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  1. On Charlies Point, I'm pretty sure I saw a bunch of Bots spawning then dying immediately on the backside of the hill where we usually attack the Airbase from. Can anyone else confirm?
  2. Battlefield Play 4 Free is the closest game I've seen beside the original BF2., visually that is. It used the same game engine apparently. Close in that the buildings and maps were virtually the same, Oman, Karkand, Dragon Valley, etc. It came out in 2011 and was shutdown in 2015. More like a PvP version with 16 v 16 a side. It was fast, intense and very addictive. I was playing this game for about 3 years until it shutdown and I then discovered PR. Before hand I tried Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 & 4, and none of them had the same sense of fun or rush of adrenaline. In BFP4F it was possible to shoot the pilot from the Helicopter and steal it from the other side...No TKs were possible because that was turned off, each Soldier class had cool features to their kits, Engineers were the RPG, land mine and C4 specialists, Medics had MGs, awesome Defibrillators to revive team mates, (and if you got too close killed enemy), The Snipers had a huge range of rifles to choose from with special attachments, that you had to earn training points for, they also had satellite, clay-mores, bullet-drop and super long range scopes that made them a real menace. The sniper in PR is nerfed by comparison in my opinion. The 4th class was the Assault grunt who had access to a large range of assault rifles and carried extra ammo. Every class could parachute off buildings out of jets etc, you didn't need a pilot kit, although you could get one from the store, unfortunately you looked like a dickhead running around with a white helmut if you ended up grounded. If the devs of PR ever need some inspiration on how to modify a game so its fun just take a look at the mechanics of this game, it was awesome and had a huge following globally. Here's some footage: When I got to PR this mod was a whole different thing, virtually had to start from scratch and learn about real team work.
  3. May I ask where you downloaded your PR files from?
  4. Well I've got bad news for you too, it doesn't matter whether I'm hiding behind an obstacle or standing out in the open, the green square that is usually present when I laze is not always there. I know its a bug and I made a comment on the PR forums but they ignored it due to the fact that the devs are only interested in whether the lase does not stick to a vehicle when it goes behind a building. Anyway just reporting that this latest update has not fixed that bug.
  5. GTLD laser still does not show up on screen when lazing a target, very random.
  6. Hey last night we had a lot of new guys joining the BMS server, one particular flight was quite entertaining when we were attacked by MiG 29s, thankfully Waltrick and CobaltUK dealt with the threat while the rest of the bomber crew attacked our targets. There's a few guys coming via the discord route, all good. Good to see and meet new blood. Daniel and I are currently having a lot of fun just bombing the hell out of SAM sites across the map, every now and then we take a caning but its not too bad all the same. We're a little unconventional in that we don't have mission briefs like some guys are used to but hey we're noobs....we're not supposed to know what we're doing! Best mission of the week, when Geek and CobaltUK were landing in unison and I landed between them going in the other direction!!....lol. No one died.
  7. Challenge 1: There are four types of takeoffs possible with the Harrier: VTO (Vertical Take-Off); STO (Short Take-Off); RVTO (Rolling Vertical Take-Off) and CTO (Conventional Take-Off). A competent pilot will be deemed to be one who can perform all four of these, and will receive his Harrier Pilot wings. Challenge 2: Must be able to land the Harrier vertically at an airbase or suitable land based LZ. This must be done using the technique outlined on page 104 of the BMS Manual. Completion earns the pilot the title of Naval Aviator. Challenge 3: Catapult take off from a carrier and land using the arresting system. Earns the Title of Naval Flight Officer. Challenge 4: VTOL on a moving Carrier, which means taking off vertically as well as landing vertically, according to the BMS manual. (p.104) Earns a competent pilot, title of Top Gun. Good luck. I need evidence too! Note: Each challenge must be done consecutively, in other words you cannot claim to be Top Gun without having completed Challenges 1-3 previously.
  8. You get your wings from this restaurant, special delivery. https://www.yelp.com/biz/top-gun-restaurant-fallon-2
  9. I assumed we would be able to create squads on the day but if we need to formally declare a Squad Leader position, I'll volunteer to lead one of them Keed. Question: How many in a squad? D 'Oh I just read its 8. Question 2: What kits do we have access to? Squad Call Sign: Alpha Group
  10. That's very generous of you Sandstorm, Death has a Thrustmaster HOTAS 4, so if anyone has a profile or keyfile that will help him get airborne quicker that would be appreciated.
  11. Was on last night. We've got =VG= Deathdealer gearing up to play Falcon 4.0 BMS.
  12. Its called being a "piss-head" in Australia.
  13. Breakfast? What's that? I don't get out of bed before midday unless there's a VG event on.
  14. How about tomorrow night? So that will be 12:30am here which is 14:00 ZULU I think. Should online all night.
  15. Found a nice video on Youtube of someone doing a great job of VTOL on a carrier with a Harrier in DCS. Nice vertical landing from the side at : 12:34, perfect example.
  16. Ran All Kashan Desert maps including INF version and no issues. So far no crashes today.
  17. Hi guys, I've been working with Scubbo who is the owner of the GDO Coop Server, and a Network Engineer. He's implemented my maplist rotation program on his server, and so far the server has run 24 hours without a crash, not counting the induced Karbala Coop Alt map which still crashes to desktop. We are running Kashan Desert all maps without crashes so far, we can run Muttrah and Fallujah maps consecutively, I'm still testing so will try out all the above scenarios. Scubbo settled on rotating the first five seeding maps on server reset they are: mapList.append muttrah_city_2 gpm_coop 64 mapList.append jabal gpm_coop 32 mapList.append bamyan gpm_coop 64 mapList.append kashan_desert gpm_coop 128 mapList.append fallujah_west gpm_coop 64 The main reason for the implementation was to randomly change the start map from Muttrah to anyone of these five, that appears to be working well. A by product has been that the server no longer crashes as regularly as it did, and we do not know the reason why other than its done it since the map rotation program was used. I did modify it from the original that Semler and Double have seen but its a minor change. We're still monitoring it to see whether it crashes on other maps. Just setting it to Kashan Desert Canadian version to see whether it crashes.
  18. Thanks for the list, its handy to know.
  19. Hello to the BMS gurus out there! The BMS server is bloody hopeless, unable to frag a package from any of the airbases. The one package I did manage to frag at Osan got canceled,
  20. Ok thanks CobaltUK. So what should the status of the base be for us to successfully frag a package? Bleak is not good, Poor is that slightly better?
  21. Not saying you didn't use a legit copy but I do know that several people had trouble installing and connecting because they used a pirated copy of Falcon 4.0 There's no excuse when the price for this old program is still only around US$6.00. Make that US$4.19, its on special till 13 Feb. http://store.steampowered.com/app/429530/Falcon_40/ I also had trouble connecting after I fiddled with the IVC server connections (dont ask), in the end the only solution was to remove the game and do a total -re-install. Worked first time every time!
  22. Spartanish and me tested Karbala out when the first update came out, it was fine then. Once the patches arrived it causes CTD, so the devs are fixing some issues and introducing others.
  23. Damn straight it ain't cheap, that translates to roughly $800.00 in Australian currency! I also use a Logitech Extreme 3D PRO joystick when I fly in Project Reality, its a lot more nimble to use and you don't require all the extra buttons and switches. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00009OY9U/ref=ox_sc_mini_detail?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER
  24. Welcome to the Warthog Club bro, it is indeed an amazing rig to fly with.
  25. Man if your wife is serious, you are gonna be working your ass off to pay for this expensive HOTAS Warthog Joystick & Throttle rig that I use. https://www.amazon.com/Thrustmaster-2960720-Hotas-Warthog-Flight/dp/B00371R8P4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1517982902&sr=8-1&keywords=thrustmaster+hotas+warthog