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  1. I play on the VG server with papa, and know him for more than a year. I can't even imagine why he would be banned. He's a great player and is unlikely to go against the server rules ?
  2. I know a guy from the clan VODKA who once fired a HAT at allied helicopter... in General, I do not advise to repeat)))
  3. Attention! It turned out another update! All the details on
  4. I can imagine how difficult it is - to develop and fixes the game, but it is now simply impossible to play on the server properly. We would like to return everything as it was before the upgrade, as follows: - To solve the problem with regular game crashes - To return the kit limits - Solve problems with Assets (I'm talking about CAS on Muttrah and other maps) After this I would spawn the inability to appear on the squadleader sorry 4 my eng)
  5. Already so much time has passed, I think he realized his mistake. Dear admins, unban him please
  6. Dear admins, could you unban my clanmate VODKA Kraus, he promised he will continue to behave properly, cease to swear and kill friendlies. TEDF plz, give him another one chance!