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      (Incomplete) VG Server Standard Maintenance & Updates - Friday 0300 ZULU (Thursday night for USA)   06/15/2018

      **Too many players online, only did half the work - will complete tomorrow evening, same time**
      All VG Game Servers including TS3 and Falcon BMS will be going down for standard maintenance and updates on Friday June 22st at 0300 ZULU (which will be Wednesday evening in the USA).  Downtime is estimated to be 5 hours, but could be shorter (or longer) depending on a number of factors.  TS3 and Falcon BMS may be restored faster, and we may get these servers back online before moving on to other tasks.


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  1. Nibiru is coming ! Planet X

    i said ''maybe''
  2. Nibiru is coming ! Planet X

    There is enough activities to make earth not the earth we know in the ''far'' future ... more and more and harder scientists say there is lot of Electromagnetic pressure on earth from space. aliens are coming
  3. Nibiru is coming ! Planet X

    well sorry guys to put this in here but its a weird and interesting topic https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/4489602/planet-x-nibiru-zecharia-sitchin-spacex-hawaii-volcano/ we as believers Muslims we believe that we have some inf about this thing. don't moke me and claim that we r not men of science please ... we believe that this is not a planet .. this is a STAR ! who will bring ''disaster '' and brings the START of the END of this planet. we also have hes name in the Quran ''maybe we arenot sure if its the one star or its another one'' (star name is TAREK: means (the night-comer, i.e. the bright star)) yes it will not happen in days but years yes but its REAL. and here are the 3 verses speaks about this STAR: 1. By the heaven, and At-Tariq (the night-comer, i.e. the bright star); 2. And what will make you to know what At-Tariq (night-comer) is? 3. (It is) the star of piercing brightness; some say this star will coz Lots of pressure on the earth .. It will happen a lot of natural disasters and earthquakes Large deformities occur in many areas on the ground Check on what is going on on earth this days .... The earth is changing. CHEERS ^^
  4. Spartanish congrats!

    Ok finaly welcom to the board spartan.
  5. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    you are more than capable Jersans. you just don't know
  6. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    SQL : Ranger_12 Medic / 2IC : Rotblut Demolitions : Jersans Operator 1 : Binary (0100010001) Operator 2 : Stalinhammer Guys if its not ok with you, let me know please ! WE cant have more than 5 ppl.
  7. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    Stalinhammer, Jersans, Rutblut, 01000100010100, lol and skirmicher (if he want) are in my squad. you are wlcom guys and its an honor and fun playing with you.
  8. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    you are more than Welcom Mr.Rotblut
  9. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    i guess our job will be taking down the Vital assets or somthing like it. i mean we can jump on flags to hit deep enemy assets or constructions or setup forward traps maybe ?? something like that. ?? m i right TED ?
  10. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    How ? swiming ? joking Ted
  11. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    If binary and skirmicher join me will be super
  12. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    please i would like to signe in Special Forces (Sbeneh) : as a squad leader ^^
  13. SSD upgrade from mechanical drive

    hahahah ...
  14. New map

    If this will happen then will be Project Reality Golden edition. ^^
  15. New map

    yep, what about that tank who took 4 RPGS and still alive ?? you need 8 c4s on it binary so get started and collect as much as you can of c4.