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  1. Harrier training in BMS, I managed my first landing on a carrier without bursting into flames, flying off the end of the runway, or smashing into to the rear of the ship.


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    2. InchPincherToo


      This is must be possible to do in PR :P with just a few improvisation and different approach :D

    3. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      I've made some good Video for YT. Love this game so much even it is so realistic with the keys, radio, communication and flying. I almost broke my Joystick for excitement when I was in a Dogfight.


    4. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      Hey that's cool footage RotBlut, I'm not quite up to A-A combat but it wont be too long! Did my first catapult launcher today, that was awesome!!