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  1. BMS 4.34 Release

    lol....just one more training mission and I'll get online.
  2. BMS 4.34 Release

    Must get that install done soon. Any issues I need to know about Cobalt?
  3. Sorry I haven't been around (Good bye).

    Holy crap Man! WTF why didn't ya come back in December? We could have talked I narrowly missed becoming diabetic myself, went on a special diet lost 36kg, and no sign of becoming Diabetic according to my GP after 12 months of effort. If you're T2D message me offline for some info, if you want it.
  4. BMS graphics problems

    Haha! I gotta boot up the Warthog Gear soon...now where is that canopy switch again? lol.
  5. My Rest Time Is almost over. I will go to da Jungle

    Later Strontium_Dog!
  6. BMS graphics problems

    Good job!
  7. BMS graphics problems

    Oh yes and another thing which was helpful are SemlerPDX's configuration settings, which if you ask nicely he may point you to his screenshots.
  8. BMS graphics problems

    Did you install a legitimate version of Falcon 4.0? Still available on Steam for $9.95 : https://store.steampowered.com/app/429530/Falcon_40/ A few people have tried installing BMS with a cracked version of Falcon 4.0 and it wont work. BluDKlot has all the updates here, install Falcon 4.0, then these 5 updates, your done! Should work without too much adjustment:
  9. Shijia valley bugged

    Yeah known issue, its usually turns up on low server population rotation maplist, if it could be removed from the list that would be good.
  10. Server Maintenance Downtime


    Wow this should be interesting once the upgrades are completed. Good work guys much appreciated.
  11. Sound, MIC, and GPU problems

    Yeah get another PC or try using one monitor like the rest of us mortals!! lol. Reset the profile in the launcher, that normally fixes most things in PR. How the hell are ya bro?! Good to see you're back with us man. Get yourself on TS or even Discord and we'll get some heads together and sort it. Jeez I've only ever done one install of PR on this crappy laptop and mumble has always worked for me without needing to switch into the mumble console. On the times when it hasn't its always been the server or an update that's been the issue. I'm still on Windows 7, and I'm still the slowest loader into the VG server!! VG has a discord server and you can also hook up with me at https://discord.gg/HcdrjWR Kav
  12. Operation Red Dawn

    Hi TEDF, This is just the thing we need to get things going on the PR server again. Good stuff, will you be creating totally new maps or re-using some of the maps from the "Operation Red Tide" events?
  13. Merry Christmas!

    Yep Merry Christmas fellas.
  14. Can we add discord to our Contacs?

    All is good with the world again. lol.
  15. Can we add discord to our Contacs?

    You can create a temporary or permanent invite link for discord users to join the VG Discord server, whoever has the ownership or admin rights can generate a link like this. https://discord.gg/3CHhW