the enemy forces.. only had to ask for the SL's to call an Area Attack to desired place and make it up for it- UAV is very crucial while playing as a sitting duck CO on carrier/base, it's not counted as doing nothing, but it's very useful for telling the enemy movements around the map, and report to SL's about the intel, so they can make a counter-attack/avoid it as possible, in order to make a progress.. not just relying on their instincts/own skills or abilities to predict movements- I haven't been playing as CO's for a week, but i'm already gain some of the respects around as a CO's when =VG= is under-populated.. (and also as Lite-Admin too ), being helpful and constructive in battle is what i'm trying to do on winning a game as CO, even if someone trying to be jerk/not obeying orders, have to be patience.. it's fun, had no problems with it I do recommend to "read the Manual" again on "Commanders" page, should be helping you if wanted to do as CO next time.. See ya on field, i'm still downloading the newest PR installer (v1.4.0.0) coz my game files are corrupted and i have to reinstall and redownload the main file (yet again ), since the older installer (v1.3.5.0) seems to be not working at all.. Cheers, Inch "I do not accept and refuse when there's a CO leading the team with a Sniper kit-" >:(
  13. Dear Melon, Please don't kill me, just because i have to woke up around 4am for the greatest =VG= event here, needs more coffee for sure-! XP (That teamkill on warm-up maps on last event was not really that intentional/accidentally did bcause of lag, real sorry and won't happen again) Yep, thats right.. i missed about half of the events, only managed to play warm-up maps and Khami in first 15-20 mins, suddenly blackout strikes to my house, i'm bringing shame to my fellow squad members.. with just a shitty problems like that :v I hope, if theres any good time set to play around.. i'm sure i'll be there. I know, you're the best one here for this. "Alpha Group will be returning soon (maybe without meh )" Regards, Inch
  14. I wonder, who might be in our squad in last place? (If Rotblut's away from squad) hope some more cooperative player.. and also clearly being communicative too as well In the end, i'm feeling okay with this Alpha Squad, nothing bad anyways. Let's go for it!
  15. Looks neat, Kav! It's gonna be awesome squad in the event-! Can't wait for Friday to come~ Wanted to suggest, some of these guys should be invited to our squad, if Rotblut's going for fly/drive assets (just couple random guys here as possible replacement, pick one of them if like/also PM them): - SoldierOfMisfortune - ALI.MORADI - A.Deker - Teejay001 - .Blizzard. - Spartanish - =VG= STARK (?) Many more possibilities, but idk if these guys have issues in real-life till today/not able to participate or not? Cheers, One and only InchPincherToo
  16. It's good to see those old maps making a coming back into the game with a lots of changes, honestly i'd never seen one of those maps earlier in Betas of PR, played this first time after Betas ouch.. Co-Op maps.. i guess mostly 1-2km maps (including returning Qwai River AAS, dunno why..) still be used for better INF gaming experience rather than semi/full Vehicle Warfare in Single Player (and also Co-Op if possible in VG Server , my dying wish lol) It is gonna be awesome, if one of these maps shown up in VG Server.. so the game wouldn't be like monotone in map rotations.. (needs variations each rounds tho..) playing Muttrah, to Pavlosk, to Karbala, to Black Gold etc. XD Still, maps like Bamyan, Goose Green for Co-Op had some issues, like FPS drop for sure.. and ofc bots too~ Cheers, Inch "Did you saw the 0,5 km map in the PR link? Gosh.. that really freaking small map ever i seen-! Too much INF! "
  17. Great to hear the Co-Op events coming this week! Can't wait to participate soon- "Hoping the Fridays not to be the busy day, still on vacation tho. Weeeeeeee~" Cheers, Inch
  18. Dear Rotblut, Seeing here, you got a problem with this one (MILAN AT emplacement on MEC Fortress) is much more a new threat to all CAS/Trans squad (since the server uses the Large Muttrah City rather than Standard, more coop gameplay), it can be annoying sometimes.. personally i haven't seen any of them firing at Heli's so quick at certain ranges (in Standard), it's become more active at this point after the newest update mechanics on Bots (i'm sure it was suppose to be passive at Air Vehicles, active at Ground Vehicles) One thing to do to recognize it, is only to hear out the "wheezing" sounds (which can be appear to be from far and become more closer), then try to figure out how to avoid it: - Not passively flying against the Milan (Hovering) - Not flying low against the Milan and always hide between buildings around you Some additions: AA emplacement always have a lock-on 'beeping' and wheezing sounds from far to close range, but the AT emplacement doesn't have 'beeping', instead only wheezing sounds from far to close range.. so, you better suit up and get your instinct to avoid those safely as possible when playing Trans/CAS Cheers, Inch Do you want to see this Land Rover MILAN AT for British Armed Forces in PR? I do-! This modeller kit makes it done Source: random Google website..
  19. Hope the fixed bot navmeshes on certain maps like, Kozelsk and Beirut will make the game even more dynamic and no ever will be any stupid bots stuck in some areas on terrains/objects/buildings.. I wonder why the Dev's removed the Heli in Kashan (ALT), so far i'm playing Trans at that layout.. seems to be fine, and not a problem at all.. (U.S Blackhawks are fine, but i prefer Chinooks if possible) -Inch-
  20. Just random screenshot.. nothing here Last seen in: Bluedrake42 YT PR channel (i'm not playing anything ) Someone here in VG, actually has been appear to be in this video for about 2 hrs (screenshot), you know who it is..
  21. Hello guys, The long time waiting for the PR update, finally will be come out soon. It's v1.4! Gameplay changes and balances in assets are everywhere! Also, there will be new maps that have Co-Op support, and that's awesome! Falklands War also now returning as well (can't wait to see it in-game) The maps are Kashan (returning to co-op map list), Soul Rebel, la Drang (the intense Vietnam Map in PR, i bet almost everyone wanted to play this map in Co-Op) and the other 2 are brandly new map to me: - Bamyan, Tajikistan ARMA 3 inspired map (Must be awesome ) - Goose Green, a Falklands Map (finally i can play at Falklands Map, maybe like the first time of it ) Some, few maps are also going to be balanced and added new layers, hope that will helps the players dealing with the bots in Co-Op Good to see this new maps coming into lists of PR Co-Op maps, so my question is.. are you guys (admins) gonna add some of these new maps into the list in =VG= Co-op Server soon? I would like to see these new maps also in "OPFOR Week" event too if possible Regards and cheers, Inch
  22. project reality

    It will be arriving soon, maybe in a next few months/years from now it is going to be nice if the Falklands has at least 1 layout that supports Co-op (hope there will be not stupid bots, bugs or issues happen in that map) But after all, we should have some fun for a moment with these new maps updated just few days ago (and also playing the old maps with its new layouts), it should make ourselves feel enjoy the plays in server.. even tho it has some bad points Regards, Inch
  23. If you wanna do OPFOR without changing the current server team (BLUFOR), why not Kozelsk (ALT) or Sbeneh Outskirts (ALT)? It's also a good choice if you seem bored to be on BLUFOR all the time.. To be honest, i personally don't like to be in OPFOR team in some maps, like Muttrah, Grozny etc. (somehow it sucks..) Well, in the end.. i don't mind if you guys having an event like "OPFOR Week" (only if the server was boring, cause of lack of OPFOR maps), should might be interesting again for some other people.. - Air Maps: Should be the same gameplay as the BLUFOR.. only different faction.. (Khami, Kashan, Slient Eagle, Black Gold etc.) - Infantry+Armored Warfare Maps: Best ones (in my opinion) are Gaza (STD), Dragon Fly (STD), Fallujah, Qwai (STD) and Yamalia (LRG).. That's my current opinion about having an OPFOR server, hope that helps.. Cheers, Inch "Falklands.. i wonder what devs of PR doing right now, i haven't played that big ass map for sure"
  24. project reality

    Hey guys, I'm still wondering about how is a BRDM (or the AT version, Spandrel) categorized in this =VG= Co-Op Server. Mostly in a map like Beirut (STD), is it supposed to be: - In a proper squad, like IFV or own make own BRDM/Spandrel (armored jeep) squad? (I'm not saying this one is good enough for APC, since it's light armored) - Used by Mech Infantry squad? - Freely used for everyone (both IFV/Mech's)/just leave it alone? From what i saw in recent or old games, BRDM pretty vulnerable and easy to kill with HAT kit (one hit in every side and done), but it's still had to hit more twice with LAT kit (so, what my opinion is, BRDM looks the same (cause in the PR guide says, it's an armored jeep) or equivalent as the Humvee (Up-Armored, only the gun emplacement are different (BRDM has AP/HE rounds, rather than Humvee has Browning 50 Cal/Mk.19)) I'm still looking for the right answer for this, it's just a small problem that needs to be solved.. Btw, what happened to my post in VG Co-Op forum? Did someone deleted it? (Sorry, if it's annoying and long post in this forum) Regards, InchPincherToo
  25. project reality

    Wow, i didn't expect a lot of replies coming, but thanks for telling those things, now i'm kinda understand about it The Point is: - "BRDM is an Armored Jeep that treated as Light Armor, dedicated Armor squad (APC/IFV) shall be the one on using it, since it's requires Crewman Kit as Driver or Gunner. Rules are the same, same priority as APC/IFV, main job is to assist and supporting friendly Inf's/Mech Inf's against heavy threats like Armor, enemy Inf's, picking up stranded friendly Inf's etc." - "Always ask first the Admin in-game before start trying to use Heavy Assets as Mech Inf squad in early rounds of the map (especially like AAV, Light Scout/Recon Vehicles etc.)" And that's what i learned, surely no doubt with all statement above and about you guys just wrote in this forum Thanks by the way Cheers, InchPincherToo Praise this Bovevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya Mashina, the Russian Armed Jeep (Technically, it's an APC for some reason and in real life as well)! Formidable opponent in-game