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    Nothing interests me in this life. because its ending.
  1. Quantum Computer is here

  2. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    I spent more than 1500 hours flying huey, ospry, and chinook. any commercial company in need im at ur services and this is my number: 01232545265.
  3. hey Rotblut...

    i was not here and i did't see the topic of that guy complaining about the verbal warnings....

    im not sure if i heard it or not. but i was going to say: that he was whining about me leading trans choppers and i can't respond to him all the time while AA is hitting my helis and killing my squad all the time. but Melon closed the Topic. 

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      I saw it. lol whining about a kick. rofl - ruin his gameplay. haha. no he was just not listning to others and try to bitch a bit around. Melon knows that and did well closing this useless tread. 

  4. Company of Heroes 2 FREE on steam till Monday

    why you don't try a real strategy game spartanish ? Men of war for example
  5. A poem for our unsung heroes in PR

    Because ur connection is like a chit soldier hahahaha
  6. Are bots too easy?

    Never miss Iron Ridge ZANG
  7. Radio =VG=

    Take this binary its not bad and its verry old one
  8. Fun Fact With Dates and Maths

    LOL ... i hope you don't blieve this guys. every year is a special so everytime you add your age + birth date = the year ur live in. TROOOOOOOOOOOls
  9. Connecting to Profile Error!

    Problem Solved ty guys. i Deleted the DNS and it works.
  10. Connecting to Profile Error!

    im connecting to Internet man right now. I have yes but all Disabled only one. This is a weird Error Just woke up on this
  11. Connecting to Profile Error!

    Im having this Problem connecting to the server right now! My connection is fine im connecting right now but i can't joing the game server
  12. How to fix graphics? ** resolved **

    Windows 10 updates exactly like women. everyday new Problems
  13. Away time

    Don't get me wrong binary but this command: chkdsk is the most USELESS ever microsoft Programers made it never give u shit when ur Hard driver go crazy.