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  1. Wow, that's a long time haha. Happy Birthday Veterans Gaming <3 Happy I could be here to celebrate
  2. Hey welcome to the forums, but man do I HATE that meme "do you know da wae".... Awful
  3. Firstly, Happy New Year everyone! Its been a good year for me, I hope it has for you guys too! I joined here on September 6, 2016, and I tell you what I've had a great time here, great community, friendly players all over and great Admins. Although I don't play all that often anymore, I still love sticking around the forums and having great laughs and making more friends, this is the first community I have publicly shown my face on as I am quite a shy person I don't like doing this, but you guys make me feel comfortable enough that I feel like this is my home and you're my family Thanks for the great time and for treating me well, I hope for more fun times and good memories to be made in the future! Many thanks, Connor.
  4. GG.
  5. Ello ello. This is indeed an organised site and a great community to be apart of, especially if you want realism as well as fun ;D Enjoy your stay bro!
  6. Welcome, always wanted to try BMS. I would like to get a joystick and few other things before I start to learn but I will get there. Love the feeling of just flying with friends in formation and fighting through missions together. Have fun learning
  7. Haha so good! Glad to see another Patriotic brit You should watch a documentary called "Guarding The Queen" really good and interesting (if you havent already)
  8. Hey welcome! Better not be stealing my helis when I come on ;D The armor you can have
  9. I've been to this Museum, insane, so much fun and so much history/modern things. Loved the visit would recommend to anyone! Also that Vulcan is really big XD
  10. Playing too many games?! wut?! No such thing!! Play more!! Welcome to the Community Great one to be apart of!
  11. lol I found the Pilot pic just not the one on the Shooting Range :'(
  12. I don't usually show my face, especially not on a forum where many people can see it. But I feel comfortable around this community so Here it goes 3 years agao>>> <<<Last Year I did have some Pics of me in a Pilot suit and another one of me shooting and L85 British Rifle, can't seem to find em though
  13. Hey man Welcome, its a great community to be apart of and its always good to see more people joining ;D. Enjoy your stay!
  14. Hi everyone! I would like to make an apology due to the 2 previous events that i had said i could turn up to but didn't. I really wanted to be apart of them but there was some issues, such as family problems and that i was so caught up in studying for my exams that i completely forgot about the event, and i'm so sorry to any problems this could have caused for me not being there. Thanks, Connor.
  15. I dont mind any but HAT or Medic
  16. Hey i would like to take part in this event, i dont mind what i do but last time i let you all down when i never turned up to the event because of IRL problems.
  17. Hello Im Connor AKA connorsponner01. I really enjoy this community and i love being on the server, admins are constantly making the place fun, Other players are great to play with and i just would REALLY love to be associated with this community a bit more and feel more apart of it by having =VG= in my name (It also looks kinda badass XD) now i haven't played for maybe a month as i have been studying for exams so maybe some people might need to have a quick trip down memory lane to remember me. But anyway even if i dont get the right amount of votes i will always love this community and server <3
  18. Im not being impatient but do u know roughly how long this process could take?
  19. My name is Connor, Know as connorsponner01 in game (PR) I mainly play as Trans, CAS or Tank/APC.... I'm pretty much an vehicle alcoholic. I do play INF when im needed (Which is all the time cos i am cool) and I love '=VG= Keed' Great guy ;D Probably will never see this but..meh. I literally have know idea what I'm supposed to be saying on this so I'm just saying anything that can possibly make it long xD I also am trying to make my Grammar perfect so i look good... Anyway thanks for wasting precious time on reading my bad Introduction and I'll see you on the Battlefield
  20. Hey hater im SOO sorry i wasnt at the event! I went out with family but wasnt aware of it until the morning. I really am sorry. Connor.
  21. i would love to play in your squad, medic or AT would be cool Connor.
  22. Hey man! Welcome to the community, whether u play PR or Arma or any other game its good to see people joining hope to talk soon. Connor.
  23. Okay thanks Connor.
  24. ive never done an event so im not too sure what to do and whether i need to download these maps? sorry xD but if i could i would like to play INF if possible Connor.
  25. I listened to them all, Not my cup of tea, to heavy for me but I really do like them i can see you worked hard on them and I can see a lot of people enjoying them. Well done man keep up the work Connor.