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  1. im in gaming heaven this will definatly be mine
  2. A tribute.

    woooo VG ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. we should have a screenshot contest for any game and must be unedited original
  4. Your Most Anticipated Games of 2011

    bf3, microsoft flight
  5. should i over clock more????

    Pffft spread methods for noobs i follwed the intructions on the as5 yeah im gonna push it up to 3.6 se what temps i get and where can i find RAM temp monitor isthere such a thing and whats a fail freq of ram / uncore/ qpi as im using baseclock control
  6. Trying to understand a kick.

    ........ i predict fireworks on thier way
  7. should i over clock more????

    i have a core i7 870 (stock clocked at 2.93 ghz i have it cruising at 3.36 ghz right now temp are 30-33c on idle and on prime 95 full load test the temps reach 59 to 61 C im thinking on trying mabye 3.5 or 3.4 ghz
  8. forum help

    ok that makes sense
  9. forum help

    i am almost a compleate noob when it comes to forums can some people post here how to add youtubes pictures and links and other crap like that
  10. show off your rig!!

  11. show off your rig!!

    thanks dman
  12. show off your rig!!

    crap why isnt my video showing up
  13. show off your rig!!

    post pic aand/or vids of your gaming rig [yt=400,400]K-4UAVkAn4I[/yt] Fixed - dman248 Dman Awarded Admin of the Month Badge - BLuDKLoT
  14. New Build

    get the lower and overclck like meeee ;)
  15. VG Mod / Test Server

    i would love to join but i gots no experience modding or programming