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  1. Event suggestion

    Don't you back up your own work? :
  2. AFK for extended period

    Main thing is you guys were ok after the blizzard. Hope Santa brings you a new computer for the New Year!! Cheers GRNANDGLD, see ya when you get back on deck!
  3. Battlefield Play 4 Free - An old BF mod

  4. Battlefield Play 4 Free - An old BF mod

    Remember that shot well, killed many guys on that SAM at the beach flag from that spot. We had a guy named Phoenix254 who was a demon with the British L96 but the M95 out-ranged it so the trick was to work out the distances and he couldn't kill me when we got into a duel. If I got too close he'd clean me up but now and again I'd nail the bastard. Here's one where I got him from the beach while he was hiding on the crane and thinking that it was impossible to hit him from my position. He threatened to ban me if I posted but I did anyway. He never lived that shot down.. Valhalla was another son-of-a-bitch who was very good but we found out later that he was using hacks, so no cred.
  5. Battlefield Play 4 Free - An old BF mod

  6. Battlefield Play 4 Free - An old BF mod

    Yeah the pay to win mentality and of course the damn hacking that went on were a major turn off, that's where PR wins hands down. In PR, you don't need to get to level 30 before you can compete which was a flaw of the BFP4F version. If I'd known about PR before finding BFP4F I probably wouldn't have missed it but they are two totally different games to be honest. In PR the emphasis is team work and in BFP4F its totally individual run and gun. If your team mate drops dead beside you; bad luck buddy, better luck next time! Fricken love that defib though, zap and you're back in action! None of this shagging around getting people up as in PR.
  7. Battlefield Play 4 Free - An old BF mod

    Lol...freakin VSS!! Yeah that was a cool weapon too, loved those claymores when we were in close quarter situations and storming buildings. Mortar strike!! That was bloody good fun too! So many cool things about that game, do you agree with me regarding the weapons in general being better than PR? Those sniper scopes for a start were bloody awesome. The SKS was a pig to handle due to the recoil so it turned a lot of people off using it but I eventually got used to that and could still drop guys at range before they could get a second shot off, that used to really screw with their heads.
  8. Battlefield Play 4 Free - An old BF mod

    Nice screenshots Inch!! I recognize one name other than yours in the feed that guy, "Lamerz" fucking ace jet pilot, always shooting me down! lol.
  9. Battlefield Play 4 Free - An old BF mod

    Sniping was a lot harder on BFP4F because you had to allow for bullet drop and you had to lead moving targets. It became an instinct to take out players and all about reflexes, and memorizing range to different targets. The notes I had on distances from different landmarks it what gave me the advantage over other guys who just guessed. (and died in vain). There was so much more to sniping than what we get in PR, they practically nerfed the sniper rifles by comparison. A decent sniper in game pinned many players down until the choppers came in to blow you away! Oh yeah another cool feature was the dead man trigger. Basically that booby trapped your body so when you went charging into a building where the opposition were hiding and got shot, your body would detonate a grenade and usually take a few enemy with you. Fun gadget that!!
  10. Battlefield Play 4 Free - An old BF mod

    Yep I remember your =ICE= clan members well, what was your player name on BFP4F? I eventually became an admin on the L33tZ server where this footage was shot but this stuff here is very early on. Do you remember a player named "THE KING RULES", he was the owner jeez he was damn good in the Attack Choppers, no-one could compete while he was in the air. The guy was unbelievable with what he could do with an Apache or Havoc, haven't see anyone better in PR either.
  11. Battlefield Play 4 Free - An old BF mod

    Hi Guys, I just thought I'd post some footage of an earlier mod of Battlefield 2, Battlefield Play 4 FREE. This game is where I created my player name "Kavelenko". When you created an account you had to decide which side you would be on and it was a choice between Russia and the USA, so naturally I chose the former just to be different. So I googled a few Russian sounding surnames and stumbled across Kavelenko, which I found out later is really a Ukrainian name, oh well whatever. Anyway back to this BF2 mod, in Battlefield Play 4 Free there were four main classes of soldiers you could play, Assault. Medic, Engineer, and Recon. I made my reputation as a sniper and could routinely snipe players at the maximum range of 353 metres with an M95, a beast of a sniper rifle. The weapons they created in this game were just awesome compared to PR sniper rifles which are just total crap. Take a look for yourself. The server I played on was Australian, and it was full most days but it was limited to 16 vs 16 so yeah we were all playing deployment back then!! It was an Adrenalin pumping action filled game and very addictive to noobs until DICE decided to kill the whole thing off, the bastards!!! So after they did that I wandered around trying to find another game that was as much fun, I tried BF 2 Bad Company, BF3, BF4 all crap compared to BFP4F, finally found PR and the rest is history. Anyway here's some bad ass footage of me playing BFP4F. Enjoy! @InchPincherToo was a big fan too its a wonder we never played against each other. I owned virtually every sniper rifle variant, the SKS was my skirmishing weapon of choice, I loved the way you could drop claymores at will on the run and take out guys chasing you, also the satellite was cool for tracking down targets, but the bad ass weapon for long range sniping. was the M95. The M823 was good too. I was well over 10,000 sniper kills by the time I finished playing BFP4F. Best game ever! Medics were real cool because they had defibrillators to revive downed soldiers, Assault class had all the ammo and kick ass CQC weapons, I liked the Engineer too because they had the best mini machine gun of them all, the german-built UMP 45. That was lethal for CQC fighting! Here's my playlist:
  12. Potential crashing issue on Jabal Al Burj - Alt.

    It ran ok yesterday.
  13. "project reality BF3" is it real?

    Hey FatAlbert! Still here mate.
  14. Marvel Or DC

    I read as many Marvel comics as I could get my hands on as a kid. I remember my teachers and parents saying, "It'll rot your brain, comics are not good for you", etc, etc. WTF did they know, Stan Lee became a millionaire and had an estimated net worth of $50-80 million!! R.I.P. Stan Lee.
  15. sup

    Hey Jamie, Welcome to the Veterans Gaming forums, I've seen you on the server a few times.