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  1. Falcon BMS Screenshots

    I realize this is an old post but, if you are still needing an x52 profile I have a nice one worked up I can send you.
  2. Evochron Legacy : Anarchium 24/7 Server

    Heck yeah, it is great!
  3. Before Elite Dangerous there was the Evochron series. Evochron Legacy is the latest release in this franchise and is brilliant. The Evochron franchise from StarWraith 3D Games has been nothing short of incredible if you consider that it is basically a ONE man show. The newest addition, Evochron Legacy is a sequel to Evochron Mercenary with revamped graphics, flight controls compatibility and terrain generation engine. Yes you can land on planets. All of them. It is multiplayer capable with the server software supporting up to 35 players at this writing. Be sure and visit the official website at http://www.starwraith.com/evochronlegacy/index.htm and check it out. You can purchase the game directly or from within Steam. I have placed a 24/7 server named Anarchium online and all are welcome. You can access it via the in game multiplayer server listing or by direct ip @ Hope to see some of you there! Any and all suggestions for server operations, event ideas etc are extremely welcomed. Be excellent! Schmidtrock
  4. Hello Everybody :D

    Hello there Melwin and welcome to VG!
  5. Hello everyone!

    Hello there and welcome to VG!
  6. Elite: Dangerous Discussion & Tips

    Ok coolness, I just got accepted into the Mobius group. My rig won't run Horizons just yet so stuck in Dangerous, which is fine for a serious re-noob. I'll be sure and pop a squat in the TS channel whenever I'm flying then and hopefully we can hook up sometime. That's what I've been doing when I fly BMS. I'd be very grateful for the showing of the ropes. I just worked into an Adder last night but not sure that I'll stay with it. I'll probably pick up another ship to use for bounty popping as I don't think the Adder is going to cut it. Good starter freighter/bus tho'. I'll look forward to it, thanks for the reply
  7. Hey, This is my Intro.

    Hello there and welcome!
  8. Elite: Dangerous Discussion & Tips

    Great thread! I'm just now getting back into ED and am hooked heavily. I played EVE Online for some time and this sim is so much better in my opinion. Flying spreadsheets is horribly tedious and boring for me. This sim gives just the right balance of ship control, strategic flight planning and business operations to keep me interested. There doesn't happen to be a VG group in ED is there?
  9. Falcon BMS - New VG Server Hardware!

    That is awesome! Thank you for doing this for the community VG!
  10. My Self

  11. My introduction

    @Ragnarok1775 Hello and thank you for your service! Stay safe out there, this world has become a madhouse.
  12. Basic Training

    Roger that thanks! I've been working on the TE's they are excellent and go into depth. @Sausag3, thanks mate, I found those references you linked in your post fairly shortly after making this post. I appreciate the input and will check into the server soon for a look around.
  13. Basic Training

    Are there any set basic training sessions for complete nugget FNGs? This game has a steep curve for an old man. I'm newb at BMS so I figured I might as well newb up for PR also.
  14. Time to say hello

  15. BMS Re Start Notification

    I think running them for a few weeks is preferable. A new guy's .02