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  1. Howdy Matey, How's it going?

    1. =VG= SolarFlame1

      =VG= SolarFlame1

      Long time no speak! Alls well Badploy, hows everything with you?

    2. WCCBadploy


      Great!! Charting new territory with 3D printing and VR tech along with the day job.

      Good call on the Admin confirmation criteria. Some times folks miss the point of it all.

      Thanks for keeping the faith and being the lynch pin of this great community.

      See you in game some time!

    3. =VG= SolarFlame1

      =VG= SolarFlame1

      I was working with an architects practice that used 3D printers for modelling trees for their large models. Interesting stuff. I've since left to become a full time network engineer.


      The people that make up the community make it easy to keep the faith :). Every once in a while people might need to be nudged in the right direction, but the community runs its self due to the people that are a part of it. 


      Hopefully I can join everyone on the field sooner rather than later!