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  1. F&*kin luv it!! Bwhaahaha that's a classic!
  2. Nice screenshot of me going up in flames!
  3. I think that's in there because some players have had trouble with IVC communication mainly because they did not set their default mic device or speaker. The rest of that screen should be ignored and not changed.
  4. Good idea if you have the time Sandstorm. The only reason I'm asking the admins is that I know Semler talked about putting together a SOP for a lot of BMS procedures and he has already produced a few of these already. He's still working on a lot of that stuff but we're cutting him a little slack at the moment. Its one way of ensuing that at least we're all on the same page when it comes to flying together and also it helps to point new players in the VG direction to save time and conflicting ideas they may or may not have picked up elsewhere. There's a section here where we can add helpful tutorials for BMS, its becoming a bit of a problem to try and find old posts that had some very helpful information in them. Thanks mate, yes you're correct, there are a lot more players coming into the VG server now its great! http://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/forums/forum/205-helpsupport-272/ See you on the server!
  5. You could make a video on fragging a package if you want sandstorm but my request is aimed at the VG BMS admins who know what the best way is for our server. Krause is a respected member of the BMS community and has been around a long time but his tutorial if you follow it to the letter, is not the way to frag a mission on the VG server, and may cause issues if someone were able to do it the way he does it. So its not about fragging any old package and I'm sure there are plenty who can do it, but is it the best way to do it for the VG server? Already Semler's instructions about setting up radio channel presets is different to some other servers but we are the VG server and this is the way we do things. Its more about avoiding confusion and not having to run through the whole procedure in detail while pressing F1 in the 2D console, not the best way to handle it.
  6. Ok Sandstorm not to worry shit happens. On another topic and perhaps I should make this a different thread. We really need to have a SOP on how to frag a package on the VG server. Now I know Semler has posted two references to videos that go into a lot of depth on how it should be done but to be honest they are not done that way on the VG server, especially the point that Krause makes regarding turning off the Air Tasking Order for a squadron. Don't get me wrong its a very detailed video and I learned a lot from it but it is not how the VG server is currently set up and I don't think Semler would want us to literally frag packages in the way Krause suggests in his video. So it would be nice if one of the experienced pilots here would write up or create a short video tute on how to create a package for a 4 ship mission. It doesn't need to be over complicated just a short mission to a target, drops bombs, etc and return to base. Sem showed me how to frag a package initially but since then I've adapted it a bit to save myself time, and usually I don't need to make adjustments to the takeoff time. Any takers? CobaltUK, Static, Semler, Brain, Blud, you guys are the experts.
  7. Not that I'm aware of Sandstorm, I've installed Discord before so I might try it again and see if it has any side effects on my BMS. Were you having trouble in that last flight, last time I looked you were upside down and falling. Looked like you may have been having trouble is all. Daniel and I managed to get through and drop our payloads ok, just taking a break now be back soon. Jees those JSOWs pack a punch! Way to rack them scores up!
  8. Here's the link for setting up your comms in BMS. If you stumble across any newbs just point them to this page.
  9. @sandstormYou can always use F1, F2 when you are in the 2D area of BMS, or click on the Comms tab and see who is in the chat lobby. Have you sorted out the communications protocols for the VG radio channels. If Semler or anyone who has it bookmarked post the link to how we should set that up would be appreciated. I'm finding that guys are coming in for the first time, have no idea how to do that or they have come from a different BMS environment and are not aware of our particular presets that we use.
  10. I did use TS for exactly that but now switch it off because it affects my IVC communications and sometimes crashes my client.
  11. When this happened, the game is just frozen, nothing more I could do other than hit Esc and press E to exit back to the 2D console. Pretty sure we did have several players coming and going on the server so that could have been the problem, we'll keep an eye on it and try to note down details about who's on time of day (ZULU time) etc, may help.
  12. Browsers are notorious for memory leaks so it would not surprise me to know that about Chrome. I normally shut my web browser down when I'm playing.
  13. As I said before Semler kindly offered to add that map to the test server, lets do it and try it out for real before we get ahead of ourselves. My laptop has got to be the shittiest piece of crap to ever play PR on BUT its a good test case because if it runs reasonably well on mine a lot of the player base will be happy. Its no good testing maps on super fast computers, that tells the devs nothing that is helpful in my opinion. Sure I can go out and buy the latest spec machine but not many players out there have the money to waste when it could work perfectly well on a low spec machine. Enough said, lets take up Semler on his offer, get the map loaded and lets test this cookie out for Rabbit, hell I'll even record it if ya want! cheers, Kav
  14. Show me. Btw does this message in BMS mean the server is crashing??
  15. It ran ok for me on a local but I suspect if it were on a VG test server at 300+ ping for me it would be a whole different map. Also Rabbit wouldn't you need to add a few more assets?