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  1. being the dutch foreigner that i am, i have no idea what RE3E means or stands for. so i went on a little google detective work, the closest explanation i came to was that it had to do something with Re-enlisting to the Navy. " NAVY & USCG INELIGIBLE TO REENLIST WITHOUT A COMNAVCRUITCOM WAIVER RE-2*, RE-3, RE-3B, RE-3E, RE-3F, RE-3G, RE-3H, RE-3J, RE-3K, RE-3M, RE-3P, RE-3Q, RE-3R, RE-3S, RE-3U, RE-3X, RE-3Y, RE-3Z, RE-6, RE-8Read more at: " I know this isnt any of my business, but may i ask, why were u discharged?
  2. I had Wing Commander 4 back in 1997 on the playstation 1, all my friends back then had nintendo's and super nintendo's or Sega's but i had a playstation 1. I was truely astonished to see FMV's in games. wich made it all feel more realistic. more immersive. Wing Commander 4 made a deep impression on me back in the 90's. Same as the Command & Conquer series, wich i originally played on the playstation 1 aswell, C&C, C&C Red Alert and C&C Red Alert Retaliation, all with beatiful FMV's. pulling u right into the story.
  3. Hey Everyone,? I am TRANSP SkaPunker im a 29 year old hardcore gaming addict. I think have made a decent repuation on the VG coop server now to be recoginized as a decent pilot. About 2 months ago i bought an Obutto Revolution, wich is a Gaming Battle-station,?With a few screwdrivers and screws i can turn this into a racing arcade hall cockpit, or into a Flight simulator cockpit.I have placed 3 x 40" 4k monitors next to eachother. ( i tried playing?BF2?in 12k resolution, but unfortunately battlefield only stretches everything so nowadays i only play on 1 monitor )?I Love Flying, Flying is all i do in project Reality!!!Currently im only using a simple Logitech Extreme 3d Pro as Flightstick, but soon wish to upgrade to a HOTAS Warthog. ? P.S. srry i have no idea how to resize images...