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  1. if anyone want to drive i can be hes gunner !
  2. DO YOU GUYS STILL HAVE ELECTRICITY PROBLEMS? why you laught on africa then. we never had such silly problem
  3. i found this rock in the forest while playing the polish map.
  4. 1st time crashed at the end. / most of time kashan crashs at the very end of it. 2nd time crashed at the middle of game. and 3d and 4th crashed at mid game too.
  5. kashan desert (canadian layer) crashed 4 times today. just to let admins know about this issue.
  6. THX
  7. sorry TED but what you mean !? i did't signe up ... not mean to be stupid but i realy don't know what to do
  8. Exactly.
  9. Sure. not gonna talk about this not in here not in privat because we talked more than 80 Years and nothing changes. Spartanish i don't like to bring the real world to this game because we will never agree. we are not on the same wave. so let it go.
  10. agressive words .... not acceptable at all. since when tanks camp in real wars spartanish ??? since i was born i alwas see tanks open paths to inf. even in modern wars tanks do support inf to flank cities. inlight me please if there is any new strategy !! no means spartanish u know i like ya ^^
  11. camping behind INF spartanish not near the last flag. u got wrong idea i think
  12. i completly agree with what you said Jersans