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  1. Thanks everyone for the awesome welcome!
  2. Jersans, I feel for your friend, personally. I am sober now two years and 3 days. I was medically retired after returning from Iraq in 2004! That's how long it took me to figure out my deal and what I needed to do. I almost lost a marriage and friends and family in the ordeal. People posting prior are right, until your friend acknowledges for himself and seeks the help, it ain't happening. Just be there for him, always. That's what a good friend, dare I say brother, does. Believe me, it is appreciated and makes a difference. Good luck and be well.
  3. Hey all. 51yr old Army vet, tours in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. Flight sim nut, have flown all versions of MSFS, currently on FSX:Steam and love flying VATSIM. Just recently found out about Falcon BMS and am force marching the learning curve. This sim is out there and I love it! I always fly my FSX as real as I can get it so BMS is an automatic GO for this guy! Anyway, hope to meet up with some of ya soon and get in the air!