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  1. @Sausag3 @=VG= Blazer @deathdealer203 Sorry gents not gonna be there. I literally just got in from work, didn't realise i was on call (again).
  2. games

    Just bought Elite a few days ago and i have to say I've had a blast so far, gonna have so much more fun with people when i find some to play with.
  3. Don't know what kind of Brit i am if i don't sign up for crumpets. If Sausage will have me that is. Ill take teabag dispersal kit.
  4. =VG= Kavelenko Much appreciated man, but it seems I've been assigned to Alpha as a riflemen, as long as Jersans is cool with that i will play it out. Also are the maps available for download yet?
  5. Ill actually be able to attend this one fully, so i'm willing to be thrown into whatever squad will have me, no matter the kit.
  6. Similar question to Bryans. I've been looking to get my own build for a long while now, similar budget as his (don't mind going slightly over/under). But I want a build that is going to be used strictly for gaming. Could use a few pointers I've literally never built a pc on my own without excessive amounts of help. Want something that is going to run the majority of the latest games with room to upgrade in future. I honestly wouldn't know where to start hence the reason I'm starting here. Any help would be much appreciated. Should have created another thread really, but while this is still hot I thought I post it here Sorry Bryan.
  7. Wait so this event is tonight?
  8. Definitely want to take part in this one, same as last time tho i'm not sure i will be able to due to work. As of now, take it as i will attend unless i state otherwise. That being said i will go inf (Medic) on all maps with a leader willing to take me. More than happy to fill in other slots if need be. See you on zee battlefield!
  9. A fellow x51 user! Yeah i've also been meaning to either upgrade this rig or start fresh i just feel like there is too many options! Not only that, but because i'm not as computer savvy as i was in my teens i wouldn't have a clue what hardware is compatible with others. Planning on giving myself a fairly decent price range, just not knowing what to get with the money is painful!
  10. Best intro ever Jarvin! Pretty much summed yourself to a T while playing PR
  11. Who doesn't ! One of the main reasons i still play after all these years too.
  12. There we go, all seems good my end now. Many thanks guys!