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  1. i did't delete anything power was off and had to start my coputer again then i didt find my account! thats all what happened there is that file called profile.con yes its here
  2. I apologize sincerely to charlie squad, can't join you because i have to go to hospital visit my cousin right in this time :((( .. emergency visit ....
  3. i voted NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NO
  4. only Sl kit and medics and rifleman onio. XD
  5. i don't know if what im going to say is logic im not drunk by the way what if there is a way for players to signe up for assets ?! for example we have cas players (fixed) and tanks players .. trans pilots?! i mean everyone can decide what hes good at and signe up ? if there is a way of course it will be perfect. hope u understand my point.
  6. 1- i don't know why ppls vote to remove 1 man assets ??? 2- don't know why u wanna translate this game to INF game anyway by removing assets. 3- sorry for my honest words 4- CHEERS, this game is nothing without assets. 5- removing 1man assets increase team work ?? yes true. but what if ppls don't want team work ?? well lot of ppls realy don't have mics and they don't like to speak or folow orders ? i mean assets commander's orders. so why you vote then ?
  7. i wanna sing in Charlie squad if possible. Edit: Welcome! Charlie squad is now complete- Blazer
  8. Just received new update of 26.67 Mo !
  9. no can't either ... we have to fly back to helipad
  10. hah! when bots use that chinese tank its a terminator tanks who needs 3 to 4 Ap shels to take down. when we use it, its a shit box indeed. while sometimes only 1 shel can take down T72.
  11. ok guys looks like im late, BUT U CAN COUNT ME IN ARMORS SQUAD. IF POSSIBLE. APCS TANKS wherever
  12. OK i can do that
  13. count me in tank squad please !
  14. well i saw a bot ignoring me and he just run (using sprint) and destroy hmv (the hmv was stop and not in action) then he was just walking away preparing the next rpg. i folowed him hes was like he don't even give a d**m if im i going to shoot him or not. im trying to say that bots need more Priority targets. because im not sure even if the hmv was empty or mained gun. (possible empty) this rarely happen i think. anothere thing! when bots spot a flying assets like cas or transport they will just keep dying shooting this asset and they will ignore all inf arround even if the inf capturing a flag.
  15. yes i updated too. but the server is offline for now
  16. Never mind first time i played this game i spent 15 days play rifleman kit because i did't know how to change. and i though those guys flying the jets and chopper have some expensive DLCs or something...
  17. VG

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay VG server is up !!!!
  18. you are welcom mate. thx for your words too ...
  19. hello VG players ... first i don't know if share this topic in public is ok but i always take risks everytime i see the donate page i really feel ashamed. not because i don't have money to donate or can't. i don't know we don't have anyway here to use. i don't have even a credit card lol .. i signed for one but i still don't get it. i wish that we can help this great comminity because this server, game, realy deseve support. i can't find a way to do this. since in my country we still too far away from using the today technology or its just politic matter i don't know ... but i can't still get a way to help donate .. im telling this because i realy feel like i miss something in here .. No Thx im not sensitive and i don't need a HUG
  20. APC at dragon fly map if possible.
  21. Fixed Cobra gunner blocking pilots view. Fixed HK416 firing sound not matching fire rate. Updated bomb truck projectile to be invisible and silent. Added AAS16, INS16 and CNC16. :) love this
  22. Thx to you guys keeping this great game alive!
  23. Do we have assets ? tanks ? apcs ?
  24. i can be tank crew if possible
  25. OK, Teejay squad if possible !