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    Nothing interests me in this life. because its ending.
  1. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Invisible door. there was a large door here at muttrah city, east city,
  2. Microphone Upgrade

    i have a H800 empiregaming headphone and its doing great.
  3. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Don't realy think shilka for example needs more range or Quad

    No offense but Me and My would like to help, but i don't understand what you mean. so ... could you help my first please ?
  5. New PC

    Im not pro but i don't think there is currently better than win 10. if you cut the useless updates ofcourse. in my opinion...
  6. Now I am officially a bot.

    I have told you that you belong to binary system. so stop complaining ...
  7. Future of VG Coop events

    This is why i hate Democracy
  8. VG Elite server

    Sometimes you have to run while still have legs. Just saying
  9. VG Elite server

    Send more Bots, may favorite words. thats what im talking about YEAH! i AGREE WITH THIS.
  10. Future of VG Coop events

    A simple classic fight always fun. same T62s or Bmps and fight. this i like. but welcom to anything else of course.
  11. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    There is no kind of cooperation ! although it is limited to some players only (Those who realy love Team Work) and others are only concerned with points and keep their death score clean at all costs! (and they are very few Others don't care about strategies ... and they corrupt everything on other players. i saw an entire squad got killed because of another guy from diff squad looking at enemy tanks with a rifle. result ? a FRAG kill all those poor guys. and random FOBS everywhere force newbs to spawn everywhere and kill the team work and so many other mistakes ... i can't count them. To restor order and back to the good days i suggest somethings: - Immédiate punishement for those who jump flags and spread chaos in the battlefield and force bots to do stupid movements can ruin strategies of game play. - Don't build FOBS everywhere. (fobs must be in pre-planed locations) apcs can retreat to this GOOD fobs anyway and fallen players can spawn in a safe area and Renew strategy ! - If you don't know how to fly ? (Don') Don't excpect support while you don't report anything. especialy from C.A.S - In maps with lot of flags try to communicate with other SLs and don't punch up in one flag and ruin their plans. I believe everysingle word i said and much more are already known from the game loader screens in all maps and in this game rules. but its good to remind. Parden my language.
  12. Testing jabal

    i like the password already. and i realy hope simi will join us soon
  13. Testing jabal

    Sadly i can't because will be at work at that time ! but good luck guys and Double.
  14. =VG=

    Don't ... i may go back and play 16/24 and then you will never be admin i no more have good assets and camp and have lot of kills and points and im only flying trans time ago so its easy to overtake me.
  15. =VG=

    binary i will kick you from the squad if you go afk each 10m to deal with ppls and warn them. admin is not a fun job if you want to focus on the game