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  1. I got a error message about a mismatch between 32 bit and 64 bit, so I selected the 64 bit and logged into new server fine.
  2. Hey Soldier,
    Congrats on joining the admin group, great to have you aboard!


    1. SoldierOfMisfortune


      Thank you Kav! I have much to learn on that but I'll do my best not to disappoint! And thank you for the constant support !


  3. Thanks for all the work you do for the BMS server, look forward to trying the new server out!
  4. Played several games with you GRNANDGLD, welcome to the VG forums!
  5. Tell ya what @Melon muncher if you included Dragon Valley and Oman in future COOP releases you'd attract quite a few people into PR, those two maps were winners!
  6. The weapons in BFP4F were a lot nicer than what we get in PR. That M95 sniper rifle always felt like it was blowing you're target's head off from 350 meters, loved it. And the SKS was awesome for close quarter battles, most people hated the recoil but I got used to it. That Dragon Valley map brings it all back....lol.
  7. Runs ok in local, how do we get into the server to check?
  8. I've already done a YouTube video on setting up joysticks for Helicopters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUqQhbY6n9s&t=7s so can one of our expert keyboard/mouse pilots do a tutorial on the fundamentals for take off/landings?
  9. I'd like to see you do that with a badly damaged Huey (on fire and alarms going off) and get away with it!
  10. Melwin sounds to me like you have your mouse sensitivity up way too high for Helicopters, you can adjust that by press Esc, > Options > Controls Take the mouse sensitivity way down to 0.9 and try that. You could also take the YAW and Pitch down to 1. Its a matter of trial and error and how you feel with the setup. In game when you turn laterally this works better at slower speeds, once you get up to speed YAW is not effective, so you roll left or right with the mouse to turn. The rest is practice. Its a good idea to practice hovering with control, landing smoothly, etc. Use the horizontal HUD marker to level yourself out with the horizon when coming in to land, get it level then back off the throttle slowly. Good luck!
  11. Hey Whatsup Bro?
  12. You cannot force people to play on any Insurgency server, they will always play where they please a bit like herding cats.
  13. Awesome.
  14. Hey TEDF is the Dalian map similar to this one I used to play on Battlefield Play 4 Free?
  15. Hi Melwin, I think you got banned for Team kills in main and stealing assets so it may pay you to read the rules for our server here: http://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/forums/topic/7111-coop-server-rules/ Please pay attention to the parts about team killing and stealing assets. It would also pay to download the manual and read through all 47 pages to make yourself familiar with the technical aspects of the game. cheers, Kav