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      Falcon BMS Server Update: New Minimum Connection Bandwidth Requirement - Increased to 2048   12/10/2017

      As of December 10th 2017, the Required Minimum Connection Bandwidth for all clients is now forced to 2048.  In addition, the former config entry denying potential P2P connection types has been removed.  Both of these changes are due to reports of increased server and client multiplayer stability, and we are hoping to see the same improvements here as well.  Please report anything unusual while playing in the coming week so we can asses the benefits of this change.  Thank you!


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  1. is this guy WANTED or something ?
  2. papa krass was here maybe 20 days ago!
  3. Its not my buiseness
  4. i can only list this maps that most ppls and ME don't like anymore and this maps always causes empty server >>> 1- karbala 2- vadso city 3- operation marlin 4- beirut. 5-asad khal not because this maps are boring NO. its because we may play this maps 5 times a day everyday. and this cause a bad feeling and get ppls leave the server. but anyway i still play this maps with pleasure whene there is community and good community arround
  5. don't think i can be here ! work time and don't wanna another fight with boss
  6. Ty skitalez ... i think i win only by time played ...
  7. we got stuck on grozny too. midle flag for a while. i coud't c the capture progress for few minuts and took while to capture it. like if the capture zone was only 0.001 metr
  8. correct answear HEHEHEHEH
  9. Blyat!u r a gangster buddy hahahahah nice one skitalez
  10. reason why i said bad timing is because i posted this topic 15m after we had a funny chat on TS me and zero and jersans. they thought i was insulted because they did ask me if im drunk or not lol. and reason why i said disturbance is because i did't express my point the right way '' because of language again'' thats all.
  11. well i did't expect my topic to do all this ...
  12. again you did't insulted me and your jokes was acceptable Jersans. man ! i knew few guys they like me, they love to joing my squad, after few ''broken english words'' they leave the squad wispering: what a freek this is not the point. because some of them like my accent ... i made my self as example thats all im not importat thing! or something i just wanted to send a message because anway PR without hates is BETTER. thats all . hope U guys forgive me if made disturbance forume. i did't mean it.
  13. again, Jersans you don't have to apology, u did't do anything wrong to me not you not zero. '' zero is one of my favorite admins in this game and i do respect him much'' its just maybe i posted this report in a not wise time because we had some funny chat on TS about muslims and alkohole and beers XD ... i myself not intersted in how alkohole can do to me because i don't NEED TO DRINK IT. im good without it .... i once was play assad and we was doing good injoying the game and a player i can't remember him just spams on mic lets kill hamas f***k hamass we gonna steal their money ... wt*** how a kid joined the game yesterday to feel when he hear this crap ?? all i hope is to warn ppls not to do this. i even stand with some jews in this game and i know them when someone insult them i DEFEND THEM because i know more much than this block heads haters know anyway. we had enought from TV, MEDIA, POLITICIANS i always kep say: this is a different world. keep it clean, if i wanted to live the same crap world. i would not come and login VG SERVER.
  14. This is for the noobs. because i noticed that the server last days full of hates and religious chaters and spam. especialy when it comes to some maps where jews plays against hamas or against insurgency. i know lot of noobs reading news in this forum and i wanted to send a message because they still noobs and most of them don't know the reules. scond i wander why the only two guys respond to this are Jersans and zero ? (because u act like my mom jersans ?) no its not and there is nothing to do with you or zero. and im trying to be usefull as much as i can in this server. even if its a small share. but its ok. No specific person SEMLER. sorry if my topic ause u inconvenience. but there is lot of disgusting spams and chat from to many players (especialy NOOBS). again all i wanted is to send a mesage to all including myself ... Regardless of whether im racist or not.
  15. i know, Remind some people. some people forget about rule n 5 . so i just wanted to remind them.