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  1. Thanks TEDF and Double et al for putting together that event, it was a lot of fun, perhaps we could run those maps again sometime. That was a very cool night map, pity we didn't get the chance to fire a few flares!
  2. The event was cancelled so you missed nothing. Keep a look out for the next event date.
  3. Ok you're our Automatic Rifleman (AR) - LMG 240b. See you on the battlefield trooper.
  4. Join us in Alpha Group if you want Connor. We're strictly an infantry squad. If you're interested please let me know your preferred kit (don't say sniper). Keep an eye on this forum for updates on the Event time, looks like its going to be postponed which is fair enough given the latest PR update came out.
  5. Alpha Group (Infantry squad) have confirmed 6 members for the event, so I'm accepting randoms who wish to play infantry. Please post here or message me privately. Cheers, Kav
  6. Alpha Group will be there but all positions need to be confirmed. Officer Kit - Kavelenko - confirmed Medic 1 - FatAlbert - confirmed Scout/Medic 2 - Terremer - confirmed Lead Scout/Breacher - Stark58 - confirmed Automatic Rifleman - Connorsponner01 - confirmed [ M240b] Lite Anti Tank Kit (LAT) - unassigned - unconfirmed [ specialist AT4 / 3 x LAW] Grenadier Kit/Rifleman - unassigned - unconfirmed [flare rounds included] Heavy Machine Gunner (HMG) / (HAT) - chickenjason123 - confirmed [ PKM as STD, MG3 as Alt, SMAW ] Alpha Group will accept randoms on the day of the event if any of our players are unable to attend.
  7. That's a big 10-4 for Hater as CO.
  8. Welcome  ... big hugs skip :crigon_04:

    1. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      Go the ANZACs!!!

  9. Sierra Tango Foxtrot Uniform (STFU) = to clear the comms
  10. Congratulations to TEDF and Double et al who did a great job of creating this event for us to play. Kudos must also be given to Hater as our commander who did a fantastic job of creating an initial battle plan and then modifying it slightly on the day to throw the "Evil twins of death" off the trail. This event highlighted the importance of running an operation with a flexible commander who was able to change and react to what was happening during the battle. While it may have looked like we managed the first two maps with ease as a team, the communications and reaction to the actual battle field was most impressive. Even when we had to fall back from a position this was done in an orderly fashion. I'm just a bit peeved I didn't get any footage (my video program was gitching my client). I loved the way Blazer's squad did their thing mining the crap out of the armour and the logistic support of the logi teams was effective and much appreciated by our squad, that alone enabled us to get our FOBs in place on time and enabled us to defend more efficiently. Our razor wire at Hilltop really was more effective than I thought it would be but we lost a lot of lives trying to get them up. Next time I think we'd be better off having two AR's defending the digger's and leave the Medics free to do their job. Overall I was really pleased with the way Alpha Group performed on the day, there was a lot of experience in the team and it showed. A few communications difficulties as FatAlbert mentioned but not that bad, I've had a lot worse!!! Everyone did their jobs well and the Medics SemlerPDX and FatAlbert did a great job of getting us back on deck, even when we were down to one squad member alive our non-medic member was able to revive us which enabled us to hold our positions. Excellent grunt work by Stark58, I3YAN, necrodude, SoftRaider (who was kicked for joining OPFOR) and a few other randoms who joined at various points in the campaign. Top squad in the first two maps (who cares right? BS!!), just kidding we couldn't have done it without the brilliant support. This is what PR team work is all about in my opinion. Great jobs guys and I'm looking forward to the next round!
  11. Excellent post on comms netiquette Hater. Most common problem for SL is getting ear bashed by other squad leader communication that is not necessarily relevant to your current squad, while hearing all the banter between squad members. So sometimes when we get an order from the commander it is pretty easy to miss or not even hear their orders. Perhaps some advice on properly clearing comms when an important instruction is being received? I'm all for having fun but sometimes its bloody hard to hear above the chatter/banter. What is the standard procedure when it comes to a squad lead communicating to another squad about a threat, should that go directly to the affected squad leader or should it be relayed to the commander? If we don't have a commander its pretty obvious that its direct communication.
  12. Hey Blazer that will be fine with me if you create that extra squad; that will drop ALPHA GROUP back to 7. See you guys on the battlefield!
  13. Just checked out Ted Sae Offensive on local and the bots all have muzzle flash which certainly helps to locate and kill them. When did this update happen?
  14. I hear ya bro and why don't we play these maps very often? We should be setting the trend and dominating these maps like they are candy floss and just a snack before the main course!! Why cant we warm up on them this coming event? There's an idea, I'll bring the video recorder....
  15. I'll put the scenario to those who want a challenge. Four maps that we seem to avoid like the plague, mostly because they have the effect of draining the server. Tad Sae Charlies Point Assault on Mestia Ghost Train Surely these would be good maps for a commander to develop battle plans to conquer. I've only seen Charlies Point completely capped and won twice in 7 months (I have screenshots). Tad Sae never (because no-one will set it), Assault on Mestia (once). Would a battle plan and commander make a difference here? Double has a smart plan to defeat the bots on Tad Sae but we shouldn't need to exploit bots if we have a decent plan surely? Of course the biggest excuse on Tad Sae is that its a night map and we cannot see the bots....come on guys we can do better than that.. cant we?