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  1. But does heli have crate tho
  2. Santa why won't you jingle my bells
  3. Merry Christmas to everybody and stay off the naughty list.
  4. -10/10 Good Looks -11/10 Swag Clothes -0/10 Not carrying P-90 to Rush B Overall rating : W E S T E R N S P Y
  5. Went on our favorite vietnam tad sae map today with 17 people .... It was almost as though the team was trying to take objectives by literally covering it with dead bodies. In the end it had to be called off since we could not get a few minutes away from the first bridge without losing the point and having to repeat the entire traumatic bloodbath again.
  6. A buddy made this for me a year ago. VID-20170307-WA0000.mp4
  7. IMO I think delta hawk's 80s military mod along with the CUP mods are more than enough to recreate the perfect Operation Gothic Serpent mission. But I do agree that NIArms weapons are one of the most beautifully designed weapon addons in the A3 workshop.
  8. Looks sweet but the mods required tho
  9. introduction

  10. May the poor souls of those harmed in this terrible incident rest in peace.
  11. Breacher wont need his puny shotgun anymore when Uncle Abrams has big Stronk Canister round.
  12. Hey Soldier,
    Congrats on joining the admin group, great to have you aboard!


    1. SoldierOfMisfortune


      Thank you Kav! I have much to learn on that but I'll do my best not to disappoint! And thank you for the constant support !


  13. I hope you remember me from the multiple times we have played together. Flying aircraft in Project Reality can be very challenging for even players who have been playing for months due to the different mechanics and asset/ game rules. The game offers a wide variety of jets and helicopters all sporting unique control traits( speed/ yaw/ weapons loadout etc.) and it takes a healthy amount of playtime to be able to master each aircraft properly. If you would like to learn how to operate helicopters/jets without being banned for asset waste. I suggest you follow these steps: 1) Start a local coop game for yourself where you can crash and burn to your content until you are able to properly grasp control of your aircraft which include taking off and landing without crashing . 2) When you have practiced to the point you wont crash yourself while performing simple flight manuevers, start off flying with trans squads on online servers. Learn the Anti Air locations and safe dropzones for infantry squads on each map and soon you will be able to fly more naturally without going up in flames every 5 mins . 3) Finally when you have done the first 2 steps, you may join CAS squad as the veteran trans flier you are and learn to really bring the heat! Identifying friendly units can be very tricky with no auto spotting / HUD indicators. So you need to learn how to use the Map while in flight. It only takes a few seconds for a pilot to open up the map and check an area for any friendly units. If you are unsure ,you can always consult your squad leader/ other squad leaders on information regarding friendly/enemy positions. Also if you play long enough,you can start to recognize familiar locations/buildings where friendly units would be present MOST OF THE TIME. I hope this helps and I hope to see you in game soon.
  14. asset waste!