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  1. Its the Cyka blyad air lines in 0:53
  2. .................
  3. will you say its an enemy carpet if you are playing opfor ??
  4. leave that carpet alone it belongs to Ali baba.
  5. lol yes ... i have in HDD because i was updating all the new files from PR autorun.
  6. hi guys. i reinstalled my windows and my game. i recovred my old account of PR and that was close too close i almost lost it. now! please help me: 1221: Unable to obtin an update list yes yes yes i don't want to download the game file with the last update again. just want to update because i already have old version. any help
  7. Nope ! there is no move from im downloading the latest version anyway. thx for help my friend
  8. TY sir ... looks like there is no way to upgrade from ... ok downloading the 8Go game again ^^
  9. Ty m8,
  10. hey guys. here to report this guy: USMC Nevil. TK in main and kicked me from squad without a reason.
  11. and i was wondering from where the missiles came yesterday !
  12. Happened to me yesterday for few time, but it works fine now
  13. Must be good one. thank you, good job double and good luck.
  14. hope this can help solve and fix the problem.
  15. im talking about one men assets. i did't check 2 men
  16. BMP3 BUGGED TOO. when you press n 2 to switch ap to he its bugged. and can't zoom in or out when use main gun. BMP3: -can't use f to switch from Ap to He you will have screen bug and you can't fire actualy you horn lol - use 4 for ATGM its good. use 3 for FRAGS it works fine too. you can't zoom on AP or HE or FRAAGS or ATGM BMP2: -can't use f to change from AP to HE. same problem. and there one thing to use HE pressing n3 you have to wait till black screen go to start firing HE
  17. lol
  18. chill out while waiting for the milk to be butter!
  19. Just buy new PC life is short LOL
  20. this was made to die anyway. so they can sell you new one. Just buy new one Jersans. o h i forgot. don't spend less than 800$ or will have a no capable PC for 2018
  21. blizzard. i was folowing JC and you know when JC ask you to folow him lol ... but i destroyed your tank 2 times hhohohohoho
  22. hi! i know its a hard and long work time and boring ... but if we can have another event like this one with more add-on ideas! will be great.
  23. we done this before using tanks and bmps. add some inf and it will be more fun.
  24. if anyone want to drive i can be hes gunner !