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  1. [poll] Are you bored with PR Co-op?

    I wouldn't say bored. Disappointed in how few people are playing right now but I think this will change as the polish comes off new game releases.
  2. Bottom Away

    You will be missed on the battlefield my friend. Trust that everything will go perfectly and we will be killing bots side by side sooner than one might think. What hospital?
  3. My friend died today.

    Condolences To you and all those who feel the loss.
  4. [poll] Servers Poll

    I'll be on in about 3 hours time. Hope to see you there Blud.
  5. [poll] Servers Poll

    Hope all goes well Bottom! Cheers
  6. [poll] Servers Poll

    Great news Blud! So looking forward to this happening!
  7. [poll] Servers Poll

    LOL Bottom, you crack me up! First monthly donation made.
  8. COOP Server in Asia

    Wouldn't do a thing without the approval of VG as a whole. Simply exploring options which would allow those in the southern hemisphere to play PR with a ping that's playable. It was never my intension to steel your thunder or de-populate VG servers. I believe the 400+ ping is having that effect all on its own.
  9. Why

    Gezz Blud, I sent you a $200 money order a couple months ago, but point taken. It is not fair for you to carry the costs of everyone else's fun. I also didn't know the lack of donations meant the server would be moved to Germany. It would have motivated me to dig deeper.
  10. Why

    About the same for me Bottom. 1/2 a second lag sucks the one eyed beef trouser snake doesn't it!?
  11. COOP Server in Asia

    From what I have been able to find out so far, a server here will cost around $5.50 per slot per month. So a 32 slot Coop server will run $176 a month. I don't have a clue what a lisence will cost if anything.
  12. COOP Server in Asia

    It there an extra lisence for BF2/PR available? I am seriously considering setting up a COOP server here in Australia and would like to tag it as a VG server. I would be willing to commit to the financial obligations associated with the server but would need VG experience of VG members to make it happen.
  13. Why

    Just curious why the decision was made to move the COOP server to Germany? This essentially doubles the ping for players in South East Asia as all web traffic from here goes to North America before Europe.
  14. Gday

    Cheers Bottom! Talk soon!
  15. PR Server

    Is there any news regarding the resurrection of the PR server? The other CO OP servers out there really suck!