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  1. Report on an admin

    Double_13 is a good player and even more a good person, I had played with him many times, you can ask on the server about my name you will get 0 false comments. I am a real soldier in a real army and I just got home and wanted to play for a little bit and it happends that when you are a little bit tired you miss something, it happends, we are humans after all, but to get that name calling for just asking is a border cross, its not that I Tked or stole an asset, at the end we all play togethor to get the results we want and if we start name calling each one then you will get chaos.
  2. Report on an admin

    It was a missunderstanding! it happends sometimes, I am used to play on the standard lay out and I havn't noticed it was large, even though you are getting angry as an admin you MUSTN'T call for names on the local chat! You might have an opinion on me but you should keep it for yourself, by the end you are the admin and its your job to help the players in all kinds of things, I am sure that it happend that you didnt noticed something. You know what? I play PR from many years and I never knew that, thank you for telling me that, and from my side there was, he did wrote in the local chat you idiot noob learn how to read.