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    Nothing interests me in this life. because its ending.
  1. Hi everyone

    Spawn with a Medic kit please WELCOM
  2. A bit late

    i don't think i have to introduce myself because i don't even know me ! so Its complicated
  3. A bit late

    you are just fine, Hoops !
  4. For Double_13 :D

    Exactly Perfect way to live ..
  5. For Double_13 :D

    Look Doubli ! we don't need to go else were we have mountains sahara seas and jungles ...
  6. For Double_13 :D

    This is for Double_13 because he still think Algeria is Just a desert
  7. Just a wedding :)

  8. Just a wedding :)

    Believe it or not this just a weeding. everyone has a gun was invited ... by the its just powder no live ammunitions
  9. Veterans. They still need you.

    Not gonna speak politics but its fine to pay ur attention to somethings: you don't know or you are not right that daech are wrong. because ur IDF did worst than almost every Evil on this earth. don't forgt and don't cry like a crocodile. daech or nosra are wrong in ur eyes and judgement. but you may be dead wrong. ... who knows. you see the world by ur eyes and we see it diffrent way. we think we are right ( we are sure) and you think the same (and you know you are not). but what i'm sure of is: Charities have many ways. one of those ways. keep ur hand of what is not urs and u r not forced to give then. no need to djudge me Jersans i maybe play with you this game but me and you will never be on the same wave i don't do buiseness whe it comes to my manners or religion.
  10. Veterans. They still need you.

    Never heard of ((Israeli)) charities before. are trolling us Jersans ?
  11. Hey Double

    Its maybe weird but i wanna start a topic about SIMI maybe we can have him back. want ur opinion ;) 

    1. =VG= Double_13

      =VG= Double_13

      I would say yes but keed has to decide about it. 

  12. PR Editing

    Editors i tried since 1998 and i did some Editing in this game called : Primitive wars. lol By the way i still play lot of OLD games from time to time because it reminds me of great time. now win Win10 its not possible. so yes i want to ask a question here. is there any way to Install another OS in my Pc with Win 10 except virtual things ? like Win 10 and 7 in same machine ? i know there is not but i still love to ask.
  13. PR Editing

    I'm interested ofcours. bt the Probelm is i will not give up my Win10. i maybe think it and use virtualbox of Win7. If in 2 hours a day can do enought work i will give it a shot and Help.
  14. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

  15. WSAD Versus TGFH Key binds

    I think you need this method in games when you need to change between wepons verry quick like 1st prson shooter. thats all