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  1. PR BF 2 has closed ,cleaning up resources

    Do you have another version of BF2 on your computer?
  2. Server Issues

    @0100011000101 could you test the map that is most likely to crash on the GDO server for me?
  3. Game Update

    We played Outpost on the SSG server, pretty cool map
  4. Let's fly

    Fragging missions is not a simple process especially for new players, I'm ok with setting up for a bombing run but if I get engaged by a hostile I'm generally toast because I haven't trained for dog-fighting in BMS. To be honest I'm quite happy bombing the crap out of stationary targets for now but whenever I take a break I tend to forget how to do it all, and I spend hours in the pit trying to work it all out again. You've been writing quite a lot of SOPs already and they're still useful but with the new changes we might need to update the radio procedures.
  5. Let's fly

    This is exactly what I'd like to see done on our VG server (for those who wish to do it).
  6. Let's fly

    I'd love an official SOP for fragging a flight on the VG BMS server, I've forgotten what Sem showed me and it would be good to have that procedure properly documented so there's no complaints when someone else does it. All the videos I've seen on fragging a flight seem to be overly complicated. We should all know how to correctly frag a flight, ramp start from an airfield and/or carrier and do a mission.
  7. Let's fly

    Ok installed 4.34. I noticed that in the Ground Ops training mission my throttle is not responding in other training missions its ok, I guess they missed that bug.
  8. Let's fly

    Great Ramp Start video Jeffu, that was real easy to follow. So do we need to install this new version to fly on the server or not?
  9. Let's fly

    What? Is there a new update? I have 4.33.5 Build 16084 installed.
  10. Let's fly

    Me too, I need a stripped down version of the ramp start so I don't waste time checking shit you never need in a flight. I had a voice attack based ramp-start which I could call and it automatically did the procedure in about 3 minutes flat, but then they upgraded BMS and it wouldn't bloody work. I haven't been motivated enough to modify the old version.
  11. Let's fly

    Do it if you have time, I'd read it. Its in the mail... .... I posted it yesterday.
  12. Let's fly

    BMS is a steep learning curve for newbies and a lot of people just give up if they cannot work out how to do the basics. Its different for the real flight sim enthusiast who generally see all the bells and whistles as part of the challenge or fun of flying BMS. In reality, fighter pilots would need to have formal training at a flight school (Top Gun anyone? (not that I know anything about it) , but my point is you don't hand the keys of the Ferrari over to a newbie who doesn't have a drivers licence do you? ROFL! @=VG= SemlerPDX your little training video for the ramp start was a great idea but we need an updated version. I understand what you mean about "training" people its not for everyone it can be a bit like "herding cats". If Sandstorm or others like Jeffu, Cobalt wanted to start a flight school I would sign up and be the first guinea pig, so long as there's no yelling at me for crashing on take off or landing on the wrong air strip lol.
  13. Let's fly

    Could we start a flight school perhaps?
  14. Flying BMS - Your setup

    Now for the real thing, check this guy out pulling 9 Gs!
  15. Flying BMS - Your setup