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  1. I WILL be there! Squad 4 - TMWRKMICINF
  2. Oscar Mic Squad Sound off if you want to roll with me. SL - H8ER Medic - GRNANDGLD Medic - Engineer - Nyther (8-Bits) A.R. - Deathdealer203 Rifleman - Rifleman - Rifleman -
  3. Welcome. Nice to see you here and on TS!
  4. project reality

    If you don't need a crewman kit to man the gun it is not claimable, it's an un-claimable shitbox. I already make Mech Inf squads take the 2 man vics and with APC/IFV permission. If the Armored squad is full and crewing all positions it should be up to the SL to lend the vic to mech inf or not.
  5. Uhhh trans? Can I get a crate? Lol!
  6. @Echo1 Grow a pair and speak your mind or be quite please.
  7. @Echo1 are you going to lob complaints without making any suggestions to fix the problem? Did you try to use any of the avenues already at your disposal to fix the problem?
  8. I'm in.
  9. Kids and trolls. It's all shit and I don't put up with that shit. This is how I handle them shit bags... 1. Immediately resign squads with shit names. Explain why and ask them to name their squad appropriately. 2. Immediately warn then kick players with shit names (gamer tag) or shit clan tags. If the player returns without making changes then time-ban with explanation. If continued further then perm ban. 3. If you hear or see someone in chat using shitty inappropriate language warn them verbally if possible or through commands. If the player continues then kick or time-ban with explanation. If continued further then perm ban. I have heard my fair share of shit on our server. I find that a verbal warning works most of the time. I don't put that person on blast but I pull them aside and ask them to respect our players and our server or go somewhere else.
  10. Me and the boys...I'm the fat one!
  11. Two days ago. Happy Halloween Noobs!
  12. Kenji Wan-Kenobi!
  13. Green and Gold. Welcome!
  14. New update this morning...is the server being updated? @=VG= m823us @=VG= SemlerPDX
  15. He shot down a friendly chopper in main. I'm ok with a 48hr temp ban. Please don't engage in this kind of behavior in the future.