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  1. Hi Guys, I just thought I'd post this pic to help out Vincent who tends to have problems losing his mic or speaker connection while in game. There is a bug in PR that happens sometimes on logging into the game where either your squad members cannot hear you or vice versa. The solution is to create two shortcut keys so that you can unmute your mic or your in game speaker. When you launch the game, under Options when launcher loads, select the PR Mumble tab as below. Click on Mute Microphone and select a key (in my case I used minus(-) and the equals(=) for Mute Speakers because they are unused. Click apply, and you're done. This will enable you to login to PR next time and if you cannot hear your team mates or they cannot hear you, you will be able to unmute yourself by hitting one or both of these shortcut keys.
  2. I followed the above tutorial to the letter and my error disappeared. Who knows why? Anyway I'm back on track. Semler you must give this Harrier a shot mate, its so nice to fly even if you don't do the VTOL. Landing is so smooth, the AOA is not a problem its real easy compared to the F-16, the nozzle set to 20 percent just gives it a nice nose up attitude, and it touches down so nicely. I reckon I'm ready for a carrier landing now.
  3. This screenshot is from the AV8B Harrier manual Static posted. Page 294. Previous page states the decelerating transition to hover begins approx 1/2 NM (900m) from the LZ, at approx 310 ft, attaining controlled hover above the intended point of landing (LZ) at approx 150 ft. Whether that is possible or practical in BMS will be interesting to try out. Love all this technical shit, it friggen blows my mind!!
  4. Thanks Jeffu, These steps will be helpful to start with. Your instructions for VTO takeoffs was great and I've managed to get around the tendency to drop rapidly by adjusting the nozzles progressively until I get enough air speed to become wing borne. I can do SVTOL quite well now. So it looks like the strategy is to approach the LZ in the conventional manner and work those nozzles to 90 degs by "feel". When you are landing vertically do you ever use the external view to do it?
  5. I've got a little bug creeping in when I rampstart the Harrier. any ideas would be helpful. When I power up the right MSD, and load the DTE, after a while the MSD for the HSD switches off for some reason. Now admittedly I'm only getting this problem with a package I set up myself so it might be something to do with that.
  6. Thanks Jeffu, Will try that out. You got one for landing the Harrier in VTOL?
  7. Nah its part of enjoying the game Jersans. First time you get in the jet you spend about three hours trying to work out how to close the fkin canopy because the engine is so loud!!!
  8. I completed that ramp start, created a package, flew a route, and landed the Harrier safely! Awesome Harrier. In the tute the guy couldn't remember how to switch from backup, there's a switch (CNI/BCKUP) to the left of the two Comm (21,22) switches that needs to be switched to UFC (30) and it works!
  9. Oops forgot the diagram. Legend White numbers 1-16 - Pre engine start Red numbers 1-29 - Pre taxiing
  10. I modified the 3D Cockpit diagram for the AV8 Harrier and mapped the checklist points from this tutorial. It doesn't look that hard to fly but I'll find out today when I try it out.
  11. I hope you gave the poor girl her knickers back...lol.
  12. I just realised that my video is incorrectly labelled, it should be: LG (Laser Guided - Press 3) are the missiles we use to guide them "manually" to the target - left click again to adjust the track to target LT (Laser Targeted - Press 4) are the missiles we use to lock onto a lased target. In the video you can see the HUD shows LT when I am locking to lased targets and LG when I'm doing it "manually". With the targets across the bridge the first one I used LG to take it down, there's a left click to adjust the missile's path due to movement. The last target you'll see keed lase the AAV, I switch back to LT and fire immediately. That missile just shoots off high and right, then we get missile lock and that final shot tracks to the target dead on in the middle of the circular recticle. Some people are not aware that you need to wait until you see or hear the "Missile Locked" alert before firing. I'll need to fix the annotation for this video. Done.
  13. A tutorial on the basics of Lasing targets for CAS using the GTLD (Ground Target Laser Designator).
  14. Yeah that's true about more than one guy lazing screws everything and causes confusion for CAS. We might get an initial rush of players lazing the crap out of everything but hopefully it doesn't become a problem. I really wanted some more footage from the gunner's perspective so that players can see what it is they are looking for when the targetting system locks on to the laze. I've had so many noobs saying they cannot see the laze, and boom we get shot down. The Apache has a different symbology on the HUD to something like the Russian Havoc, or the Cobra for that matter.
  15. Friggin hilarious that shot of me in the flight suit bwhahahaha! Here's the url if you wanna create you're own: http://pilots.gripen.com/
  16. Never flown the harrier in BMS 4.33 but willing to learn...lol. What time Zulu time is this?
  17. Me standing in front of my Swedish jet.
  18. Nano is also wrong about the reason why you die when you hop in a Heli without a pilot kit too. If the rcon commands were enabled on the server, you could jump into any vehicle including the enemy's by disabling that feature with RCON Oneman RCON Onefaction Try it in a local server. As for the 8 man limitation Melon may be able to confirm that one.
  19. Ah come on guys, really? that's been out for ages.
  20. Oh yeah another reason is that PR can be run on low spec machines, I've installed Arma3 on my machine and it freezes and is virtually unplayable for me, so I'm not inclined to download Squad until I upgrade which wont be happening anytime soon. Cut and paste from Steam: SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7 SP1 (x64) Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K CPU Memory: 8 GB RAM Graphics: Geforce GTX 770 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 35 GB available space Additional Notes: A teamwork oriented mindset RECOMMENDED: OS: Windows 7 SP1 (x64), Windows 8 (x64), Windows 10 (x64) Processor: Intel Core i7 4790k CPU Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: Geforce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 DirectX: Version 12 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 35 GB available space Additional Notes: A microphone
  21. Hey Maverick that's good to hear perhaps it was just one guy having an under spec machine? At the moment there isn't the player interest in Squad to justify hosting VG server, as Semler posted in the thread below it takes a lot of dedication and time to keep something like that running.
  22. I was reading some of the comments about Squad on steam and some players are leaving the game due to the screen freezes which seem to plague the game. Don't know whether its a huge issue or not because I don't have it but sounds like they need to fix that before they add more heavy assets otherwise it will be unplayable. Squad looks nicer than PR but as we all know its not always about the aesthetics sometimes; for me, its the gaming community and mates that keeps you coming back to PR.
  23. Hi Blazer, Yeah that's a good point actually about setting the distance especially for stationary targets. Most of my targets are moving so I don't usually use that function but its a good call to include the extra marker for CAS, it all helps. When you've got an angry AAV bearing down on you, it takes me all my time to get a lase to stick without exposing myself to a range call. I would have liked to gotten more footage from the gunner's perspective to round that tute off as well. ---------------------- @=VG= Kavelenko If you are free sometime, do you want to work on an Area Attack video with me? We can get both the squad leader and commander perspectives. Sure thing just let me know what time you want to do it.
  24. I don't know anyone here who plays Squad. We have a few that still play Arma 3 though.