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  1. I'd like to SL. If you would like to join let me know. Oscar Mike: SL - Hater Medic - Medic - A.R. - Denis34312 Breacher - Knifer Grenadier - Anti-Tank - Rifleman - Finsam94
  2. Need one more squad mate to fill a rifleman role tomorrow! Who's down? For tomorrow please join TS a minimum of an hour prior to the event. @=VG= Martin @Wafcory @denis34312 @ArchTop @Crustysock @H8CrazyVet67 @Galarain
  3. Looks great!
  4. Looks like the asset whores are winning...sad. Instead of delaying CAS why don't we make a rule saying CAS must be called in by forward ground forces with a specific target and or a laze? Like in real life where CAS doesn't deploy on its own. It is Close Air SUPPORT not Forward Assualt Bot RAPE!!!
  5. SL in Bravo squad please
  6. New update today. Is this going to fuck up the event tomorrow? Again?
  7. I will update battle plans to include Iron Ridge and send you emplacement locations asap.
  8. Martin is correct!!! I got into a round of Jabal at the end. They were stuck on the West Al-Burj flag and taking mortar rounds. I got bored sooo...
  9. Bwahahahahaha!
  10. you got it! get a partner to roll with you, preferably a medic. Also check your messages for a link to the battle plans.
  11. I would like all of you to crew the APC's as well. Armor squad report back asap!!!
  13. @Lon-nolan still want to run logistics?
  14. You got it!
  15. You got it and Jersans would like to crew it with you.