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  1. The crazy, loud, asshole you all know and love :)

    Taught me more about the Gulf wars, Iraq's history in regards to the US, and much more within 30 minutes WHILE both me and him were flying CAS than my former history teacher, who had a month to do so. 11/10, would learn again, welcome to the forums!
  2. Project Reality 0.95 mappack conversion

    Thank god, I was tired of playing the same old maps, this is excellent work so far! Hats off to you gentlemen! Quick suggestion, and lemme know if you guys feel the same way but, would it be possible to include Opfor layouts (e.g. Militia or NVA or even Taliban) for some of these maps? We only have 2 in game so far, and I think that adding even more would diversify the content even more. Anyhow, good work! Can't wait to try them out on the server!
  3. Abusive Admin

    So, on 8/13/16, Me and a partner were flying CAS on the map Burning Sands. As we were moving to the city, my partner was trying to get a good elevation for me to gun at, when we were unexpectedly shot down by an APC. Shortly after, we were both kicked for what was described as "Asset Waste". When I rejoined, I tried to ask why I was kicked, with no reply whatsoever from the present admins Double_13 and Sir_Evergreen. Therefore, I am coming to the forums to report whatever admin was responsible for kicking me and my squadmate, for a rediculous and unnecessary kick.
  4. Asad Khal Insurgency

    Oh and another question: Is this optimized for Blufor forces only, or can you theoretically play as Opfor against bots who are trying to attack your point. Also, are these maps using coop maps for a base (like Asad Khal coop) or are you making entirely new layouts (so you can make your own navmeshing) Either way, great job like I said, I seriously can't wait to try this out
  5. Missing Co-op maps

    Alright cool, thanks for the info. I saw a forum post by one of the PR Devs that showed the lengthy process of navmeshing a map, so bless your heart Melon ? In terms of the custom assets (I'm sure you all remember the Blackhawk on Karbala? What about the MK19 Strykers?), are those still possible?
  6. Protech: The Man, The Myth, The MLG

    Yep it is ? , updated the post so I don't look too stupid ?
  7. Hello pawns. Just kidding, I'll drop the egotistical act now. Wassup everybody! Some of you may know me from the VG PR Server, and some of you may even know me from the Insurgency Server that I haven't been on in a while. I feel like I've been around for a bit, and I always stray towards the VG Coop server, cause I get decent ping (my ISP sucks) and because it has a great community and player base (aside from the newbies who steal aircraft while holding down W.) In all seriousness though, I figured that I might as well join the community since I play on the servers so often so here I am!!! Hopefully as time progresses, I get to learn more about you guys and vice versa, so for now, feel free to talk to me on the server, or TS3.
  8. Missing Co-op maps

    Hi guys, I've been playing on Veteran's Gaming for a couple of months now, due to the fact that your co-op servers are unrivaled in popularity and quality. When I decided that I was bored with Coop (just grew out of it), I decided to start playing deployment. Well, now I'm back, but I've noticed a change in the server map rotation. One of my favorite aspects of the server was that it had custom assets, and a working version of Kashan Desert, which was really cool. Now, whenever an admin tries to que up Kashan, it doesn't work. Even on the mapvote list, Kashan desert isn't present. So overall, my question is: What happened to Kashan Desert Coop, and modded maps (like Karbala with the unclaimable Blackhawk)?
  9. Asad Khal Insurgency

    Looks really cool! Would be great to have something other than AAS for Co-Op.
  10. Project Reality "V.W." Event

    Applying for Red team T-62