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  1. This happened on Black Gold. My entire squad witnessed Mr. Wardog shoot me then walk right up and bayonet me. Please keep in mind this happened at a friendly FOB right next to a friendly Supply Crate. I believe the facts here demonstrate cause for a ban. I do believe he is a contributing player but I also believe his TK was intentional. That being said I would like the ban to stand due mostly to how he appealed. Casting aspersions gets us no where, Mr Wardog. VG has asked player admins for the use of time bans more often, so I would like his ban to be 48hrs. I forgot how to do that through commands or would've done it myself.
  2. I'd like to run a squad for randoms and left overs. Anyone with a mic is welcome to join. People can join the squad before each map. We can be a utility/support squad...Run logistics, repairs and bridges if needed. Whatever is necessary.
  3. Hey bud! You already know you can join my squad anytime!
  4. @PissBlitz @Xenalite @Ryan.TT @Doc_Moon @Spartanish @Knifer @JCLA3114 3 hours til start. please be on TS 1/2 hour ahead of start time. TS: (same as game server)
  5. My dude!
  6. TMWRKMICINF is updated ready to roll: SL. HaterOneActual 2IC. PissBlitz Medic. Ryan TT. Medic 2. Doc.Moon AT. JCLA3114 CE. Spartanish AR. Xenalite RM. Knifer If any of my guys bail I'll replace them on a first come first serve basis, open to anyone in the server.
  7. As of right now my squad is: PissBlitz (on all but one map), Xenalite, JCLA3114, Ryan TT, and SoggySpartan. Looking for at least two more to commit to all maps and one to fill in gaps as needed. Thank you all in advance.
  8. I will be running Infantry squads on all maps. Kavlenko and I are looking for 6 more to round out the squad. If you're interested message me.
  9. New update today... http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f604-pr-changelogs/143841-pr-bf2-v1-4-4-0-changelog.html
  10. It was brought to my attention yesterday that some people have been making complaints to VG members about me. I was told I was not communicating well and just yelling at people and flag hopping/base raping. If I have treated you this way I apologize. If I made your gaming experience worse because of my tactics, I apologize. I would like to suggest you talk to me first before you go to a VG member. I am reasonable and willing to make changes in my behavior so I can stay a welcome member of this community. Thanks! HaterOneActual aka Evin Marshall
  11. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I believe, if you read the rules, locking to wait for specific crew members is allowed in the rules
  12. PR server been offline for almost an hour. cant reach anyone on ts3. Any ideas or help?
  13. Hey bro! Played with you today. Join my squad anytime! HaterOneActual SL -TMWRK MICINF
  14. @zero_tolerance_s This kind of gaming has been proven to help with war related PTSD symptoms. There are articles all over the web that talk about the usefulness of games like PR. I wouldn't be surprised if there were members of VG that us it for this purpose. That being said, I believe this forum is a great place for this conversation.
  15. Thanks M8!