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  1. lol
  2. chill out while waiting for the milk to be butter!
  3. Just buy new PC life is short LOL
  4. this was made to die anyway. so they can sell you new one. Just buy new one Jersans. o h i forgot. don't spend less than 800$ or will have a no capable PC for 2018
  5. blizzard. i was folowing JC and you know when JC ask you to folow him lol ... but i destroyed your tank 2 times hhohohohoho
  6. hi! i know its a hard and long work time and boring ... but if we can have another event like this one with more add-on ideas! will be great.
  7. we done this before using tanks and bmps. add some inf and it will be more fun.
  8. haha kifash hal twahshtak 


    1. ranger_12


      yetwahchek lkhir khouya wallah bien ;) wach rak anta ?

    2. 22..12


      slm cv  wallah rani  bien  ...........rani rill nl3ab fi steam squad /men of war as2 bsah rani hab nshri  ghost recon wildlands fi du leyamet  :) hahah ranger sahbi kash haja rsli message 



  9. f u ranger




  10. if anyone want to drive i can be hes gunner !
  11. DO YOU GUYS STILL HAVE ELECTRICITY PROBLEMS? why you laught on africa then. we never had such silly problem
  12. i found this rock in the forest while playing the polish map.
  13. 1st time crashed at the end. / most of time kashan crashs at the very end of it. 2nd time crashed at the middle of game. and 3d and 4th crashed at mid game too.