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  1. hahah ty Jersan; there is a trick or something to hold the harrier and not crash. but im one of those who did't master it. so i came with a strange solution hope it works for you guys
  2. ok guys i know ... some of you like me can't hover with this harrier sometimes .. or you just crash nose and go to the water and die ! here a solution ... when u r at low speed just let the harrier go to the watter ... when the harrier hit the water just use mouse and pull it up. u will not get damage or crash. and you will have a CLEAN harrier .. no more crash. i tried this manytimes and it works 100%. maybe this looks stupid but YEAH ...
  3. well i have them but will share that video next time ^^
  4. falluja was a great map. 10/10 wonder if u can give bots bomb trucks and more techies ^^
  5. I don't know how to this stuff guys. but all i can say is the map was amazing and verry'' action'' one ... i liked the machine guns on the building and antitanks assets everywhere like a real threat. bots are verry agressive and accured and i like that .... keep up the good work guys. we supporting you. watch1:48
  6. i jope so ''soon'' Thx DEF u always do the good one
  7. still waiting for those even'ts with the t62 against each othere not against AI TED
  8. if you gonna let shilka's (well 4 of them) kick cas's ass in south and north alkedhir then remove the quads from town and just let CAS deal with the 4 shilka's adn enemy jets and fighters only. (JUST SUGGESTE) everyone hate cas in khamisya because of (lot of deadly AA) wish cas can't even dodge thier fire
  9. man! why u still using 32bit system ??? u r wasting 750Mo of ur RAM ... use windows 64x atleast
  10. Its infortunately ! well i wished i had all hes action in my record. its not a personal thing by the way. its a massive disruptive to the game. and im a player who never disrupt the gameplay at any way or reason. or i do like this kind of players
  11. if Mou think that this ''actions'' is a joke ? ok he must accept that my action is a joke too. but what ! a nasty one. bann maybe a joke too. so mou please accept our jokes mate. u started it.
  12. im here today to report this guy called '' Mou '' - this guy was messing arround crashing cas assets and driving them to fall in the sea from carrier using hes huey. - hes doing lot of bad sh***t in the server but this time its deff. - i tried to record hes action to make sure im not mistaken or its not an accident. infortunately i was too late and i only recorded last action wish is not clear hes name did't pop to my screen. but this guy is going so far... thats why i decided to report him. this is the second littlebird he drove out of the carrier in this video
  13. we don't know because its the same ''standard'' layer as yesterday. so don't know if the other layers cause crash to the client or not.