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  1. Well Carrier landings are considered to be the most difficult thing a Naval pilot will do. Has anyone managed to land V/STOL on a moving Carrier yet? Videos please.
  2. Hi Guys, This is more directed at SemlerPDX in terms of do-ability, not sure whether its possible or how much work is involved but is it possible to add another Carrier to the Campaign next time perhaps where we can have a Harrier Squadron based. I think the Harrier really suits being Carrier based and it makes more sense from the point of view take offs and landings. At the moment to fly Harriers to the VINSON from Osan is quite a haul just to be able to do carrier based operations. What does everyone else think on this matter? I've become a Harrier fan since playing BMS, I know its not as powerful as the F-16 and a host of other jets but I like the way it flies, its bloody noisy! Anyway just put this idea out there and see what gives. Harrier at Osan below: Or aboard the USS VINSON:
  3. I was thinklng more along the lines of having a Carrier such as the USS ENTERPRISE, located on the West Coast. I think that's the only one other than the USS VINSON that has the features to allow landings, I remember reading something about that. Also I'm not saying we need to cancel Harriers operating out of current bases, just the ability to perform Carrier based operations a bit closer to Seosan would be great. The Falklands War is a reminder how versatile the Harriers were being able to operate from the two British Carriers. If Semler can do this I cant see how it can detract from the game. Currently if you wish to fly Harriers and land on a Carrier or take off from one the only option is the VINSON which is a fair distance from Osan air-base, the only base we can frag Harriers from. I've flown to the VINSON, landed, done a hot refuel and catapulted from the Carrier and continued on with a mission but it seems a bit of a waste of time and fuel to do so. Having another Carrier on the other coast would be awesome if it can be done. I've added multiple Carriers to my Tactical Engagement missions using the TE Builder, I assume adding these to the live server is probably more difficult?
  4. I was never sure whether this could be done until I tried it today on the server. Three bridges taken out using Terrain Following Radar (TFR) and cluster bombs at 500ft.
  5. They say in the manual that using FLIR can drop your frame rate, it was ok until I switched on FRAPS. Its really bad at night but ok during daylight. I was expecting the video capture to crash the game actually so switched it off momentarily and back on, that's why you only get to see two out of three bridges getting flattened.
  6. Yeah but I hit hard and broke my landing gear...lol.
  7. I've got DCS Warthog cant remember the version but I got as far as the rampstart and got bored.
  8. Bloody great thanks guys, Those two keys are already mapped to my HOTAS Warthog throttle on the MIC switch, always wondered what they were for!....lol. Now we know.
  9. HI Guys, Can anyone explain to me what Datalink is in BMS and how do I use it. The only reference I could find in the BMS Training Manual was a short sentence saying that Datalink is not implemented in BMS but a few people have mentioned it in game. They want me to send them a DL (Datalink), what exactly is this thing?
  10. Hey Badger, Welcome to VG, met you last night on TS.
  11. Update 4 works fine.
  12. Couldn't you use one of the Open channels for that? 16-20,e.g. preset channel 20 and tell your listeners to tune into UHF 280.50!
  13. Amen to everything above. Not sure whether this is appropriate but I find it useful as I do a lot of carrier ops. A list of all the Carrier's with their TACAN, UHF, & VHF details (reference BMS Training Manual, p. 147).
  14. @SemlerPDX - Good instructions, followed them and they worked fine, I'm ready to try communicating without TS. Ah I did notice one point that you may wish to add and that is even though we set the preset 15 to Tower, those frequencies are not set in the cockpit until we upload the DTC via the MFD. Otherwise its perfect!
  15. Here's my final skin for the Royal New Zealand Air Force, Harrier AV-8B+, not 100% happy with it but it will do for now.
  16. Today I went back to the start and created a standard grey version of the AV-8B+ with the RNZAF insignia, as you can see the roundels need to be adjusted with some skew to compensate for the curved surfaces and tail flash needs to be resized. Before: After
  17. Finger Four formation anyone?
  18. Go Diamond. Go Arrow Head. Go Right Echelon
  19. Check it out! La Muerta Negra" or "The Black Death. The masking worked great saved a lot of time. Not quite Royal Navy Dark Grey but looks awesome even at this stage.
  20. Yeah those templates would save a lot of time. Red Dog has done some fine work. Ok I worked it out. I open the original .dds file in PaintDotNet (a free program), save the file as a .tiff, then open that in Photoshop. When I'm done I should be able to convert that .tiff file as a .dds file again. I'm going to a basic skin in grey because its going to save me a bit of time until I do a complete livery for the "Black Death" version. There is a way to mask in Photoshop where you should be able to change the entire color of the fuselage without needing to reproduce the lines, rivets, markings. I'm a bit rusty with PS so I'm having to go over some old tutorials...lol. This is an example of what I mean, changing a red ferrari to a grey model.
  21. The Harrier skin is 1075, I started work on it but then found out it was the low resolution I was working with when my game is setup for the HiRes, I copied what I have across to test it and it does work but the roundels are a bit skewed, I'll need to do a bit more work but I can see that I'll be able to create a Kiwi version. I did all my adjustments with PaintDotNet but its a bit limiting. I'm used to working with Photoshop can I do all the work in that and then import it and convert it to a .dds file? Just checked they're both the same resolution 96 d.p.i but the HiRes version is just larger and easier to work with at 4096px X 4096px whereas the standard one is 2048px X 2048px. Now I know I'll get this sorted today.
  22. Is this what that new F-16 skin is supposed to look like? Ahh Yes I can now that I got them in the correct folder now, yeah they look great! I've back up both folders in just in case I get any issues on the server, otherwise it works fine.
  23. Yeah ok I should be on in about 2 hours from now.
  24. Hi Static, Could you be a bit more specific and give me the path to these files I need to use. C:\Falcon BMS 4.33 U1\ ????