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  1. is this guy WANTED or something ?
  2. papa krass was here maybe 20 days ago!
  3. Its not my buiseness
  4. i can only list this maps that most ppls and ME don't like anymore and this maps always causes empty server >>> 1- karbala 2- vadso city 3- operation marlin 4- beirut. 5-asad khal not because this maps are boring NO. its because we may play this maps 5 times a day everyday. and this cause a bad feeling and get ppls leave the server. but anyway i still play this maps with pleasure whene there is community and good community arround
  5. don't think i can be here ! work time and don't wanna another fight with boss
  6. 5. Disrespect Racism will result in an immediate ban. Religious/political hostilities, flaming, harassments and threats will be condemned harshly.
  7. Ty skitalez ... i think i win only by time played ...
  8. we got stuck on grozny too. midle flag for a while. i coud't c the capture progress for few minuts and took while to capture it. like if the capture zone was only 0.001 metr
  9. correct answear HEHEHEHEH
  10. Blyat!u r a gangster buddy hahahahah nice one skitalez
  11. reason why i said bad timing is because i posted this topic 15m after we had a funny chat on TS me and zero and jersans. they thought i was insulted because they did ask me if im drunk or not lol. and reason why i said disturbance is because i did't express my point the right way '' because of language again'' thats all.
  12. well i did't expect my topic to do all this ...
  13. again you did't insulted me and your jokes was acceptable Jersans. man ! i knew few guys they like me, they love to joing my squad, after few ''broken english words'' they leave the squad wispering: what a freek this is not the point. because some of them like my accent ... i made my self as example thats all im not importat thing! or something i just wanted to send a message because anway PR without hates is BETTER. thats all . hope U guys forgive me if made disturbance forume. i did't mean it.
  14. again, Jersans you don't have to apology, u did't do anything wrong to me not you not zero. '' zero is one of my favorite admins in this game and i do respect him much'' its just maybe i posted this report in a not wise time because we had some funny chat on TS about muslims and alkohole and beers XD ... i myself not intersted in how alkohole can do to me because i don't NEED TO DRINK IT. im good without it .... i once was play assad and we was doing good injoying the game and a player i can't remember him just spams on mic lets kill hamas f***k hamass we gonna steal their money ... wt*** how a kid joined the game yesterday to feel when he hear this crap ?? all i hope is to warn ppls not to do this. i even stand with some jews in this game and i know them when someone insult them i DEFEND THEM because i know more much than this block heads haters know anyway. we had enought from TV, MEDIA, POLITICIANS i always kep say: this is a different world. keep it clean, if i wanted to live the same crap world. i would not come and login VG SERVER.
  15. This is for the noobs. because i noticed that the server last days full of hates and religious chaters and spam. especialy when it comes to some maps where jews plays against hamas or against insurgency. i know lot of noobs reading news in this forum and i wanted to send a message because they still noobs and most of them don't know the reules. scond i wander why the only two guys respond to this are Jersans and zero ? (because u act like my mom jersans ?) no its not and there is nothing to do with you or zero. and im trying to be usefull as much as i can in this server. even if its a small share. but its ok. No specific person SEMLER. sorry if my topic ause u inconvenience. but there is lot of disgusting spams and chat from to many players (especialy NOOBS). again all i wanted is to send a mesage to all including myself ... Regardless of whether im racist or not.
  16. i know, Remind some people. some people forget about rule n 5 . so i just wanted to remind them.
  17. ?

    Hello guys... Im thinking to buy arma 3 or squads if its on steam ofcourse (im not good at computer stuff by the way) but what you guys advice me. or i have to buy both games ? and i wonder if there is members from PR BF2 playing arma or squads too !
  18. ?

    Ty guys ... much help there
  19. Shy ?? i don't think so :D
  20. ok guys i know ... some of you like me can't hover with this harrier sometimes .. or you just crash nose and go to the water and die ! here a solution ... when u r at low speed just let the harrier go to the watter ... when the harrier hit the water just use mouse and pull it up. u will not get damage or crash. and you will have a CLEAN harrier .. no more crash. i tried this manytimes and it works 100%. maybe this looks stupid but YEAH ...
  21. hahah ty Jersan; there is a trick or something to hold the harrier and not crash. but im one of those who did't master it. so i came with a strange solution hope it works for you guys
  22. well i have them but will share that video next time ^^
  23. falluja was a great map. 10/10 wonder if u can give bots bomb trucks and more techies ^^