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  1. SSD upgrade from mechanical drive

    The samsung EVO SSDs are epic.
  2. Website upgrade - READ ME

    I've upgraded our website to the latest stable version on our current branch. This mostly went according to plan. Unfortunately the theme we use doesn't seem to be fully compatible. Most of the site works on the old theme but the index page does not. I've switched the default theme to this basic one for now, until we can get the updated theme files and hopefully fix the issue. Bear with me. Regards Mark
  3. Website upgrade - READ ME

    Yeah - I think the old theme is a lost cause.. Theres some php error on it and I can't fix it. Unfortunately I've had to start fresh with the this theme. It does mean most of the customisation will need to be added back, like donations and chatbox.
  4. Website upgrade - READ ME

    I've upgraded our website to the latest stable version on our current branch. This mostly went according to plan. Unfortunately the theme we use doesn't seem to be fully compatible. Most of the site works on the old theme but the index page does not. I've switched the default theme to this basic one for now, until we can get the updated theme files and hopefully fix the issue. Bear with me. Regards Mark
  5. I could not imagine a better use for a Glock

    Both videos posted showcase why guns do not belong in civilian hands.. If someone was drink driving or speeding, most people would frown upon it because its dangerous and irresponsible. Here we have someone who has a device designed for killing (because thats exactly what a gun is for) and is messing about with zero regard for safety. And that passes as cool. Anyone who disagrees is a lunatic leftie. Absolutely bonkers.
  6. PR Server monitor

    Unfortunately we won't be able to run this on our server.
  7. Update

    I've updated the server. Happy gaming. EDIT - posts below deleted: Server was updated to a few hours after it was released... late to the party, zero
  8. Server conection time out (cannot connect)

    Wireshark on windows. Run a capture and attach to this thread. Make sure you try to connect to a game with the wireshark capture running in the background. Save as pcap file type.
  9. Server conection time out (cannot connect)

    The last hop, or even the BMS server, probably blocks all in by default. That means any traceroutes will get dropped. Unfortunately I don't have access to the BMS server. The details are probably somewhere but I wouldn't want to mess about with it. Latency wouldn't prevent you connecting. Might stop you playing though. Show me a packet capture (using wireshark or tcpdump) and ill take a look. The game server won't initiate a connection to you, you initiate a connection to it. You should see packets going off to the server and hopefully packets returning. I'd imagine the server uses UDP and TCP. Do you see any TCP SYNs going to the BMS server? Do you ever receive a SYN ACK?
  10. Hey :D I'm Scared to do this.

    Nice intro, welcome to VG. Hopefully see you in game at some point.

    I don't think my RDP info works or I'd update it. Been a while since I did it but as far as I remember it has an auto update script built in now? Should just be a case of stopping the server, run the script, turn the server back on? Probably require a reboot of mumble too.
  12. This game rocks!

    I own this on Xbox one, not on the PC unfortunately...
  13. !admins command

    If only there was some way to run !admins and be presented with a list of admins, but head admins to have the power to hide certain people/gamer tags from appearing on the list. Then everyone would get what they wanted.. To do this we'd need just one coder crazy enough... Crazy enough to know Python and be willing to try it. Luckily I know one such man. He hasn't had a lot of time on his hands lately but I'll see what he can do.
  14. Servers are BACK ONLINE - details and updates below

    Hi all Quick update. We're nearly there. Unfortunately several hardware and software components have failed but we've been working with our provider to get parts replaced on our server. We're just sorting our data redundancy and we can move to get our game services back online. Again, unfortunately... There is a problem with our software that manages our game servers and we are working on that too. As we are battling two independent problems at once it is taking slightly longer than we anticipated to restore normal service. We are in the home stretch now, however, and it won't be long until we're fully operational. Solar.
  15. New website is awesome :D:D

  16. Hosting a map with a Server

    You should just rent a server and host it yourself. I've always hated the restrictions of game hosts.. You're always confined to whatever panel they have created.
  17. Hosting a map with a Server

    I'm guessing this is Arma, not PR? edit: just seen its in the arma3 section, doh.
  18. [poll] New Website

    Hi guys I'll try to keep this short since my posts can get quite long. Let me list some problems below. You may have noticed the website, especially the forums, are broken and basic functionality you would expect from a website isn't there. There are a number of reason for this, but we've been unsuccessful in trying to fix. The site uses an outdated, no longer actively developed CMS. This means we don't get bug fixes or security patches. This also makes it hard to use documentation as a way to fix thing because the community around the software is mostly dead too. They have released a V2 but its not compatible with V1. A lot of work would be required to port it. I've posted a number of times in the admin forums and there has been a lot of discussion on what we should do. Unfortunately, even if we agree on something we don't have the resources at the time to actually implement what we're trying to do. My plan would be to ditch our current website and move to something called invision board. This is commercial forum/community software that requires us to purchase a license. It would include support and is actively developed by professional developers. Bug fixes and security patches are released often as soon they are discovered. My plan would be to buy this software, port the users and forum content over and start fresh on the new software. This would mean we would have all our user accounts and forum posts. We might lose things like our rank, medals, PMs and personalization's made to your profile. I think having a forum that actually works, without having to wrestle with it just to post a youtube video is much more important. Invision board will cost about $150-$175 for the license. I have created a paypal donation link so people can donate any amount of money, until we reach our goal of about $150. I can then fire up a VM and start porting stuff across. You are welcome to check out the software before you contribute anything. Invision Power https://www.invisionpower.com/ Donate Link https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=TB2YUUWU8CUEW Feel free to ask any questions and I'll reply or possibly add the information to this post. I've kept this separate from the regular donations page because its not really a running cost, its just a one off cost of the site. Its also easier if the money comes to my account and I can just buy what I need when/if the time comes. You might decide you don't want to move site, or you don't want to donate. That's fine. Although if we do chose to stay with this site it'll never get fixed. There is no pressure to donate even if you do want to move. This is simply here so there is a place people can donate if they're interested in investing in a new VG. Even if it takes 6 months to a year to get the money, at least we've got the ball rolling and we can eventually move away. Let me know if you've got any questions,
  19. [poll] New Website

    After working with support over the last few weeks, the data migration is successful. We are going to need to sort stuff out though. A large number of topics show 0 posts. For example, in e107 we have a complaints section with 200 posts or so. Some of those posts belong in the PR section, ArmA section and so on. In the new forum it has 0 posts. However the sub sections are now their own section and contain the posts. We haven't lost any data, its just been 're-arranged' due to the way the new forum works. Now that we have the data, we just need to organise it in the way we like it. Make sure we correct any missing bits/bits that couldn't be converted and get a theme. Its only the forum software that is installed at the moment and since its just a raw transfer of the data it does look a bit ugly at the moment. We need to tidy up the forums, delete loads of unused forums, perhaps buy 1 or 2 of the modules for the website and start to turn it into VG. I'll post a link in the admin section. (sorry everyone else, its not that I don't trust you its just that this thread is publicly visible to the internet and anyone could get the link and do a bit of damage to the new site. Once its a bit more locked down I'll make it available to everyone).
  20. [poll] New Website

    Hey guys Still working on the data migration, as such there isn't really anything to view yet. It's just a stock standard install with 4/5ths of the data missing. I've had to sort something out to let their support log in and take a look but now that I've done it they should be able to take a look under the hood. No one wants a new site more than I do. I'll update this when I've got something to show.
  21. [poll] New Website

    Yeah I'll keep everyone updated. There isn't much to show at the moment. I've hit a bit of a speed bump porting data over. All the users have been migrated successfully but the forum threads/posts haven't. Once the data has been ported I can start to show people some stuff. What I think I'll do is create a thread in the admin section and show VG members how to access the new site, login and browse around etc. Then I'll show people on here how to browse and look. I'm not opposed to giving non VG members access as soon as data is ported over, I just don't want a public post about it. I may PM non vg members with details on how to check the new site and play around.
  22. [poll] New Website

    Damnit, I already started the design in dark brown and purple!! Don't worry guys. I'll install it with the stock theme, port data over that is compatible with new system and then we can have a look and start to hunt for other themes and changes the cosmetics around. Right now is just about getting the back end all set up.
  23. [poll] New Website

    Thank you both for your donations - they are massively appreciated.
  24. [poll] New Website

    Why don't we just buy the license now? Then I can get to work porting stuff across
  25. [poll] New Website

    All we need right now is forum. We can buy the rest later. If we decide we need to buy all the parts first, migrating will never happen.